Pictures of Miley Cyrus Taking Shower Hit the Web

July 14, 2008 04:34:44 GMT

New photos of the teen star have leaked out onto the net, supposedly from someone who hacked one of her email accounts.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Eric Shimohata/PR Photos

It's been sometimes that Miley Cyrus appears to be back on track after the scandal surrounding her Vanity Fair photo shoot now that more pics of her hit the web. The photos are believed to be made public by someone who hacked into one of the star's email accounts.

One of the photos that have been leaked to the Internet shows Miley dressed in a wet t-shirt in what appears to be a public shower stall. Another photo shows her taking a picture of herself with her iPhone, blowing a kiss into the camera with her t-shirt rolled up, showing off her stomach.

The last photo shows the actress-singer wearing a "Nick J" necklace, only to add fuel to the persistent rumors that she indeed is dating Nick Jonas of band Jonas Brothers.

The unidentified man who leaked the photos to the web claimed that he found "worse" pictures of Miley that he's trying to sell. There have yet comments from Miley's camp about the latest photos.


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posted by ammy on Mar 27, 2010
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it is so gross if i met her i would tell her that is gross!!!!!!! :|
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i can't believe Miley cyrus would do that!!!!
posted by Abbykat on Oct 22, 2008
I just looked at the pictures. Whats the deal. They arent bad.Leave the kid alone.
posted by Hellooo on Sep 18, 2008
How old is Miley? is she a minor?
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i think miley is asome
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Leave the kid alone. She is still young and allowed to make mistakes. Try venting on her parents, particularly her father, who should know better and protect her. Oh, and by the way, you Americans should learn how to spell. Oops, sorry, I forgot, you don't speak English
posted by josh on Aug 14, 2008
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wow kids do some stupid things and they may make mistakes that could hurt them. oh and learn how to spell hore...its whore with a W
posted by chechibabie on Jul 28, 2008
for me i think it is very rude to go into someones bizz when it is not urs miley is a nice person and if she whats to take photos it is only for her and friends and family's eyes not for the world so leave her alone
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lol neeka, wow is right learn to spell if you want to insult somoene, miley is a whore and most people know it by now, she wasnt really embarassed by the vanity fair pic. she thinks she has to show off her body to nick jonas and the rumor about someone hacking her cell phone is nearly impossible because you have to make an exact phone copy to do that. you know one that you cant trace and of the same memory as the original. anyway all the taunts from everyone is just gonna make her end up like brittney spears a couple years ago or even less if so. anyway who cares keep taunting if you want lol. it doesnt matter to me whose celebrity life is ruined because of a bunch of sad papparazi fags always trying to get any info., pics, and w/e else they try to steal/get. lol so keep on talkin ya'll.
posted by dddd on Jul 21, 2008
Omg... Now Chris Crocker fans are going to post crap like "LEAVE MILEY ALONE!" ;D
posted by Joan_Nicole on Jul 21, 2008
posted by maddz on Jul 20, 2008
i think that to many pepople are picking on her liike as u all know those photos were only men to go to nick but the hacker go them so i think that it was very unfair for miley. i do think that she is growing up a bit to fast but some grow up faster than others. im only 13 and i still look up to her as my role model no matter what she has done becuase she hase dome more good things than bad hasnt she poeple? think about it, before you get angry and ban children from watching her and all those things that pepople do.havent you noticed the poeple only put the bad things that poeple have done on the internet but none of the good things so i think that you should all give her some recignition for all the good things she has done.
posted by Naiya Montino on Jul 17, 2008
i think that who dose not like her should go and die Miley Cyrus is the ish and she took a couple of pictures so what i bet half the people who are commenting have done the same thing and it was her own reason some loser hacked in to her e-mail and got them and but them every where so SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HER PERSONAL LIFE ITS HER LIFE AND YOU LOSERS THAT DON'T LIKE HER ARE MAKING IT WORSE !!!!!!!!!
posted by *alondra* on Jul 17, 2008
i think miley cyrus did all this to try to be sssssooooo popular she tryed to inpres nick jonas
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i think mily is a bitch
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i like miley cyrus but thats gross.
posted by jennmcendree13@yahoo on Jul 15, 2008
oh shut up shes wearing clothes! get over yourselves dude! mabe someone snook in and took it!
posted by Neeka on Jul 15, 2008
Ewwww, Mily is coo fucking dirty good thing she did take a shower. But she should of taking on OFF CAMRA .!

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