Russell Brand Questioned by Cops in 2014 for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Masseuse

According to a new report, the masseuse claimed that the comic, who has been accused by several women of rape and sexual assaults, groped her and made her feel 'like a prostitute.'

AceShowbiz - Russell Brand was grilled by police over claims that he sexually assaulted a masseuse back in 2014. According to a new report, the masseuse claimed that the comic groped her and made her feel "like a prostitute."

The Sun reported on Sunday, September 24 that an English masseuse said he attacked her at a mansion in Oxfordshire. She said that she was hired to give the actor a birthday massage valued at more than $600 on June 7, 2014.

She claimed that he started touching her "in a sexual way" for about 40 minutes after she led him to his massage table at a bathroom suite. The report added that the former husband of Katy Perry was eventually kicked out of the mansion.

The masseuse, who was not publicly identified, stated that Russell's action made her feel like she was treated "like a prostitute" because she received payment for the massage even though she never gave him one. She later called Thames Valley Police on him before they questioned him over the allegations.

At the time, Russell denied the accusations, noting that the encounter was "friendly but awkward." The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor also allegedly claimed that CCTV footage from the property supported his version of the story that he was not kicked out of the mansion.

Thames Valley Police later informed the masseuse and Brand that they were not pursuing the case. The masseuse was upset by the decision and sought to have the case reviewed by the Independent Office for Police Misconduct. 

The Independent Office for Police Misconduct and the Thames Valley Police Department have yet to comment on the report.

Recently, Russell faced new abuse claims from a woman who said he forced her to commit a sex act before letting her leave his house after he allegedly tore holes in her tights on a limousine ride. The 48-year-old, who has been accused by a growing list of women of offences ranging from rape to sexual and emotional abuse, allegedly pounced on a woman as she was driven to his home by a chauffeur.

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