Salma Hayek Biography

Salma Hayek


Famous as :


Birth Name :

Salma Valgarma Hayek-Jimenez

Birth Date :

September 02, 1966

Birth Place :

Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Claim to fame :

As Carolina in "Desperado" (1995)



her knack, he promptly cast her as the female lead in the 1995 "Desperado," giving her the big break she desperately longing for.

Being in the same scene with senior actor Antonio Banderas in the hit film did help Hayek earned a name among Hollywood movie stars, while at the same time enabled her to secure more roles, including further collaborations with Rodriguez on two other projects, a cameo with Banderas in the ill-conceived feature "Four Rooms" (1995) and as a blood-sucking snake-dancer in the Quentin Tarantino-scripted vampire outing, "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996). Unfortunately, the film, which also starred George Clooney, didn't get either respect or response, and so did Hayek's next few projects. She was then cast alongside Matthew Perry in the 1997 romantic comedy "Fools Rush In" as two lovers who instantly decided to get married after meeting in Las Vegas, but then have to face some problems when meet each other's family and work colleagues as well when they start to know each other more. This film, sad to say, failed to impress both critics and audience. Her next film, "Breaking Up" (1997), which paired her with Russell Crowe as a couple who constantly separate and ...

reconcile, sadly, failed to excite audience as well.

The 1998 "The Faculty," a teen thriller that cast Hayek as a teacher who turns into an alien, was an exception, so did with "Dogma" (1999). Gained critical praise, she was then billed to star in what was to be her biggest film to date, Barry Sonnenfeld's 1999 summer blockbuster "Wild Wild West," which also starred Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Sad to say that the following year Hayek's career deemed and she only played small roles in some unpopular movies, one of which was Mike Figgis' experimental "Time Code," which cast her as Jeanne Tripplehorn's lover. Realizing the regress, this actress tried to wake up and regain her fame by the time of which she produced and played the lead role in "Frida," the long awaited biography of tragic artist Frida Kahlo released in 2002. The picture, surprisingly, was a hit and was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Actress for Hayek, making her the first Latin actress to be nominated in the category.

Already established herself as a high-profile movie star, Hayek expanded her horizons, reunited with Robert Rodriguez for a humorous cameo in "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over" and ...



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