Full Winner List of 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Movie

August 10, 2009 07:11:16 GMT

'Twilight' sweeps the 11th Annual Teen Choice Awards with the most surfboard trophies, including Choice Movie Drama and Choice Movie Liplock for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Full Winner List of 2009 Teen Choice Awards in Movie
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Sweeping this year's MTV Movie Awards apparently is not enough for "Twilight" as it dominates yet another awards show, the 11th Annual Teen Choice Awards. On August 9, a day before Teen Choice is aired on small screen, the vampire drama has been unveiled to be the recipient of nine surfboard trophies, eight of them came from the movie section alone.

This Catherine Hardwicke-directed movie nabbed Choice Movie Drama, besting over "Angels & Demons", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Obsessed" and "Slumdog Millionaire". Its cast members, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Cam Gigandet, Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner, all took home one kudo each in the performers category.

In addition to their Choice Movie Actress and Actor in Drama, Stewart and Pattinson landed Choice Movie Liplock as well. Pattinson also grabbed Choice Movie Rumble which he shared with Gigandet. Beside the movie trophies, "Twilight" also collected Choice Music Soundtrack title, beating "Gossip Girl", "Hannah Montana: The Movie", "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" and "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience".

Other winners included "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", "High School Musical 3: Senior Year", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Hannah Montana: The Movie". All four movies each took home two kudos from the show. "Revenge of the Fallen", in particular, gave Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox Choice Summer Movie Star Male and Female title respectively.

Teen Choice Awards gave away awards for movies, television, music, sports and pop culture views. The show hosted by Jonas Brothers will be aired on FOX Monday, August 10, starting at 8 P.M. Eastern. Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus and Sean Kingston performed in addition to the pop rock band.

Full list of movie winners for 2009 Teen Choice Awards:


