Miley Cyrus' Sister Tries Out for 'Wizards of Waverly Place'

October 08, 2010 04:34:40 GMT

A bunch of photos taken from a Hollywood studio parking lot shows mom Tish Cyrus accompanying Noah Cyrus for 'Wizards' audition.

Noah Cyrus, Tish Cyrus
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Photo credit: KOKOPIX/WENN

Miley Cyrus' little sister Noah Cyrus was photographed attending the audition for "Wizards of Waverly Place" in Hollywood on Wednesday, October 6 afternoon. The 10-year-old left the studio clutching a script with her mom Tish Cyrus in companion.

Noah has frequently appeared on Miley's show "Hannah Montana", even appearing on the movie version as a background dancer. Her first major engagement in a movie was providing a voice in animation "Ponyo" together with the youngest Jonas sibling, Frankie Jonas.

Both "Hannah Montana" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" are ending in season four. Lead star of "Wizards", Selena Gomez, said last month, "I'm currently in the middle of shooting season four, but it's really hard. I think it's going to be extremely emotional. I don't think they're going to have a live audience taping on the last episode upon my request because I'm going to be a wreck. It's going to be really hard."

There is no clue yet whether Noah gets a part in the Disney Channel series.


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posted by steve on Nov 13, 2010
David B Conway. please do everyone a favor and stop posting.
posted by Janise reyes love ms on Nov 09, 2010
Janise reyes big sister love you love you best friends love lil sister lenka friends friends him love you best friends her sister noah cyrus friends best friends ms m sorry by
posted by Kevin jonas on Nov 06, 2010
Huge oppurtunity for kevin to record with billy ray for teen hearthrob kevin j's latest country album without trio J.B.
posted by Liiffy on Nov 02, 2010
U b***h david conway i luv selena gomez and wizards so just stop hati nigga
posted by SelenaGomez on Oct 12, 2010
Hey david b conwa! Just go F-ck Yourself!
posted by daisy on Oct 10, 2010
noah should be a better person than miley has been
posted by danny on Oct 10, 2010
she is pretty but why is she tring out if miley hates selena gomez
posted by lizett on Oct 10, 2010
is she or not
posted by david b conway on Oct 08, 2010
dear aceshowbiz web site its me again david b conway , and my last comment to selena gomez just go home and just do,nt come back selena gomez you are the one that cancelled your slef out just when you do,nt what pepole to watch you on stage selena gomez shunt up , love david b conway
posted by david b conway on Oct 08, 2010
dear aceshowbiz web site , hi my name is david b conway , and my comments to selena gomez is that you just just lost me to be your fan as well why do you think im not intrest in season 4 and plus with me im not going to watch season 4 cry babbie selena gomez , and i just feel that selena gomez just cancell her slef out just from season 4 go to hell selena gomez you just wast your time on on us , love david b conway

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