Adele Defended by Fans After Sharon Osbourne Dissed Her on 'Celebrity Big Brother'
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Fans rally around the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker after she was ridiculed by Ozzy Osbourne's wife during an episode of the British reality television show.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne has continued her outspoken streak on "Celebrity Big Brother", this time setting her sights on Adele. During Thursday's episode, Osbourne mocked the "Someone Like You" singer's British accent.

"I think she claims the [faux cockney accent] 'Oh, love, oh I'm Adele, I'm so English,'" Osbourne said, adding, "It's like, cut the crap, you don't talk like that anymore. Just sing, just be true to who you are!"

Osbourne's comments sparked backlash on social media, with fans defending Adele and expressing disapproval of Osbourne's behavior.

In addition to Adele, Osbourne has also criticized other celebrities during her time on the show. She described James Corden as a "name dropper," Anna Wintour as "the C-word," and Ellen DeGeneres as someone she "can't stand."

Osbourne's opinions have divided viewers, with some praising her honesty while others accusing her of being disrespectful.

Despite the controversy, Osbourne remains a popular and polarizing figure on the show. She is known for her brutally honest observations and her willingness to share her unfiltered opinions.

Osbourne is not the only celebrity housemate causing a stir. Louis Walsh, her former "The X Factor" colleague, has also generated controversy. Some viewers have expressed outrage over his behavior while others have found him to be an entertaining and unexpected character.

"Celebrity Big Brother" has become a platform for celebrities to share their unfiltered opinions and reveal their true selves. While Osbourne's comments have generated both support and criticism, her presence on the show has undoubtedly added to its drama and intrigue.

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