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posted by TeamEdward<33 on Jul 03, 2010
posted by chelseaa on Jan 19, 2010
wow i think orphan shoulda won the summer movie drama 100000000000% just sayin(:
posted by John Smith on Aug 29, 2009
IMO Twilight isn't "bad" bad, but its pretty overrated, and bland. Much like another certain book/film adaption *cougheragoncough* Wow most of you guys really can't accept other's opinions, If you like Twilight, then enjoy it, but don't claim it to be the BEST MOVIEZ IN THE WORLDZ!!!!, cause its not. And for the haters, don't bag out the books/movie by just saying "Twilight SUCKS", cause there are a lot of movies out there which are much much worse. The movie winners were pretty much what I expected, for the teen votes.
posted by sam :) on Aug 15, 2009
okayy, people saying that there should be real actors in these categories or that they shouldn't even be in those categories because they are up against 'nobodys'. HELLO. we are teenagers, not professional critics okay. we like the plot, we like the actors and when they were cast they had no idea it would get this much media. so stop knocking their acting skills. because a) it's not you in these films is it? and b)some books aren't to everybodys tastes. so keep your negative opinions to yourself because you have NO idea how much their lives have changed since this film was released. give them a break.
posted by LOL dodg on Aug 13, 2009
Robert Patterson is ok he's only popular because of his character
posted by twilightsuckspants2 on Aug 12, 2009
don't be f-ing lg's and say " your stupid twilight is the best, omg robert is so hot " there's better looking people. hater's leave. LOL. OKAY.
posted by twilightsuckspants on Aug 12, 2009
twilight f-ing sucks. lg's made twilight win. first, kristen stewart can't act. don't deny it. second, robert can't either it looks like he's passing a kidney stone.
posted by luv ec-aurthi on Aug 12, 2009
u idiots:( How can u not like TWILIGHT ???? SHUT UR FUCKING MOUTHES.ROB IS V.V.V. SEXY.ROB, KRIS make the bestest couple ever. III IOVE UUU ROB.nobody has stopped u from voting ur stinky little pitt or jackman.And don't u dare to compare stew with that gross kidman or i'll kill uuu.[i'm talking 2 u idiot Tara]
posted by luv ec-aurthi on Aug 12, 2009
u idiots:( How can u not like TWILIGHT ???? SHUT UR FUCKING MOUTHES.ROB IS V.V.V. SEXY.ROB, KRIS make the bestest couple ever. III IOVE UUU ROB.nobody has stopped u from voting ur stinky little pitt or jackman.And don't u dare to compare stew with that gross kidman or i'll kill uuu.[i'm talking 2 u idiot Tara]
posted by twilight defenser on Aug 12, 2009
evey one should defenetly respect teens choice even if they can't understand these choices besides twilight deserves every award and maby more (and the books are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good)
posted by GianaMarie on Aug 11, 2009
Wow i think the only thing they voted right was Transformers...that movie beats Twilight for sure...N Linkin Park-New Divide beats Paramore-Decode! Linkin Park should have won that shit! linkin Park works their asses off...but for what...teens dont give a shit...they only know Miley Cyrus n the dumbass Jonas Brothers....what about the real talent?!?!?!?!?!
posted by xP on Aug 11, 2009
The fact that everybody loves the movie (Twilight) doesnít mean that itís good, it means that itís popular
posted by alkdfgaeu on Aug 11, 2009
I loved Twilight. But I like Roberts carachter better than in person, he looks like a bum in person. Stewert, well again like her character but not in person. I can't belive that the two main characters should be there characters before themselves. I know this does not make sense........ well Twilight deserved it
posted by Katy on Aug 11, 2009
Books aside (I didn´t like them either but it´s my problem) but Twilight movie seriously sucked. Bad acting, bad directing and Pattinson got an award for what? He did nothing in that movie except standing and staring. I know these are teen awards and I am not teen so I couldn´t vote. But anyway, those are kids and teens so they will have probably another obsession next year. Who did make these categories - Pitt and Jackman in one category with three No-Names? Same with actresses. Those teens voted what was offered to them but mixing names of award winning actors (I mean awards like real awards, not MTV or this) with some "celebrities", is crazy. Who did those nominations? Could be possible to make one "normal" category where would just be actors? And who the hell is Channing Tatum and what did he do?
posted by sam :) on Aug 11, 2009
wow, first at the MTV movie awards and now at the TCA. everyone saying that twilight isn't a good film. erm, hello, there are more people out there who love it, than hate it otherwise they wouldn't be getting millions and millions of votes would they. the whole cast deserved each and every one of those votes and awards and it's too bad that the people who don't like it can't respect their fellow teen decisions.
posted by evelina cullen on Aug 11, 2009
posted by evelina cullen on Aug 11, 2009
honestly, some people need to shut up and get a life. miley cyrus (hannah montana) is a show based for 10 year olds, and it sucks, so why is it winning awards???? secondly, twilight deserved everything they won, no doubt, and thirdly, enough of the goddam disney shows already!!!
posted by mrs pattison on Aug 11, 2009
i luv twilight and it duz sooo not suck! i mainly lyk it cos of robert pattison he is just tooo hot i luv him im craxzy over him lol but his voice sounds so difrent in rl (is it jus me or is it true?) nyways i can watch twilight 100000000000 infinity times and not get sick of it and btw they sooo deserved all the awards they got =) i wud luv 2 get my blood suckd by robert ;D
posted by twibabe on Aug 11, 2009
