31st Young Artist Awards Nominees in Movie

31st Young Artist Awards Nominees in Movie

Taylor Lautner receives a nod for his performance in 'New Moon', while Emma Roberts and Saoirse Ronan are put in a strong competition for Best Performance by Leading Young Actress kudo.

Taylor Lautner could follow the step of his "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart who has just landed Orange Rising Star Award at 2010 BAFTAs. The 18-year-old hunk has been announced as one of the contenders to win Best Performance by Leading Young Actor at the 31st Annual Young Artist Awards for his portrayal of Jacob Black in "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". For the said prize, he will be up against Jake T. Austin ("Hotel For Dogs"), Jimmy Bennett ("Alabama Moon"), Max Records ("Where The Wild Things Are") and Devon Bostick ("Adoration").

Meanwhile, Emma Roberts and Saoirse Ronan are put under the same category, facing each other for the Best Performance by Leading Young Actress kudo. The "Hotel For Dogs" star and the "The Lovely Bones" beauty are additionally joined by Abigail Breslin ("My Sister's Keeper"), Jolie Vanier ("Shorts") and Yara Shahidi ("Imagine That") in the competition for the award.

The nominations for 2010 Young Artist Awards also honor Chloe Moretz and Dakota Fanning with one nod each. The "500 Days of Summer" star is nominated for Best Performance by Supporting Young Actor for her role in the romantic comedy, while the "I Am Sam" star secures a spot in Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role category for being cast in animation "Coraline".

The 31st Annual Young Artist Awards is presented by The Young Artist Foundation and is dedicated to talented young people in television and movies who might otherwise be overshadowed by their older co-stars. The winners of the awards show will be announced on Sunday, April 11 during a gala held at the Beverly Garland, Studio City in California.

List of the 31st Annual Young Artist Awards in Feature Film:

Leading Young Actor

Leading Young Actress Supporting Young Actor Supporting Young Actress Young Ensemble Cast BEST PERFORMANCE IN AN INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM - Leading Young Performers:
  • Denis Sukhomlinov, "Shenok" (Russia)
  • Nick Romeo Reimann, "Die Vorstadtkrokodile" (Germany)
  • Tom Russell, "Last Ride" (Australia)
  • Fouad Habash & Ibrahim Frege, "Ajami" (Israel)
  • Leonard Proxauf & Leonie Benesch, "The White Ribbon" (Germany)
Young Actor
  • Ricardo Hoyos - "The Armoire"
  • Christopher Casa - "The Catharsis of Foster Pensky"
  • Tristan Price - "Liberty Lane"
  • Joey Luthman - "Save the Skeet"
  • Jack Weatherbe - "Trolls"
  • Michael William Arnold - "Weird Al's Big Brain"
  • Dawson Dunbar - "Trolls"
  • Joseph Castanon - "Santa's Little Helper"
  • Nathan Coenen - "Tinglewood"
  • Ryan Grantham - "The Anachronism"
  • Brandon Tyler Russell - "The Exemption of Hunter Riley"
  • Andy Scott Harris - "Amory Blaine, Son of Beatrice"
Young Actress
  • Caitlin EJ Meyer - "I Love You Bernie Summersby"
  • Megan Mckinnon - "The Tricks"
  • Victoria Moroles - "Innocent Eyes"
  • Madison Leisle - "City of Lights"
  • Jolie Vanier - "Strange Little Girl"
  • Kiernan Shipka - "Squeaky Clean"
  • Sierra Pitkin - "Trolls"
  • Savannah McReynolds - "The Christmas Valentine"

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