Jessica Simpson Wants Bigger Butt, Consults Kardashians for BBL Surgery

The 'Dukes of Hazzard' actress is said to have become increasingly obsessed with plastic surgery following her weight loss as she gets close to the Kardashians through her daughter.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Jessica Simpson, 43, has reportedly set her sights on a Brazilian butt-lift to complete her transformation into a Kardashian clone.

Sources claim that Simpson, who has undergone previous plastic surgery procedures, is now planning to enhance her backside to achieve the curvy figure popularized by the Kardashian family. The insider alleges that Simpson's friendship with Kim Kardashian, whose daughter North West is close friends with Simpson's daughter Maxwell, has fueled her desire for the procedure.

"Jessica's gotten very close to that family since Maxwell started hanging out with North, and their love of anything plastic is obviously rubbed off on her," the source told the National Enquirer. "She used to love her little booty, but now she's saying she needs a bigger one and has gone to the Kardashians to help advise her."

The insider added that Simpson has consulted with the Kardashians for recommendations on surgeons, shape, and size implants. However, Simpson's husband, Eric Johnson, is reportedly unhappy with her increasing obsession with plastic surgery.

"Not only has she filled her face with all kinds of injectables, she's now talking about getting a full-blown Brazilian butt-lift. Poor Eric is just shaking his head."

Insiders have previously expressed Johnson's concerns about Simpson's excessive procedures, stating that they have been living separately for over a year due to his disapproval of her cosmetic obsession.

Despite the marital difficulties, the source noted that "there's still an attraction there," but that Johnson struggles to reason with her "spaced-out attitude."

Simpson recently faced criticism for her extreme weight loss, dropping over 100 pounds after the birth of her third child. However, her recent social media photos have sparked speculation that she may be planning to surgically restore some of the weight she lost.

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