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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas


Famous as :

Singer, songwriter, actor

Birth Name :

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Birth Date :

September 16, 1992

Birth Place :

Dallas, Texas, USA

Claim to fame :

One of the Jonas Brothers

Latest News

Nick Jonas Debuts 2 New Songs 'Teacher' and 'Wilderness'

October 16, 2014 07:34:40 GMT

dropped not one, but two new songs on Tuesday, October 14. The tracks titled "Teacher" and "Wilderness" will both appear on his self-titled album that's slated for release on November 11.

Nick Jonas Teams Up With Angel Haze for New Track 'Numb'

October 07, 2014 01:59:58 GMT

has shared another new song from his upcoming self-titled solo album. Titled "Numb", the pop/hip-hop tune featuring a guest verse from Angel Haze was released on iTunes on Monday, October 6 as a promotional single.

Nick Jonas Drops Pants and Grabs Himself in Shirtless Photos for Flaunt

October 03, 2014 08:19:30 GMT

shows off his killer abs in new photo spread featured in Flaunt magazine's The Grind issue. In a series of shirtless pictures, the 22-year-old actor-singer-model can be seen dropping his pants and grabbing his crotch.

Nick Jonas Receives Birthday Wishes From Family

September 17, 2014 04:42:06 GMT

turned 22 on September 16. The former member of , who celebrated his birthday by releasing a music video for "Jealous", received loving messages from his family who wishes him a happy birthday.

Nick Jonas Gets 'Jealous' Over Girlfriend Olivia Culpo in New Music Video

September 17, 2014 02:37:18 GMT

celebrated his 22nd birthday on Tuesday, September 16 by releasing the anticipated music video for his current single "Jealous". Directed by artist Peter Tunney, the clip centers on the singer and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

Nick Jonas Performs a Striptease at Gay Club

September 11, 2014 08:13:59 GMT

performed a striptease at BPM gay club in New York City on Tuesday night, September 9. In an instagram video posted by a fan, Nick can be seen flexing his muscles with his shirt completely unbuttoned.

Nick Jonas Releases New Single 'Jealous'

September 09, 2014 01:54:06 GMT

has officially dropped his new single "Jealous". Unlike his previous release, the R&B-tinged "Chains", the new track produced by Nolan Lambroza is upbeat and refreshing. The former member describes how he feels when another man looks at his "sexy" and "beautiful" girl on the song.

Nick Jonas Announces Solo Album Release Date, Fall Tour Stops

September 06, 2014 05:22:15 GMT

has set the official release date for his solo album. Marking the singer's first full length since his band broke up late last year, the record titled "" is scheduled to hit the stores on November 11.

Nick Jonas' Own Jealousy Inspires Upcoming Single 'Jealous'

August 26, 2014 08:29:36 GMT

previously told E! News that his new single "Jealous" was based on a real experience. Now, the former member revealed in a newer interview with the site that he wrote it after he caught another man looking at his girlfriend Olivia Culpo's backside.

Nick Jonas Enters MMA Fighting World in 'Kingdom' Trailer

August 01, 2014 02:00:42 GMT

shows off his gun in a trailer for DirecTV's drama "Kingdom" set in an MMA fighting world. The sneak peek features plenty of shirtless scenes where the youngest member is training in gym and getting into the ring for a fight.

Nick Jonas Confirms a Duet With Demi Lovato for New Album

July 31, 2014 07:54:32 GMT

confirms he has recorded a duet with frequent collaborator for his new album. "We did one for my record," the former member told E! News. "It's a great song that we both love. Her voice is just amazing on it. She's the real deal. It's the perfect fit for this record."

Nick Jonas Debuts New Solo Single 'Chains', Sings About Heartbreak

July 24, 2014 21:23:19 GMT

bares his heart out in his new solo single "Chains" which is expected to be included in his upcoming studio album. "Gave you my heart, but you took my soul," the youngest member of the sings. "You got me in chains, you got me in chains for your love."

Demi Lovato Teases Possible Duet With Nick Jonas

July 15, 2014 05:01:10 GMT

might have recorded a duet with . The "I Really Don't Care" singer recently posted a photo of her and her duet partner giving a thumbs-up inside a recording studio. "Recorded a KILLER duet today... Can you guess who it was with???" she captioned the pic.

Demi Lovato Plans to Start a Band With Nick Jonas

June 26, 2014 07:15:28 GMT

is thinking about starting a band with . In a recent interview with MTV, the former Disney princess revealed that she began considering forming a group with her "" co-star after they recently worked on a song together.

Video: Demi Lovato Opens 'Neon Lights' Tour in Vancouver With Nick Jonas

February 11, 2014 07:15:38 GMT

brought out a special guest when she kicked off her "Neon Lights" tour at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Sunday night, February 9. The former judge on "" was joined onstage by pal and fellow former Disney star to perform several songs together.

