2009 Teen Choice Awards Nominees List in Movie

June 16, 2009 02:55:51 GMT

'Twilight' leads the nominations of this year's Teen Choice Awards with 12 nods on its grab, followed closely by 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' which receives 10 gongs.

2009 Teen Choice Awards Nominees List in Movie
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Having shown its domination at 2009 MTV Movie Awards, "Twilight" is on its way to sweep away another awards, the 11th Annual Teen Choice Awards. Following the announcement of the awards' nominees for 2009, it is uncovered that the vampire drama movie led the fields by grabbing the most nods, twelve in all.

Among its nominations, the Catherine Hardwicke-directed movie scored Choice Movie: Drama as well as Choice Movie: Romance. It also put up several of its cast members, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Cam Gigandet, to compete in the performers categories. Beside nabbing nominations from the movie field, it also landed a nod for its soundtrack.

Aside from "Twilight", another movie collecting multiple nominations was "High School Musical 3: Senior Year". The first feature film made out of Disney's popular musical series "High School Musical" garnered 10 counts, including for Choice Movie: Music/Dance. It also placed its actresses, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, and actors, Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron, to be in competition for the title of Choice Movie Actress: Music/Dance and Choice Movie Actor: Music/Dance respectively.

Other movies receiving nomination from the awards show presented annually by FOX included "Fast and Furious", "Star Trek", "Terminator Salvation", "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian" as well as recent Oscar recipient "Slumdog Millionaire".

Teen Choice Awards gives away awards for movies, television, music, sports and pop culture views. Its winners are determined by votes from teens aged 13 to19. The voting line at Teen Choice Awards 2009 has been opened starting Monday, June 15, while the awards show itself will air Monday, August 10, at 8 P.M. Eastern on FOX with Jonas Brothers serving as both hosts and performers.

Full list of movie nominees for 2009 Teen Choice Awards:

Choice Movie: Action Adventure

Choice Movie: Drama Choice Movie: Romance Choice Movie: Bromantic Comedy Choice Movie: Comedy Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller Choice Movie: Music/Dance Choice Movie Actor: Drama Choice Movie Actress: Drama Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure Choice Movie Actor: Comedy Choice Movie Actress: Comedy Choice Movie Actress: Music/Dance Choice Movie Actor: Music/Dance Choice Movie: Villain Choice Movie: Fresh Face Female Choice Movie: Fresh Face Male Choice Movie: Liplock Choice Movie: Rumble Choice Movie: Rockstar Moment


