2010 Midseason Guide: When the Good TV Shows Will Return

2010 Midseason Guide: When the Good TV Shows Will Return

This season would be the period of time where 'Chuck' proves why it's worth fans' vote of confidence and why we keep watching 'Lost' although it's making us dizzy.
TV world never dies from evolving and therefore, one must spring up and another must end. This upcoming season of television will offer the final season of "Lost" which will serve as the conclusion of the whole mythical and confusing philosophy that the show presented in the past six years. In the other side, "Parenthood" is vying to be one of the best drama in television with its star-studded cast and the element of family genre.

While providing the cheat sheet of what shows will return when, AceShowbiz selects one from each month which is worth a stay at home. This includes "Chuck" that devoted fans have fought over Fall to stay on the screen.



Premieres: Sunday, Jan 10 at 9/8c before moving to Monday, Jan 11 at 8/7c on NBC

Chuck the Kung Fu master returns

Originally bumped to March and was on the brink of not coming back at all, "Chuck" got double joy when NBC decided that it can come back earlier and deserve a 19-episode season. Chuck, no longer a man screaming like a little girl when he faces the baddies, gains fighting and other skills when he accidentally downloaded the new version of Intersect into his brain.

Other point of interest in the new season are an insight into Lester's personal life, the guest starring appearances from Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh as well as the fact that someone other than Captain Awesome will discover Chuck's secret.

Other TV show premieres to watch within the month:



Premieres: Tuesday, Feb 2 at 9/8c on ABC

Lost answers questions in final season

This season would serve as the conclusion and the answer to all the confusing philosophy that only "Lost" can do. The show that hooked viewers since 2004 will reveal in the sixth and final season, why the Oceanic crashed and for what reason those particular people arrived on the island.

Almost all the stars from season 1 to 5 will be back for the final season including the dead ones like Ian Somerhalder aka Boone and Michelle Rodriguez aka Ana Lucia. Moreover, a scoop from E! Online revealed an intriguing plot. Either Sayid would die or Sayid would kill Jack in the first episode mysteriously called "LA X".

Other TV show premieres to watch within the month:



Premieres: Monday, Mar 1 at 9/8c on NBC

Parenthood led by Lauren Graham

Although it's a new show, "Parenthood" has created a buzz when it was excluded from the Fall 2009 season premiere at the last minute. Its pivotal star Maura Tierney had to undergo a series of medical tests that eventually came with a result that she has cancer. In respect of the actress, NBC decided to shelve the show until midseason 2010.

And when Tierney is unable to return immediately to the show, NBC took another step to recast the role that Tierney left. Lauren Graham who claimed her fame through "Gilmore Girls" stepped in and the team had to re-shoot the pilot with Graham in the shoes of Sarah.

Other TV show premieres to watch within the month:



Premieres: Tuesday, Apr 13 at 9/8c on FOX

The award-winning musical dances its way back

"Glee" is probably the most stretched TV show that FOX has ever done. Airing the pilot in May 2009, the show swooned the audience with the first half of season one in Fall that year before taking a hiatus to return quite late in April 2010. Many are wondering why the network would give a long break between the first half of season 1 to the second when the show is doing well on the rating.

"Out of necessity, each network in its own way has thought up creative ways to split up the 22-episode order. These long hiatuses are becoming a bit more normal," Preston Beckman, FOX head of scheduling argued. The long break could be the hardest part of all since fans would love to see whether McKinley High glee club successfully goes through the Sectionals.

Other TV show premieres to watch within the month:

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