ok ppl need to shut up bcuz oviously twilight has more fanss then all the other ppl like miley cyrus and jonas brothers miley an the jonas brothers suck i mean they hav no talent once so ever an twilight deserves ever award they get an oviously thers nothing u can do about it u had the chance i mean it was teens choice an they still got basically every award so stopp tlking shit bcuz its not gunna matter thers more of us then ther is of u
posted by Twilight H8tr on Aug 11, 2009
Is that Paramore sing a song for it. And whats up with that thugly creep Robert Patterson..... Ewgh. Just to top it off New Moon looks terrible.
posted by Twilight H8ter on Aug 11, 2009
Twilight is a terrible movie i mean i here about it all the time and everyone gets sucked cause everyone else thinks its good. The only "Good" thing about the Movie
posted by just-shut-up-about-t on Aug 11, 2009
If u dont care about teilight quit talking shit about it,okay if u didnt care why are u still bitching about it!theres nothing wrong with it!& i know its true youve seen a movie that you fell in love with & others didnt like.SO SHUT UR FACE!Get a life and stop ragging on others!Just bc the people or movie u wanted to win didnt doesnt mean you have to get and attitude about it.Like amanda said NO ONE stopped you from voting!
posted by me on Aug 11, 2009
let teens be teens. it's their choice anyway. so do u care?
posted by Amanda on Aug 10, 2009
Stop givin twilight shit! No one stoped you from voting on your favourites.
posted by Nodar on Aug 10, 2009
I am upset Star Trek got NOTHING!!! Star Trek is quality entertainment, Twilight was just a movie about a sorry, vampire...but hey, whatever... Live Long and Prosper Guys!!
posted by random on Aug 10, 2009
wasn't nick & norah nominated? if they were then they should've won!
posted by ____ on Aug 10, 2009
:) i love TWILIGHT. Suck on that :)
posted by babelove on Aug 10, 2009
having the jonas brothers as host u already know they cheeted
posted by JRV on Aug 10, 2009
and BTW, Miley is a little hooch, she disgusts me.
posted by JRV on Aug 10, 2009
Am I the only one who thought the black eyed peas were...suckish? They are usually good, but...gawd! They were crap!
posted by <3 Watev on Aug 10, 2009
posted by <3 Watev on Aug 10, 2009
Too be honest, the books absolutely rocked. The movie was ok, but I do think that there a lot more talented nominees for some of the categories that Twilight won. But, I guess we sholud all respect eachother's opinions. It is the TCAs after all.
posted by GianaMarie on Aug 10, 2009
posted by GianaMarie on Aug 10, 2009
miley??? wtf did u say?? i need to get ur ears checked!
posted by timab on Aug 10, 2009
GO TRANSFORMERS! and twilight does suck, well the movies do. ive never read the books, GO HARRY POTTER!!
posted by Tiffany on Aug 10, 2009
Oh boy... I just LOVE reading all these rants from everyone. LOL You know what... it's just a movie. There's no need to raise your blood pressure over it. Let people enjoy life. :)
posted by jade on Aug 10, 2009
miley is sooooooooooo talented
posted by GianaMarie on Aug 10, 2009
Yeah there are more fans than there r of us...more of fag fans who dont know good movies or music!!!!!!!!!
posted by cydney on Aug 10, 2009
Sounds like a lot of you non twilight fans are a little jealous. We don't really care if you like twilight or not, no one stopped you from voting. Can't help it if you guys don't get twilight and enjoy it, stop bringing us down because obviously, there are more of us than there are of you!!!
posted by GianaMarie on Aug 10, 2009
Im sick of these actresses and actors and music winning bcoz of Twilight...i love the books...but to be honest the movie sucked! N New Moon is fucking ruined! The RIGHT winners should win! Ppl shouldn't win coz coz of a fucking movie that sucked! It could have been much better! Teens NEED to get their eyes checked n vote right! I'm a teen but I'm not obsessed over Twilight....but i am obsessed with Linkin Park lol =) which also should have won! o but no they picked Paramore...only coz of Twilight...Linkin Park went diamond! the best u can get! Paramore will prolly go diamond only coz of Twilight n bcoz ppl dont know real music...dont get me wrong...i love Paramore...they r my 2nd fav band but they DO NOT beat Linkin Park...I dont like bands that win bcoz of movies! I like bands that win coz of talent!
posted by mrs cullen on Aug 10, 2009
yesssss!!!!!!!!! gooooo twilight!!!!!! rob u r soooooooooooo sexii!!!!
posted by jemZ on Aug 10, 2009
U bitch!!! ur so numb... lol... don't u know that those vampz are really stars now?? i think they'd rockin' all over the world duDe... so shut-up..nd got donE.. bZskk~~
posted by rane on Aug 10, 2009
OMG!..guys don't react!! coz' Teens are always teens okey..watz hip n' hop on air will bE grabbEd by them though... I think they'd chose what theY think..deserved for the award... Kudos!! Twilight... U rocK...dudE..
posted by elysia on Aug 10, 2009
OMG how can you say that just cos you have no life and feel the need to suck it out of us too it aint right and BTW just cos you think hes ugly i bet that half the poulation of this world does FACT ...
posted by Tara on Aug 10, 2009
Pattinson the best drama actor? Over Pitt and Jackman? I know these are teen awards but I think it is even worse! Stewart over Kidman? I hope this Twilight madness will be over soon and kids and teens start to think straight again.
posted by bridget on Aug 10, 2009
im so over twilight!! robert patinson or watever his name is is not that good looking at all infact hes pretty ugly! no one gave him a single look when he did harry potter. everyone is just in love with his stupid character edward cullen. hes not real so get over it neither is bella or any other vampires or werewolves so move on people!! there are plenty of better actors these awards could have gone to instead of all these fake characters people are obsessed with get them. its ridiculous
posted by dee cullen on Aug 10, 2009
shut up stupid shit twilight is the best.. if u don't like it don't say anithing..understand?

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