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posted by hsm on Feb 21, 2010
i think HSM is so sweet.i hate new moon
posted by twilight not fan on Feb 08, 2010
do not vote for twilight!!!
posted by mrs.cullenblack on Dec 30, 2009
twilight rocks i am going to vote for that googal plex times go twilight:)
posted by chris on Dec 27, 2009
some people have to understand that are new actors out there.everybody start from dont have to be angry if twiligt won.i am a fun of twilight and i think it was a good movie ,romanse is good and some people must understand is obviously that boys dont like romance or they think it is unecessery .well its good sometimes to be romantic ,and i am talking to all the boys out there.just deal with it twilight won bacause it had romance and beautiful actors.i am 18 and i liked it.who doesn't like the screen when robert goes at bella's house,ha?
posted by Jezza on Dec 05, 2009
How many of these teens actually saw The Hangover? I'm just saying that because teens wouldn't get acess due to The Hangover's R Rating.
posted by super_serious_girl on Oct 21, 2009
OMG!!! U twilight lovers have NEVER seen a good movie in your whole life! Finding Nemo was better than twilight and yeah I read the books and seen the movie
posted by super_serious_girl on Oct 21, 2009
Twilight is gay(Robert's a druggie and Kristen can't act for ****) Miley Cyrus is gay(bad singer, bad actress, bad role model.) HSM is gay Jo Bros are gaaaayyyyy!
posted by kate on Sep 28, 2009
Twilight will win...... ma best wishes r there 4 them....
posted by jacobluv on Aug 14, 2009
i think twilight will take all its nominations
posted by mmmmm on Aug 13, 2009
Wow, way to go Twiligt! This movie won almost every award. And those people who think that Twilight should'nt win all the awards, well guess wut? they don't have a choice, its not like they chose to win all the awards. they won the awards because their fans chose them and because they earned them. So all you people critisizing twilight, just stfu and get lost. btw Robert Pattinson is the hottest person alive. looove him <3333
posted by vanessa naked on Aug 12, 2009
Everytime that Vanessa Hudgens needs help with her status she comes out with new naked photos. Do you really think those photos were taken from a long time ago. Her face and body are her present physique and she did them all on purpose. so stop with the hypocrisy already Vanessa Hudgens, you will not going to be big like Miley Cyrus.
posted by rita on Aug 10, 2009
as I said before SUCH A SHAME !!!!! terrible choices
posted by Posh64Mod on Aug 10, 2009
This was the most ridiculous Thing i have ever seen. Miley Cyrus is a horrible singer, and actress. Shes also a terrible role model, and no way teens would vote with this nonsense. How could the Hangover not win? Or how about Role Models and Pineapple Express? I for sure know those movies that did win were horrible. And Giving Kristen Stewart Best Actress? Seriously? That girl cannot act in Twilight, she's much better in her indie films, this one she was just horrible.
posted by ugh on Aug 10, 2009
ok,ok i know twilight is gunna win all the nominees and i am a huge fan of twilight but i dont think they should win everyone... there was a lot of good movies out there so ya thats my point
posted by paramoreobsessed on Aug 10, 2009
ur such asses most peopl who think twilights shit hav neva watchd r cn it!my friend used 2 reaaaaallly hat it...until she read n watched it nw shes obsessed!so u just shut ta hell up ur just a close minded idiot who probably watchs hannah montana reruns all ta time
posted by tennisgurl on Aug 10, 2009
i have to agree with rita though. im an hsm 3 fan, but ill admit, it isnt as good as real movies, such as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE
posted by tennisgurl on Aug 10, 2009
i think that people shouldnt get upset about twilight being one of the top nominees (although i absolutely dislike twilight) cuz this award show is for tween girls, and most of them, sadly, like that kind of stuff. slumdog millionaire should not even be compared to twilight, slumdog millionaire's amazing!
posted by rita on Aug 10, 2009
YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!!I pity you all you can think how hot rob is,how wonderful Kristen is....this is not a hotness competition!but you are right unfortunately Twilight will win its categories there are many stupid teenage girls around the world ..such a shame
posted by loveheath on Aug 10, 2009
i'm so upset the dark knight has nothing not even villian for heath ledger
posted by Robsten Is HOT!!! on Aug 09, 2009
Shutup about the twilight movie being in to many. Your just jealous because they r going to win all the awards they r nominated for.
posted by mary on Aug 09, 2009
totally agree!hate that bullshit hannah montana too!
posted by anna on Aug 09, 2009
HATEEE twilight! how this movie and its actors are compared to e.g. australia or benjamin button? it's a shame.. and regarding high school musical IT SUCKS!!!! I can not even understand why pitt's and hugh jackman's names are next to robert pattinson's!jesus!!
posted by lolly on Aug 09, 2009
stop this twilight bullshit!!!!!if twilight wins its categories this will be huge disrespect for the other movies especially if Robert wins his category im gonna cry there are lots of precious actors there DONT VOTE FOR H&#304;M JUST BECAUSE YOU TH&#304;NK ROB &#304;S HOT
