Johnny Depp Snatches the Top Spot on AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of September 2006 Edition

Johnny Depp has replaced Channing Tatum to seat on the first rank of AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of September Edition.
Looks like Johnny Depp's charisma has grown stronger. Known for his brilliant acting flair and captivating look, the striking actor has really won numerous favors this time to claim the no.1 slot on AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of September Edition, replacing Channing Tatum who now has to go one step down as the runner-up of the list.

Coming up to the third and fourth position are popular music artists Shakira and Chris Brown, both delightfully escalating a few notches from their last month positions followed by another young singing talent Jesse McCartney on number five. What's interesting here is that the "Beautiful Soul" singer previously was placed far below on the #60, so this certainly is such a great leap for this New Yorker to make.

Last-month top ten holders, namely Zac Efron, Vida Guerra, and Sharon Stone, sadly stumble a little bit as they fill in the sixth, seventh, and eighth rank respectively with Latin beauty Eva Longoria trailing behind on the ninth and Jenna Jameson on the tenth. Just like McCartney, Longoria also experiences significant rise of 76 slots which thereby establishes her as the chart's best top mover in turn.

Following "The Sentinel" star's trace, those who also take the big jump are Maria Sharapova, Sean Paul, and James Franco, all hopping more than 30 steps from their previous seats, rounding up in the top 50 of the list. On the other hand, names like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, and Sara Evans gravely become the top shakers with the latter as the worst, falling 71 notches to the 92nd rank.

As for the new entry list, there are 22 famous celebrities included this time, notably those of Johnny Knoxville and Helen Mirren who both are riding high on their latest vehicles; Knoxville with "Jackass: Number Two", which so far has collected about $51 million dollar, and Mirren with her hugely-lauded portrayal in Stephen Frears' "The Queen." Others are Jibbs, Danity Kane, Matt Damon, David Beckham, and Will Smith to name few.

The list of Top 25 Celebrity Buzz in September 2006.
  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Channing Tatum
  3. Shakira
  4. Chris Brown
  5. Jesse McCartney
  6. Zac Efron
  7. Vida Guerra
  8. Sharon Stone
  9. Eva Longoria
  10. Jenna Jameson
  11. Johnny Knoxville
  12. Carmen Electra
  13. Helen Mirren
  14. Tom Cruise
  15. Jibbs
  16. Kate Beckinsale
  17. David Strathairn
  18. Rihanna
  19. Omarion
  20. Leonardo DiCaprio
  21. Madonna
  22. Danity Kane
  23. Penelope Cruz
  24. Kate Winslet
  25. Charlize Theron

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