Shawn Mendes Leaves Fans Excited as He Teases New Album

Around four years after releasing his latest set 'Wonder', the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' singer tells his devotees that he has 'finished' his next record.

AceShowbiz - Shawn Mendes has left his fans excited following his revelation. Around four years after releasing his latest album "Wonder", the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" singer has given his devotees an update on his new record, which will be "coming soon."

The 25-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter shared exciting news about his next record during a run-in with a number of his fans. Recently, he was approached by his supporters and had a fun conversation with them. The moment was documented in a video that made its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday, May 12.

In the short clip, it could be seen that Shawn was interacting with some of his female fans. He was documented standing close next to one of them to take a picture together. He looked in good spirits as he flashed his radiant big smile at the camera.

At one point, another fan told the "Senorita" hitmaker, "We can't wait for your next album." In response, he simply spilled, "It's coming soon," leaving the fans excited with one of them screaming out loud. He went on to reveal, "We just finished it 10 minutes ago."

In the footage, Shawn looked good in his stylish ensemble, consisting of a light gray hoodie, a pair of long beige pants and a black leather jacket that came with a zipper. He was carrying an iPad and a guitar case. In addition, he embraced his short curly hair that covered his forehead.

It did not take long for the video to be flooded with positive online responses from X users. In the replies section of the tweet, one in particular voiced their excitement for the album, "I MOVED YOU MOVED THEY MOVED EVERYBODY MOVED SHAWN MENDES IS BACK SOON." Curious, another asked, "I'M SCREAMING. how soon is 'soon'????"

A third exclaimed, "MALE POP ALBUM OF THE YEAR IS COMING." On the other hand, other users were commenting on his look, including one who gushed, "He's so fineeeeeeewee i might dye."

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