posted by Lady on Aug 09, 2009
Twilight the best! I'm from Russian and I love Twilight and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
are u still watching waynes world?
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
yeah, i guess he dosn't want anything to happen if you vote lol... Lucy is CRAZY
posted by TWILIGHTER98 on Aug 08, 2009
go twilight! u are gonna do AWESOME! just like u were on MTV! this is great. they are sooo gonna win! :D
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
yeah.... thats ok :) tv is funny
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
my dad wont let me vote. he wont even let me makeup a fake email or use his or nothing! who'd u vote for?
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
this is kinda slow, if u hadnt noticed yet. sorry! it isnt as fast as i thought!
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
omg! I totally tried to vote, but there are so many catagories it would take like two hours!! :)
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
oh yeah u are! lol i know! there are. i dont think they should win everyone though...
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
hey horseluver. u still there?
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
there r sooooo many Twilight nomanees! oh well...
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
i think that fresh face male should be chris pine or taylor lautner.
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
hey... i AM BACK
posted by horseluver101 on Aug 08, 2009
yeah, i'm here :)
posted by maddi on Aug 08, 2009
is hoselover101 there?
posted by 334 on Aug 08, 2009
miley cyrus go go go miley cyrus the best
posted by jojo on Aug 08, 2009
come on geys this is our last chance miley cyrus should win im very rich ilive in castel my father will lett me vot million vots just for miley i will be there tc 2009 next to miley she is winn ing daaaaaaaaaaah
posted by gO tWiLiGht~~ on Aug 08, 2009
hsm3 sucks & zac efron is such a bad actor....
posted by gO tWiLiGhT~~ on Aug 08, 2009
can some1 pls vote 4 twilight & rob pattinson 4 me!!!!i can't vote...thanx a lot!!!
posted by shadow on Aug 06, 2009
go gossip girl!
posted by musiclover on Aug 06, 2009
i cant believe twilight has all these nominations. mtv was a disaster and its not going to get any better here. they dont deserve all these awards. the movie was disappointing and cheesy. some was ok, but still...
posted by kate on Aug 06, 2009
im in TOTAL agreement with maddi. 17 again was LOL! :) besides, he's not only funny, he's also HOT!
posted by maddi on Aug 06, 2009
zac efron was so funny in 17 again! it was an awesome comedy. they have my vote all the way!
posted by susanne on Aug 06, 2009
best liplock: owen wilson and marley!! miley and lucas dont have a chance! :D
posted by macy on Aug 06, 2009
i didnt even see slumdog millionaire and now its nominated for all these awards!!! what is the deal?!
posted by LaLaLa on Aug 06, 2009
yeah, i agree with lollolloolll. but just because twilight wins the votes for the best movie, i think we all know the series are wayyyy better. the movie was disappointing.
posted by andrea on Aug 06, 2009
if gossip girl doesn't win, then TCA is rigged
posted by kiki on Aug 04, 2009
first of all, this voting is for teens! That's why actors, real actors like Hugh Jackman, Liv Tyler and MANY others usually don't win in Teen Choice AWwards. Second, if we compare High school musical with twilight, forgive me, but it is better than musical ( I am not saying that twilight is good for awards), but if we have to compare, there shouldn't be doubt..sorry.
posted by 364 on Aug 04, 2009
everyone is voting for miley couse she sisuerv miley is the best in the warld
posted by jojo on Aug 04, 2009
geys did you saw the video that joe jonas was crying while singing gotta find you so sad i haet camilla belle she breake his heart
posted by ms cullen on Aug 04, 2009
all ya stop hating on twilight cause they gon to win like mtv
posted by on Aug 04, 2009
to Olivia:if Twilight has 99% of the female population obsessed with the series,it means that it really touched the audience...have you ever wondered why all the other crap like miley or the JB doesn't have fans like those??? TWILIGHT IS GONNA WIN like at the MMA! I really hope they'll win the best liplock!
posted by Whoopo on Aug 03, 2009
Miley deserves 2 win she is amazing she sings acts models and everything else with pasion and beuaty and passion go miley
posted by mileys bigist fan on Aug 03, 2009
miley cyrus miley cyrus hannah montana the movie is the best vot vot vot
posted by jessica on Aug 03, 2009
miley cyrus is gonna win becouse she disurev to win milwy is the best vot vot vot vot we love you miley we are right next to you vot vot vot
posted by Joe broes on Aug 03, 2009
Jonas brothers r the best they deserve 2 win
posted by jojo on Aug 03, 2009
please geys if you love miley cyrus vot pleas she needs you now its time to show her love vot vot
posted by Team Robsten on Jul 28, 2009
yeah I am sorri all you haters out there who blogged and said many horrible things about twilight, NEWS FLASH they are going to WIN. Some people here are so ignorant!!! They are guys out there who love this series too!!! If you guys don't like it go crawl up in a hole by yourselves. What is wrong with a good love story about finding the perfect guy and being HAPPY. Stephenie Meyer rocks!! Go Twilight!!!
