Bill Murray reunites with his 'Lost in Translation' director Sofia Coppola for the upcoming holiday special.
New villains are coming as Scott and Stiles's friendship is rocked by trust issue in their senior year.
Katie Holmes guest stars in the upcoming season as a shrewd businesswoman who offers to make a better deal in the video.
The new global thriller, to air on CBS, centers on a wave of violent animal attacks against humans across the planet.
Jon takes the Wildlings on his mission, Stannis is ready for a fight, and Olenna Tyrell meets the High Sparrow.



Sunday, 24 May 2015

American Odyssey on NBC at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Kmag Yoyo
Battle Creek on CBS at 10/9c
Episode 1.13 Sympathy for the Devil
Game of Thrones on HBO at 9/8c
Episode 5.07 The Gift
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles on Lifetime at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Capsize
Nurse Jackie on Showtime at 9/8c
Episode 7.07 Are You With Me, Doctor Wu?
Penny Dreadful on Showtime at 10/9c
Episode 2.04 Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places
Salem on WGN America at 10/9c
Episode 2.08 Dead Birds
Silicon Valley on HBO at 10/9c
Episode 2.07 Adult Content
Veep on HBO at 10:30/930c
Episode 4.07 Mommy Meyer

Monday, 25 May 2015

American Dad! on TBS at 9/8c
Episode 10.14 American Fung
Shahs of Sunset on Bravo at 9/8c
Episode 4.13 Big Trouble in Little Phuket
Texas Rising on History at 9/8c
Episode 1.01 From the Ashes
Turn on AMC at 10/9c
Episode 2.08 Providence

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Community on Yahoo at 12/11c
Episode 6.12
Finding Carter on MTV at 10/9c
Episode 2.09 I Knew You Were Trouble
iZombie on CW at 9/8c
Episode 1.11 Astroburger
Texas Rising on History at 9/8c
Episode 1.02 Fate and Fury
Younger on TV Land at 10/9c
Episode 1.10 The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Full Circle on DirecTV at 8/7c
Episode 2.10 Bud and Jimmy
Hot in Cleveland on TV Land at 10/9c
Episode 6.22 Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!
Ripper Street on BBC America at 10/9c
Episode 3.05 Heavy Boots
The Soul Man on TV Land at 10:30/930c
Episode 4.11 Roar!
The Soul Man on TV Land at 11:00/1000c
Episode 4.12 Busting Boyce
Young & Hungry on ABC Family at 8/7c
Episode 2.10 Young & Part Two

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aquarius on NBC at 9/8c
Episode 1.01
Between on Netflix at 11:30/1030c
Episode 1.02 Episode 2
Bones on Fox TV at 8/7c
Episode 10.20 The Woman in the Whirlpool
The Comedians on FX at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Charity
Louie on FX at 10:30/930c
Episode 5.08 The Road Part 2
Maron on IFC at 10/9c
Episode 3.03 Ex-Pod
Olympus on Syfy at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Danger and Desire
Rookie Blue on ABC at 10/9c
Episode 6.02 Perfect Family
Wayward Pines on Fox at 9/8c
Episode 1.03 Our Town, Our Law

Friday, 29 May 2015

Bitten on Syfy at 9/8c
Episode 2.08 Dark Arts
K.C. Undercover on Disney Channel at 8/7c
Episode 1.10 Double Crossed Part 1
Lost Girl on Syfy at 10/9c
Episode 5.07 Here Comes the Night
The Messengers on CW at 9/8c
Episode 1.07 Deus Ex Machina

Saturday, 30 May 2015

K.C. Undercover on Disney Channel at 8/7c
Episode 1.11 Double Crossed Part 2
Orphan Black on BBC America at 9/8c
Episode 3.07 Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate
Outlander on Starz at 9/8c
Episode 1.16 To Ransom a Man's Soul
The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe on Lifetime at 9/8c
Episode 1.01