'The Masked Singer' Finale Recap: Season 4 Winner Is Formidable Singer

The December 16 episode of the FOX singing competition series also sees the judges making correct guesses of all three finalists, the Crocodile, Mushroom and Sun.

AceShowbiz - "The Masked Singer" left no more mysteries unanswered in its season 4 finale. The show unmasked all three finalists, the Crocodile, Mushroom and Sun, in the Wednesday, December 16 episode, which also saw one of them being crowned the winner of the season.

First off, the three of them still had one last performance each to deliver that night. Crocodile wowed with a dramatic rendition of Journey's "Open Arms". He gifted his clue, an angel figurine, to Jenny McCarthy. The panelist joked it was fitting for her as it was "just as plastic."

Mushroom livened up the stage with an energetic performance of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish", which he said was his daughter's favorite song. His onstage clue was a mushroom cookie dough ice cream, which he gave to Nicole Scherzinger.

Sun came up last to belt out Brandi Carlile's "The Story", showcasing her powerful vocals. Her gift and clue was a mistletoe which she handed to Robin Thicke. Ken Jeong joked as Robin received the gift, which symbolizes romanticism on the holiday season, "You can kiss yourself for hours."

Without further ado, host Nick Cannon then announced the third place winner based on the votes by the panelists, studio audience and fans at home, which went to Crocodile. Ken's first impression guess was Bradley Cooper, but he changed his mind to Nick Lachey, which was Nicole's first prediction. Nicole than changed her guess to Jordan Knight, which was Robin's initial pick. Robin himself ultimately went with Backstreet Boys' Howie Dorough, while Jenny stuck with her initial guess, Howie's bandmate Nick Carter. Jenny got it right because Croc was revealed to be boybander Nick.

Moving on, Cannon crowned the season 4 winner. Sun won the Golden Mask Trophy, meaning Mushroon was unmasked next. Jenny, who wrote Maxwell as her first guess, changed to Ne-Yo. Ken went from Justin Timberlake to Pharrell Williams, while Nicole, who initially guessed Donald Glover, changed to Aloe Blacc. Robin agreed with Nicole and discarded his first guess, Billy Porter. Nicole and Robin's gut was right, because Mushroom was unveiled as the "I Need a Dollar" singer.

Next, the judges made their final guesses for the person behind Sun. Jenny initially wrote down Demi Lovato as Sun, before she came up with LeAnn Rimes. Nicole agreed with Jenny, after initially thinking it was Katharine McPhee. Robin guessed Katharine after initially writing down Natasha Bedingfield, while Ken replaced his first guess Gwyneth Paltrow with Mandy Moore. Jenny and Nicole were once again right as Sun and this season's winner was unmasked as "How Do I Live" hitmaker LeAnn.

"This has been an overwhelming experience," the 38-year-old singer/actress said of her time on the show. "I didn't expect this to be this much work, I have to say. I was thinking, 'I'll come on, this will be easy, this will be fun.' And it was a blast!"

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