Will Ferrell plays 10 positions on 10 teams in one day in the HBO comedy special which was filmed during spring training.
Frank is asked about his next move, Ani recalls her scary experience at the wild party, and Paul says he's trying to be 'a good man.'
It looks like Olivia is finally going to get her man in the next season of the hit series, which is coming back to ABC this fall.
New baddies like Jessica Lucas' Tigress and James Frain's Theo are seen alongside Penguin, The Riddler and The Joker in one trailer.
Lou Solverson and Sheriff Hank Larsson investigate a murder case that may be connected to a local crime gang.



Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Another Period on Comedy Central at 9:30/830c
Episode 1.06 Lilian's Birthday
Baby Daddy on ABC Family at 8:30/730c
Episode 4.21 What Happens In Vegas
The Exes on TV Land at 11/10c
Episode 4.15 Good Will Hinting
Extant on CBS at 9/8c
Episode 2.05 The New Frontier
The Game on BET at 9/8c
Episode 9.09-10 What More Can I Say?
Impastor on TV Land at 10:30/930c
Episode 1.03 Bird of Pray
The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land at 10/9c
Episode 1.03 A Night at the Plaza
Melissa & Joey on ABC Family at 8/7c
Episode 4.21 Be the Bigger Person
Mr. Robot on USA Network at 10/9c
Episode 1.06 Eps.1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf
Suits on USA Network at 9/8c
Episode 5.06 Privilege

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Astronaut Wives Club on ABC at 8/7c
Episode 1.07 Rendezvous
Beauty and the Beast on CW at 8/7c
Episode 3.08 Shotgun Wedding
Complications on USA at 9/8c
Episode 1.08 Relapse
Dates on CW at 9:30/830c
Episode 1.08 Jenny and Christian
Dates on CW at 9/8c
Episode 1.07 Stephen and Mia
Dominion on Syfy at 10/9c
Episode 2.04 A Bitter Truth
Graceland on USA at 10/9c
Episode 3.06 Sidewinder
Maron on IFC at 10/9c
Episode 3.12 Cold Turkey
Married on FX at 10:30/930c
Episode 2.03 The Sandwich
Mistresses on ABC at 9/8c
Episode 3.08 Murder She Wrote
Rectify on Sundance at 10/9c
Episode 3.04 Girl Jesus
Rookie Blue on ABC at 10/9c
Episode 6.06 Home Run
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll on FX Network at 10/9c
Episode 1.03 Lust for Life
Under the Dome on CBS at 10/9c
Episode 3.07 Ejecta

Friday, 31 July 2015

Bunk'd on Disney Channel at 7:30/630c
Episode 1.01 Pilot
Dark Matter on Syfy at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Episode Eight
Defiance on Syfy at 8/7c
Episode 3.08 Ostinato in White
Killjoys on Syfy at 9/8c
Episode 1.07 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
Strike Back on Cinemax at 10/9c
Episode 4.01 Episode 31

Saturday, 01 August 2015

Aquarius on NBC at 9/8c
Episode 1.10 Your Mother Should Know
Atlantis on BBC America at 9/8c
Episode 2.12 The Queen Must Die
Cedar Cove on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c
Episode 3.03 Something's Gotta Give
Hannibal on NBC at 10/9c
Episode 3.09 And the Woman Clothed in Sun
Hell on Wheels on AMC at 9/8c
Episode 5.03 White Justice
Power on Starz at 9/8c
Episode 2.08 Three Moves Ahead

Sunday, 02 August 2015

Ballers on HBO at 10/9c
Episode 1.07 Ends
The Brink on HBO at 10:30/930c
Episode 1.07 Sticky Wicket
Falling Skies on TNT at 10/9c
Episode 5.06 Respite
Halt and Catch Fire on AMC at 10/9c
Episode 2.10 Heaven Is a Place
Humans on AMC at 9/8c
Episode 1.06 Episode 6
The Last Ship on TNT at 9/8c
Episode 2.08 Safe Zone
Masters of Sex on Showtime at 10/9c
Episode 3.04 Undue Influence
Ray Donovan on Showtime at 9/8c
Episode 3.04 Breakfast of Champions
The Strain on FX at 10/9c
Episode 2.04 The Silver Angel
True Detective on HBO at 9/8c
Episode 2.07 Black Maps and Motel Rooms
Welcome to Sweden on NBC at 8:30/730c
Episode 2.06 Swedish Bachelor Party/Svensexa

Monday, 03 August 2015

Chasing Life on ABC Family at 9/8c
Episode 2.05 The Domino Effect
Devious Maids on Lifetime at 9/8c
Episode 3.10 Whiplash
The Fosters on ABC Family at 8/7c
Episode 3.08 Daughters
Major Crimes on TNT at 9/8c
Episode 4.09 Wish You Were Here
Murder in the First on TNT at 10/9c
Episode 2.09 Bruja Blanca
Significant Mother on CW at 9:30/830c
Episode 1.01 Welcome to Bonetown
Teen Wolf on MTV at 10/9c
Episode 5.07 Strange Frequencies
UnREAL on Lifetime at 10/9c
Episode 1.10 Future
The Whispers on ABC at 10/9c
Episode 1.09 Broken Child

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

Clipped on TBS at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 The Gambler
Playing House on USA at 10/9c
Episode 2.01
Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family at 8/7c
Episode 6.09
Proof on TNT at 10/9c
Episode 1.08 Reborn
Rizzoli & Isles on TNT at 9/8c
Episode 6.08 Nice to Meet You, Dr. Isles
Scream on MTV at 10/9c
Episode 1.06 Betrayed
Stitchers on ABC Family at 9/8c
Episode 1.10 Full Stop
Tyrant on FX at 10/9c
Episode 2.08 Fathers and Sons
Zoo on CBS at 9/8c
Episode 1.06 This Is What It Sounds Like