Jessica Simpson Blasted for Allowing 11-Year-Old Daughter to Wear Crop Top

Before receiving many criticisms via social media, the 'Dukes of Hazzard' actress shared pictures of her and Maxwell wherein the minor child wore a blue crop top.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Simpson has found herself landing in hot water due to the way her minor daughter dresses up. After sharing photos of her and the 11-year-old girl, the "Dukes of Hazzard" star was bombarded with criticisms for allowing Maxwell to wear a crop top.

On Friday, August 25, the 43-year-old star was blasted by many social media users after she was believed to have let Maxwell flaunt her stomach in a revealing top. In the comments section of her Instagram post, one Instagram user asked, "Who lets their 11 year old child out of the house dressed like that?? Too busy trying to be her minor daughter's best friend instead of being a responsible parent."

Similarly, another joined in, "Why are you letting your 11 year old child dress like a 20 year old? They grow up fast enough - let her be a CHILD. Or have you already forgotten what being pushed into adulthood and sexiness can do to a young girl??"

A third pointed out, "After years of denouncing how she was oversexualized as a young adult and the scrutiny she faced, she's now making sure her daughter will have the same experience, instead of protecting her from it. Shameful and incredibly sad. Poor Maxwell."

In the meantime, a fourth stated, "She's 11 looking like 26, so when she's 25, she'll look like she's 40? Why do we want to age so fast when we're young, but then we're older we'll give anything to look young again? Back to looking the same age we clearly didn't want to be???? Oh well, you both look beautiful, enjoy mom/daughter time."

That same day, Jessica revealed that she is currently working on new music. Speaking to Extra at PetSafe Unleashed in Los Angeles, she stated, "It gives me chills thinking about it because I know that whenever I open this big old trap of mine, a lot is going to come out and it's going to be really powerful."

"I finally feel connected enough to my purpose in music, and I know exactly what it is I want to do. It's very exciting," she continued. During the chat, she also teased that she will "have some of my southern roots back while I am in the recording studio."

"I really wanted my kids to be raised as normal as possible in the first 10 years," Jessica reasoned. "Like, I didn't want to be on the road all the time, I didn't want to be gone all the time, and I feel like I've given that to them.

In the same interview, Jessica also gushed over her daughter Maxwell for having "an unbelievable voice." The singer shared that she will let her "test some waters" during her "touring next year," despite the little girl's remark that she is "not a big stage person."

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