Shwayze Allegedly to Become a Dad


The 24-year-old rapper and his model girlfriend Shelby Keeton are reportedly expecting their first child later this year.

24-year-old rapper Shwayze, real name Aaron Smith, is reportedly to become a dad. Family sources told WENN that the "Corona and Lime" star is expecting his first child with model girlfriend Shelby Keeton.

"She's three months gone," the insider said on the pregnancy news, adding that Shwayze and Shelby will welcome their first tot later this year. However, publicists for Shwayze haven't given any comment about the happy news.

Professionally, Shwayze, who wrapped his Party Rock Tour along with Cisco Adler on December 20, 2009 at Las Palmas Event Center in McAllen, Texas, has recently announced that they both will return to Australia, following their brief sold out East Coast tour of Australia in February.

Shwayze, who on November 3, 2009, released his second album "Let It Beat", and Cisco are set to perform in the country in June. The gigs include in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and for the first time, in Adelaide and Perth.



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