Jay-Z Hit With Race Scandal Over His BRITs' Afterparty

February 18, 2010 09:45:56 GMT

Throwing a lavish party after 2010 BRIT Awards, the rapper was struck with racial issue after he reportedly banned white people from entering the VIP area.

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Rapper Jay-Z has been caught up in a race scandal following allegations security at his BRIT Awards after party on Tuesday, February 16 banned white people from entering the VIP area. The "99 Problems" superstar threw a lavish bash at Merah nightclub in London following his Best International Male Solo win at the ceremony.

But the night descended into chaos after fights broke out amid people scrambling to get close to the star. And the atmosphere turned even nastier after security personnel working on the doors of the VIP room allegedly refused to allow any white people into the area, while letting black partygoers straight through, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

The publication's music reporter Kim Dawson writes, "I've been to countless showbiz bashes but never have I met meat heads like those at the Jay-Z do (party). Jay-Z is a megastar and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area."

"While the red rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, let's just say it stayed down if your face didn't fit. I have never felt so intimidated. It left me feeling like a mauled dog."

Meanwhile, black pop star Alesha Dixon, who attended the party, was also left disgusted at the way the bash was organized. She reportedly told the newspaper at the party, "My friends have been getting knocked about and no-one seems to care. I need to get out of here. What a horrible end to the night. I was having a blast at my record label party and now the mood is soured. I wish I'd never come."

The publication claims the rapper's representative insisted the security was hired by the club, but the venue's bosses state they had no idea of any problems.


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posted by play the game on Mar 10, 2010
all black celebs are racist they trash whitey in there communities to not look likke sellouts and kiss there asses in the hit crowd because he know the would not have a career without them its how the race game is played
posted by non hater on Mar 04, 2010
black people have the right to be equal and thats it. i am not allowing blacks to exclude me from parties, ill just put on some facepaint and play nigga for a night.
posted by Sue on Feb 26, 2010
If this happened BRAVO to JZ and his crew....White people have been "closing the door" and "putting the rope down" on black people for centuries, and it continues today. Some white people will say get over the racism but some of them are the same ones who will make black people jump through hoops before they give them a job and/or, if a 30 yr old black man has a smear on his criminal record when he was 14 yrs old ( misdemeanor) , whitey will not give him the job. But the same whitey will give a 30 yr old white man a job who has several felonies on his record. Karma is real!
posted by Nowtnew!! on Feb 24, 2010
Without a shadow of a doubt, blacks are way more's not PC to say it, but i've travelled all over the world and if i had said or done even a fraction of what has been said and done to myself or some of my colleaues, i'd be in jail and branded a racist...The race card is OLD, get over it...injustice has happened to every race and religion throughout history...grow up and move on.
posted by Subversion on Feb 18, 2010
That's what it's called. When the oppressed behave in manner that mirrors the oppressor. It works the same way that using N**word does. Af. Americans can use the word amongst each other b/c for years the word was used against them. Now, they can use it exclusively and leave the "oppressor" out. If this definition doesn't sit well w/you P.I.M.P. look it up around the same time you look up the appropriate spelling for racist & always. Shame on you o' illiterate one!
posted by Serves Ya Right on Feb 18, 2010
Actually it gave white people a small taste of what people of color have felt for years. It sucks, huh?
posted by the p.i.m.p on Feb 18, 2010
it just goes to show that coloured folk are RASIST deep down but it is the white race who are allways to blame shame on you jay z
posted by Be Real on Feb 18, 2010
Doesn't sound like we have the whole story. Jay Z can invite anyone he wants into his own VIP room. Maybe the people that "breezed right through" were already part of his party. Jay Z's albums are never as good as 50, em, or Snoop anyway. who cares what the 3rd degree free mason Jay Z does anyway?
posted by Rockinpablo on Feb 18, 2010
I'm a white dude and it doesn't bother me at all. I'd have just been like "eff you I"m out" doesn't sound like it was a great party anyway. You have to try to understand what 200 years of oppression does to people. I think black people have every right to be exclusive.

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