Full Winner List of 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Sports and Other Categories

August 10, 2009 06:53:39 GMT

Soccer played David Beckham is named Choice Male Athlete, while artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson is awarded Choice Athlete: Female prize.

Full Winner List of 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Sports and Other Categories
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The full winners of 2009 Teen Choice Awards in sports and other categories have been unveiled hot on the heels of the outing of some early winners. Soccer stud David Beckham nabs the Choice Male Athlete prize, beating some other nominees, including Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, and Tiger Woods.

On the female side, artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson is named the winner. She beats Nastia Liukin, Danica Patrick, Kerri Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, and Serena Williams, all of whom vie for the predicate of Choice Athlete: Female.

Meanwhile, the award for Choice Action Sports Athlete: Male goes to skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. He wins the title from Paul Rodriguez, Kelly Slater, James Stewart, and Shaun White. As for Choice Action Sports Athlete: Female, the prize goes to Stephanie Gilmore. Her competitors for the category are Gretchen Bleiler, Torah Bright, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, and Carissa Moore.

In addition to sports, Teen Choice Awards winners in TV, movie, and music have also been unveiled. The gala itself has been held at Universal Studios Hollywood's Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif. on Sunday afternoon, August 9 with Jonas Brothers serving as the hosts. It will be aired live on FOX Monday, August 10 at 8-10 P.M. ET/PT.

Full List of 2009 Teen Choice Awards Winners in Sports and Other Categories:


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posted by Wixi on Apr 24, 2010
Miley,i hate you!
posted by i luv fred on Feb 16, 2010
posted by bleeee on Nov 13, 2009
zac efron is hotter than robert pattinson! zac should have goot the male hottie wawrd!!!
posted by mimi on Nov 13, 2009
zac efron won award for best comedian for 17 again and also award for rockstar moment!! love zac efron!!!
posted by natalie on Oct 04, 2009
where's david archuleta?
posted by Professor Layton on Sep 02, 2009
nipples Nipples Nipples nipples "that reminds me of a puzzle"
posted by wtf??? on Sep 02, 2009
Miley, i hate you!!!!!!
posted by i hate on Sep 02, 2009
i hate MILEY
posted by imstupid on Sep 02, 2009
Miley's voice hurts my family's and my ear so much.
posted by Joaozin on Aug 24, 2009
posted by BSAWARDS on Aug 20, 2009
Beckam.....really, the guy hasn't done a thing since coming to the US. Kobe should have won.
posted by j on Aug 18, 2009
if any of you think selena can't dancw watch Another Cinderella Story after you've watched that if you still think she can't dance then i don't know who can dance
posted by aly1111 on Aug 14, 2009
yuckyuckyuck selena gomezzz...go to hell
posted by RaineGoAway on Aug 14, 2009
selena ROCKS!
posted by racky76 on Aug 14, 2009
selena rocks i am so glad she won choice female artist of the year . miley sucks!
posted by cvskbbhv on Aug 12, 2009
posted by fred on Aug 12, 2009
i should not have won, i hate the videos i do, these are stupid web videos
posted by meteor rain on Aug 11, 2009
I'm wondering why some people say:Robert Patison is handsome :-??
posted by ME LOVE FRED on Aug 11, 2009
ZAC EFRON IS A FAG thats how he lost and FRED RULES
posted by nikki on Aug 11, 2009
miley cyrus ROCKS!!!
posted by sm on Aug 11, 2009
selena SUCK!!!!!
posted by niiki on Aug 11, 2009
selena doesnt deserve to win. miley is a better dancer. and singer. she also has the best clothes . i dont know how she won the best Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female . selena sucks!!
posted by miagirl on Aug 11, 2009
mann,,, selena is awesome, i love her, she is so down ro earth, everyone loves miley cyrus, i dont hate her, but man, did you see that dance, for party in the usa, like really, shes 16, thats not her age, that is just slutty and inappropriate, its painful ro watch, selena acts her age, she deserved to win
posted by ZoMg on Aug 11, 2009
ZOMG George Lopez was HIlarious :) totally deserved it.. O_o Selena jumps around like a freak and its considered dancing?...o_O
posted by ZoMg on Aug 11, 2009
Fred deserved it, he's gorgeous :D....I LOVE FRED!!... Robert Pattinson looks wayyyy HOTTER than zac efron, he's got a better everything :)
posted by 2close4comfort50 on Aug 11, 2009
i dont get why everyone loves fred so much i dont get it fred really isnt that original or funny i mean he clearly stole the idea from makemebad35's jimmy character and gave him a high pitched voice like the your insane videos and made him a little bit crazier thats it
posted by guest on Aug 10, 2009
how the heck did selena win best dancer? does she evne know how to dance, bs
posted by hhhhhk on Aug 10, 2009
britney spears shouldaaa thanked miley cyrus. miley was too nice.
posted by Summer Hsu on Aug 10, 2009
Congrats ShawneyJ!!! But...Oh I love Rachel Bilson much more than Selena!!
posted by yayaya on Aug 10, 2009
posted by mkp on Aug 10, 2009
selena gomez danced her ass off in Another Cinderella Story
posted by guest on Aug 10, 2009
Rock Band 2 won.
posted by street_king on Aug 10, 2009
Megan Fox all the way!!
posted by lala on Aug 10, 2009
zac efron a pig good thing he never won :)
posted by tc009cuh on Aug 10, 2009
selena doesnt deserve best dancer Miley is a dancer fergie and lady gaga can dance their ass off and shawn johnson was on DWTS how the f does she win! dumb tweenies!
posted by Sam on Aug 10, 2009
So? who won Best Video Game?
posted by DaBomb on Aug 10, 2009
RP is so not hot! There's something really wrong here.
posted by DaBomb on Aug 10, 2009
Wow, Fred won? He's good, though I have to say, he's one sad kid.
posted by t on Aug 10, 2009
eva should have won somehting
posted by tiffj on Aug 10, 2009
beyonce should of won for best album
posted by tiffj on Aug 10, 2009
How did robert patison win male hottie over zac efron

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