Video: Marie Osmond Accidentally Pees Herself While Laughing Hard On-Stage

March 12, 2012 03:55:12 GMT

After the 'Paper Roses' singer admits to have wet herself, her brother Donny Osmond tells the audience while holding back his laughter, 'We promised you an experience. You got it!'

Video: Marie Osmond Accidentally Pees Herself While Laughing Hard On-Stage
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Marie Osmond has had a little accident during the farewell night of "Donny & Marie Crusin' With Friends". Last Friday on March 2, the "Paper Roses" singer wet her pants on the stage after she and her brother Donny Osmond dropped to their knees in laughter because of a question from an audience member.

In a video documenting the moment, Marie was seen laughing hard while kneeling on-stage. After a while, she sent her brother and the audience into hysterics as admitting, "I just peed my pants! Oh ship." After realizing that Marie was not joking, Donny said before bursting into more laughter, "You really did."

Fighting to regain his composure, Donny then told the audience, "We promised you an experience. You got it!" Meanwhile, Marie took the incident in stride. She first tried to mop the floor using her outfit before a stage hand came onto the stage with a towel. She and Donny then poked fun at the incident with some singing.

"Donny & Marie Crusin' With Friends" departed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 28. The 4-day-and-night voyage visited Nassau in the Bahamas and the private island of CocoCay.


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posted by cam on Feb 13, 2013
Look on the bright side. She could have been on the poop deck.
posted by Tracy2362 on Mar 16, 2012
She doesn't have to do that to be in the press, the website here copied it from u-tube, she and Donny has the most popular show in Vegas, that should speak for itself.
posted by MetroCheer on Mar 13, 2012
I love Marie. Now all the women who have bladder issues no longer have to be embarrassed!
posted by Queenie on Mar 13, 2012
Marie Osmod is so desperate to keep herself in the press, she'll stop at nothing.

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