Nick Jonas Returned to West End for 'Les Miserables' 25th Anniversary

October 04, 2010 08:21:54 GMT

Portraying Marius in the West End production for a limited run over the summer, Nick returned to the role in London once more to mark the musical's 25th anniversary.

Nick Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Nick Jonas thrilled theater fans around the globe on Sunday, October 3 as he took to the stage for a one-off celebratory performance of "Les Miserables". The teen heart-throb portrayed Marius in the West End production for a limited run over the summer, and he returned to the role in London once more to mark the musical's 25th anniversary.

The show, which also featured Little Britain funnyman Matt Lucas, attracted celebrity fans including Jonas' brother Joe Jonas, as well as McFly star Tom Fletcher, and was beamed into cinemas across the U.K. and worldwide.

And Joe was full of praise for his sibling's performance. In a post on his page after the show, he writes, "Nick Jonas in LesMiz25 was perfection. He is so incredible. Congrats bro. Love you! Proud of you!"


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posted by Hayden on Dec 23, 2010
When I saw Nick Jonas's performance on youtube I thought he did amazing for someone who hasn't done it in a while.
posted by LadyDevilish on Dec 16, 2010
To be honest I think that Nick was good but not fantastic. I think he had a lot to live up to after Michael Ball's performances in the show. However, the less powerfull songs (i.e. Heart Full of Love) his voice was good, however he just didn't have the strength behind his voice to pull off Chairs At Empty Tables. Also, Matt Lucas... ok he has quite a good voice, I was seriously suprised. I think that because most of us know him from Little Britain the casting director was trying to appeal to a younger audience. Also I heard a few voices from the characters he plays in Little Britain appear a couple of times, which ruined it a bit for me, as well as a couple of his ad-libs (i.e. in Thenardier Waltz saying Collette and quickly changing to Cosette) Apart from the small casting errors I think it was fantastic, I especially loved Norm Lewis as Javert and Samantha Barks as Eponine.
posted by Lisa on Oct 05, 2010
I was at the evening performance at the O2 and was initially quite unkind about Nick Jonas' performance. Both he and Matt Lucas were somewhat outclassed by a phenomenal cast. That said, Matt Lucas was highly entertaining and did not give a poor performance. Nick Jonas, like Marius, is a teenage boy. He can sing, didn't fluff his lines and was not overwhelmed by the event (even when his microphone failed at the end of the first act). At the 10th anniversary "the aging Michael Ball" was ridiculed in some quarters. Could you seriously imagine Alfie Boe carrying him out over his shoulders then bursting into song? Give the kid a break. We are too quick to criticise youth and slow to give credit where it is due. All things considered, it was a remarkable show and not spoiled by any of the cast.
posted by Cathy on Oct 05, 2010
It was a pity Nick Jones got the role...very weak on stage and his voice...PITY..but great show.
posted by Sue on Oct 04, 2010
It was a real shame he looked great for the part but so far out of his depth it was almost embarassing. especially as the rest of the cast was so strong. Bad casting decision.
posted by TimW on Oct 04, 2010
I agree that Nick weak. His voice was just not strong enough to carry the role. I suppose he was just there to draw in the younger market.
posted by alison on Oct 04, 2010
Nick Jonas was the weak link in a brilliant production. Quite frankly it was embarassing. With the talent that was on stage, Nick should have not even accepted the role. He could not sing, there was no power to his voice and quite frankly he spoilt some of the best songs. Michael Ball showed him how it is meant to be done at the end!
posted by angie on Oct 04, 2010
Nick jonas was brilliant, and i am not from the younger market, matt lucas was the weak link as far as i can see.

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