Teaser Trailer for Greg Marcks' Thriller 'Echelon Conspiracy'

December 18, 2008 03:28:10 GMT

The first look into the upcoming action thriller directed by Greg Marcks, 'Echelon Conspiracy', can now be seen through the film's official teaser trailer.

Teaser Trailer for Greg Marcks' Thriller 'Echelon Conspiracy'
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When every phone call, text message and even e-mail is being monitored, recorded and analyzed, there is one device which could escape all of that and Max Peterson gets his hands on it, allowing him to get what ever he wants. But, there is a catch, everyone wants it. Being guided by the device, he now has to fight to keep it from others.

Nearly half a minute long, the newly released teaser trailer of "Echelon Conspiracy" displays what the device is capable to do. It also shows how Peterson played by "A Walk to Remember" actor Shane West gets entangled on the conspiracy drama upon receiving a package wherein lies the sophisticated device.

Coming from Greg Marcks, the director of 2003 indie film "11:14", this action thriller stars Shane West alongside Edward Burns, Ving Rhames, Martin Sheen and others. After Dark Entertainment and Dark Castle Films have set the movie to be released in limited U.S. theaters on February 20, 2009.

"Echelon Conspiracy" Teaser Trailer:


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posted by BradWarrior on Feb 04, 2009
Every message not only monitored and recorded but also analyzed! :))) By the phone! :) LOL. My gf will watch this film just because of West.
posted by Tara on Feb 03, 2009
Shane West as an action hero…Interesting…Two scenarios: it will be super hot or super goofy…Curious to see…
posted by Jamie on Dec 23, 2008
THis is gonna be crazy fun... Shane west plus cool ass phone... :) hehe - can't wait

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