'The Price Is Right' Gives Bizarre Prize for Wheelcaired Winner

A woman in a wheelchair won a treadmill in a recent episode of 'The Price is Right', making it a less appropriate prize for her.

AceShowbiz - In a recent episode of "The Price is Right", the moment where the final prizes were revealed on the stage went awkward. Earlier in the episode, a woman in a wheelchair, Danielle Perez, joined this price-guessing game as a contestant. She won after beating the other three contestants by making the closest price guess on the show.

After excitement blew up around the studio, she went onto the stage to find out what her prizes were, and expressed her feeling, "I'm so excited right now!" As the host Drew Carey asked the crew to reveal the prizes, people found out that one of the prizes was something which the winner would not be able to use, which was a treadmill. The other was a sauna. However, Danielle reacted happily, "Oh my God! These are really nice."

Danielle finally brought home both prizes as she correctly guessed $3,695 as the price for sauna.

This moment caught the attention of many people who quickly voiced their opinions on social media. Some people pointed out that the prize was not appropriate for the wheelchaired lady. One of them tweeted, "For the first time ever I saw a woman in a wheelchair make it on the Price Is Right. Her prize was a treadmill. God is very very cruel."

Perez, who is a comedian, showed her sense of humor about the prize she got, tweeting, "I'm in a wheelchair & won a treadmill on @PriceIsRight and have no feet & my blow out was on point. Life got."

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