Nick Jonas Shares Photo of Him Holding 'Beautiful' Niece Alena Rose

February 07, 2014 07:56:05 GMT

has shared the first photo of him holding his newborn niece. On Thursday, February 7, the singer took to Twitter to share the sweet photo. "My beautiful niece Alena Rose," he simply wrote. The snap shows the baby opening her eyes widely. She wears a cute onesie and is wrapped in pink blanket.

Nick Jonas Joins Demi Lovato's 'Neon Lights' Tour as Musical and Creative Director

February 05, 2014 06:02:33 GMT

will be joining pal and fellow former Disney star for her upcoming "Neon Lights" tour. The 24-year-old heartthrob, who previously worked with his "" co-star as a member of , will serve as the musical and creative director of the tour that is launched to support her latest album "".

Nick Jonas Heats Up 'Careful What You Wish For' Teaser

November 05, 2013 06:04:36 GMT

shows off his guns on a teaser of his upcoming thriller "". The youngest member of the is seen having a steamy makeout session with in another scene.

Nick Jonas Admits to 'Laughing' at Miley Cyrus' MTV VMA Performance

October 02, 2013 03:50:22 GMT

The members of are the latest artists who address ' racy performance at MTV Video Music Awards. In a new interview with Out magazine, the brothers said that they're not fans of Cyrus twerk-filled appearance on the stage at NY's Barclays Center in late August.

Nick Jonas Meets Olivia Culpo's Family in Rhode Island

August 27, 2013 04:35:11 GMT

It seems that ' relationship with beauty pageant Olivia Culpo is getting serious. The youngest of the reportedly grabbed a bite with his gorgeous girlfriend and her family over the weekend in her home state of Rhode Island.

Nick Jonas Goes Out on Dinner Date With Olivia Culpo

August 06, 2013 04:24:07 GMT

New couple alert! and Olivia Culpo, a Miss USA who subsequently won Miss Universe 2012, sparked romance rumor after they were spotted going out on a dinner date at Ovest Pizzoteca in New York City on Thursday night, August 1.

Nick Jonas Shows Off Ripped Abs in Post-Workout Selfie

July 31, 2013 00:22:55 GMT

is healthy and looking good. The youngest member of the shows off what he has accomplished in the gym to his online devotees as he flexes his muscles.

Miley Cyrus Denies Dating Nick Jonas

March 28, 2013 09:54:43 GMT

shot down the report that she is getting back with . The rumor surfaced after a tabloid said that the 20-year-old actress was spotted having a lunch date with the member of the during an allegedly difficult time in her relationship with fiance .

Nick Jonas: Yes, 'Wedding Bells' Is About Miley Cyrus

October 30, 2012 08:10:48 GMT

Looks like does not have a monopoly when it comes to writing songs about her exes. ' member, , admitted in a radio interview today with that he wrote "Wedding Bells" with former sweetheart, , in mind. Nick adds that he gets inspiration for new music from his own life.

Nick Jonas to Join 'X Factor' as Demi Lovato's Partner in Judge's House Round

August 28, 2012 04:41:10 GMT

has made no secret that he's in the run to be an "" judge, but he will first share some wisdom with "" contestants. The former "" star is going to appear in the sophomore season of the -created show this fall to help mentor her team in the judges' house round, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Jonas Brothers Reuniting for One-Night-Only Concert in NYC

August 17, 2012 17:45:01 GMT

The are back after two years of hiatus. , and will perform at NYC's Radio City Music Hall on October 11 for a one-night-only concert.

Police Investigating Death Threats Against Ellen Page

August 05, 2012 16:52:34 GMT

Police have intervened in the death threat case against . The "" star received a series of threatening tweets back in June, and the Los Angeles Police Department now want the site to give them information about the account.

Nick Jonas Confirms He's Running for 'American Idol' Judge

August 05, 2012 07:07:12 GMT

At least one of the candidates has confirmed that he's in the running of becoming "" judge. , whose name appeared last month as one of the wanted, said he is indeed being considered to replace who quit after two seasons.

Chris Brown Explains His Opinion on 'Frank Ocean Subject'

July 31, 2012 07:04:38 GMT

One month after sparking homophobic rumor following his heated war of words with on Twitter, set the record straight. "My Opinion on the whole Frank Ocean subject is ......... Love who u wanna love. It's ur decision. People stop searching for BS," he wrote.

Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams Allegedly Frontrunners to Be 'American Idol' Judges

July 31, 2012 06:49:42 GMT

and could join in the upcoming twelfth season of "". Words on the street are, the two artists are the frontrunners to fill the two vacant seats on the judging panel, with an assumption that is moved into a mentoring role.

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