'Thor 2' Reportedly Will Lose One of Its Major Characters

'Thor 2' Reportedly Will Lose One of Its Major Characters

Some sources from the U.K. set of 'Thor: The Dark World' have shared possible details about the fate of one of the film's leading characters in the upcoming sequel.

While Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures still hasn't unveiled the official plotline for "Thor: The Dark World", multiple sources from the set of the "Thor" sequel in U.K. keep revealing possible details of the film. This time around, it is rumored that the second God of Thunder flick might lose one of its major characters.

First sharing the report is Bleeding Cool, which claims to have obtained some info from its spies that [SPOILER ALERT!] "one of the main characters in The Dark World is going to be killed off before the end credits roll." Still, the site doesn't reveal which important character that is going to meet its demise in the upcoming sequel.

A source was previously "pretty sure" that the said character would be none other than Thor's father a.k.a King of Asgard, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). However, the British movie site later claims to be "little less sure" if it is Odin who will bite the dust in the forthcoming film.

Major details of "Thor 2" are still kept secret, but it has been said that the adoptive brother to Loki will fight the Dark Elves. The speculation was even fueled when Christopher Eccleston got cast as Malekith the Accursed, who was none other than the ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim.

Scheduled to be released in the U.S. on November 8, 2013, "Thor 2" is also supported by Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Jaimie Alexander, Stellan Skarsgard and Zachary Levi among others.

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    Jan 18, 2013

    *le sigh* I thought they were going to kill off one of the really important characters ( Loki, Thor, Jane ). I don't consider Odin to be a main character at all o.O Anyway, I've never looked foward to seeing a movie as much as I'm looking foward to this one. Actually, I'm not looking foward to much of anything else besides this, haha :)

    Jan 16, 2013

    Loki won't die! He will be in Avengers 2, teaming up with the Avengers to defeat Thanos :D

    Jan 01, 2013

    Would it be LOKI??? Impossible. Just purely unimaginable a mistake that would be. Loki practically made most of the story in the movie. Killing him would just be utterly wrong. And this is not the fangirl in me talking but as a movie plot critique. =))

    Nov 06, 2012

    Ok, for sure I know they won't kill Thor, duh. But why would they kill Loki off? Like 1/2 of the theater are Loki Fangirls. Tom Hiddleston is the hottest~!

    Oct 10, 2012

    I really hope it is Jane Foster. I like Natalie Portman, but I cannot stand this character in the least. Terrible.

    Oct 01, 2012

    Quite happy for Loki to stay in these films so we dont have to see him in anything else. Cant stand the guy. he loves the limelight

    Sep 16, 2012


    Sep 15, 2012

    As long as they dont drop loki (tom hiddleston) from the script, I dont really care if Odin goes. I never really liked him anyway.

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