posted by tiiaa on Jul 28, 2009
twilight sucks!!!!stop this bullshit. lol. please
posted by cattie on Jul 23, 2009
posted by Just Interested on Jul 22, 2009
Ughh i ain't voting for twilight i don't want another MTV disaster ;]] twilight sucks real bad i hate it i'm voting for Vanessa Hudgens
posted by HSM3Lover on Jul 21, 2009
GO HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3! Go Ashley Tisdale! after the MTV Awards, I think she will win!
posted by ~*~~~ on Jul 20, 2009
Miley Cyrus is a horrible singer and actress...she don't need to win since she's a litte prima dona...twilight got too many awards already...that movie wasn't all that great despite the fact the book was good...i was very disappointed w/ the movie and i will never want to watch it again.
posted by lady on Jul 20, 2009
posted by lola on Jul 18, 2009
don't vote for miley cyrus!! she doesn't deserve to win
posted by lol on Jul 16, 2009
I DEFINITELY support hsm3 zac efron and vanessa hudgens. Twilight sucks btw!!!!!!!
posted by vanessaxoxo on Jul 16, 2009
posted by vanessaxoxo on Jul 16, 2009
posted by vanessaxoxo on Jul 16, 2009
posted by Saintsy on Jul 12, 2009
Whats the name of the new film which was made by the makers of skins?
posted by MARY on Jul 12, 2009
posted by hsm4ever on Jul 12, 2009
hsm 3 rocks!!!!!!!!!!GO ZAC!!
posted by Steven on Jul 11, 2009
Ashley Tisdale HAS to win! Why isn´t she nominated for Female Hottie!? She´s a lot better looking than the slags Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus!! Also her dog Maui should be nominated for Cutest Pet. COME ON HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!!
posted by helloo on Jul 07, 2009
can anyone vote for me too please, i cannot vote ='( (please for twilight, miley cyrus and taylor lautner) thank you soooo much if you can do this =))))
posted by xxxx on Jul 06, 2009
twilight fans!let's volt in!!vote for twilight!
posted by xxxx on Jul 06, 2009
twilight fans!let's volt in!!vote for twilight!
posted by mrs. cullen on Jul 05, 2009
twilight has to win is the best movie cant wait for new moon
posted by Charlixoxo on Jul 04, 2009
Can people vote for Taylor Swfit, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, High School Musical and Gossip Girl for me please... i can't vote... thx
posted by ashley-la-mejo on Jul 04, 2009
w hsm el mejor film!!
posted by Thamina on Jul 04, 2009
Vote for Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron! they rock... i love them soo much AND VOTE FOR HSM
posted by Sara on Jul 03, 2009
Hey guys don't forget to vote for Wolverine, Hugh jackman, Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch and Angelina Jolie everyday ! I mean come on they deserve it, they are talented ! Forget about this Robert Pattinson and the crappy movie "Twilight” ! Plus I think they had more than enough awards !
posted by 15 on Jul 01, 2009
Can't tell you how much I agree with April and Tanja...Oy.
posted by selena on Jun 30, 2009
twlight will win.
posted by Steven :-) on Jun 23, 2009
High School Musical 3 rox! Ashley Tisdale beta win!!Ive voted 4 her!! Twilight is a terrible film!It should neva have been made.
posted by olivia on Jun 21, 2009
I completely agree with everything april said. Sure, Twilight was a good movie, but it doesn't deserve half the awards it's won just because 99% of the female population has an obsession with the series.
posted by Safiya on Jun 18, 2009
posted by fanpire1005 on Jun 17, 2009
I will absolutely support Twilight and the cast cuz they r amazing no matter wat the haters say they just dont have a life
posted by Samantha on Jun 16, 2009
The Mtv Awards roked. I cant wait to see if Twilight wins....Anyway I liked the movie but its kinda like Rob Pattinson was just saying Fuck off human I dont care what u think god...but that was the only faulty
posted by duh on Jun 16, 2009
wow..shut up abut twilight bing bad
posted by Tanja on Jun 16, 2009
Who is doing those nominations? How can someone put Pattison and those two No-names into the same category with Jackman and Pitt? Those three are not even in the same league as Pitt and Jackman. Same for actresses. And is it really necessary to put Twilight to BOTH, romance and drama? In that case, Australia and Benjamin Button should be in both as well. Twilight was nothing more than just a teen romance. I thought MTV Awards were bad, but this is worse. But at least this really is teen and kids choice (so no chance for other actors or movies, Twilight gets it all). But what happened in MTV is a pure let-down.
posted by april on Jun 16, 2009
Why is Zachary Quinto being snubbed a nomination for actor in action/adventure and fresh face? He has so much talent and is so underrated as an actor, it makes me sick! Twilight is going to win every award they're nominated for, as they did for the MTV movie awards, beating Slumdog Millionaire, mind you, and many others that deserve the awards for their actual skills to perform rather than being the personification of teenage girl's weird fictional obsession. If the same thing happens here then these awards are completely unrealistic.
posted by xena on Jun 16, 2009
gossip girl rocks.. im gonna vote for them billion times..
posted by lollolloolll on Jun 16, 2009
Twilight will win all its categories i reckon.

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