Adele Plans to Add Booze Merchandise to Her Extended Las Vegas Residency

After she announced an extended set of shows from June until this November, the 'Easy on Me' hitmaker is reportedly telling people she's thinking about adding drinking cup merchandise to a 'next round' of gigs.

AceShowbiz - Adele is said to be planning a new run of Las Vegas shows complete with new booze merchandise. The "Chasing Pavements" singer, 35, had her postponed residency in Sin City run from November last year until March, and announced an extended set of shows from June until this November.

But The Sun reported she was overheard chatting to a group of New Yorkers who were drinking wine during one of her concerts saying she was thinking about adding drinking cup merchandise to a "next round" of gigs.

The newspaper said she stated, "You know what, I might add to merch for my next round of shows. One of the yard-drink beakers, that everyone can fill up at the bar."

Insiders at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace where Adele has been gigging also told The Sun they hoped Adele would pick where Celine Dion left off, after she had a 16-year-long residency at the hotel.

They said, "Adele is proving to be a brilliant decision for the business. The upset of the original postponement is long forgotten, both by the executives and fans. Now the casino sees thousands of fans and their families flood in between Thursday and Sunday to see her, which amounts to millions being spent on rooms, services and food and beverage. Artists have come and gone for short runs at Caesars since Celine departed. But there is hope to get a long-term act and the hope is Adele fits the bill."

Adele is set to release a concert video about her recently extended Vegas run, and the Colosseum source added it will make even more fans want to see her live.

They said, "When the concert film Adele is recording is released, even more fans will want to see her shows live and we expect another spike in interest in sales. Adele is her own woman, so pinning her down for many years could be a lengthy negotiation."

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