52nd Grammys: Taylor Swift Wins Top Honor, Album of the Year

Taylor Swift

John Legend and Carlos Santana mention Taylor Swift as the winner for Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift adds another Golden Gramophone to her trophy collection as she picks up Album of the Year. The announcement is made by John Legend who takes the stage of Staples Center with the companion of Carlos Santana.

"I hope that you know how much this means to me," she says when collecting the top honor, putting a smile on her face. "This is the story we're going to be telling over and over again." She successfully beats such heavy contenders as Beyonce Knowles, Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa. It's her fourth victory, putting her behind Beyonce who leads the winners list with six gongs.

Before the awards show is wrapped, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake and Travis Barker deliver their special duet performance. The live act is introduced by "Inglourious Basterds" director Quentin Tarantino.

Full winners of 2010 Grammy Awards can be obtained on Grammy Awards official site, while some of them can be seen on the following list.

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    Feb 11, 2010

    you know, what , you are WRONG. taylor swift is definetly, easily, and most POSITIVELY the better song writer. her songs relates to her fans in ways that beyonce doest. im not saying i dont like beyonce, im just saying taylor swift is about 500000000000000 better. she is very popular because she is diferrent, and a good person who cares more about education and kindness instead of mkaeup and short skirts.

    Feb 07, 2010

    Taylor Swift is the best!!not like Beyonce---she sucks!!!

    Feb 02, 2010

    This year's Grammys is pretty lame in terms of the nominees.

    Grammy\'s suck
    Feb 01, 2010

    Well, I personally think Taylor Swift should not have won Album of the Year. First, she only had ONE top song from her album compared to Beyonce who had atleast six songs and Lady GaGa who had 3/4 songs. The only reason Taylor won album of the year was because they felt sorry for what Kanye did to her and not because of her talent. I mean its not a secret that Taylor Swift is not that great of a singer, and the fact that she one really upset me. I just think Beyonce should have fun and not that pathetic "singer" Taylor Swift

    Feb 01, 2010

    Taylor is better that the rest, cuz she doesn not do any thing, ANT THING, to receive attention and get her albums sold! If she gets the approvals, that's for her music!

    fan of taylor
    Feb 01, 2010

    taylor is great..

    Feb 01, 2010

    Its my personal opinion that Beyonce should have won, over Taylor. Although, they both have different styles and are very talented, Beyonce knowles has the better live performance, her voice was awesome, she came off like a beauty of the art. The total package. I like Taylor Swift, its my opinion that Beyonce was the real winner, and I rooted of her for album of the year. Good Luck Beyonce, yours is coming.

    Feb 01, 2010

    taylor swift deserves this y ppl r jus beyonce

    What everyone is thi
    Feb 01, 2010

    I don't think Swift is even comparable to Beyonce. I don't think she really won those awards, I think the grammy academy just felt sorry for her for the ugly thing that happened to her thanks to Kanye. Well, actually, I also think Kanye boosted her star status because she is not that great of a singer. I mean, even Stevie Nicks was giving her the side eye glance of "get real" during their duet together. I mean, come on! You made Stevie NICKS sing BACK UP to swift?!? It's a world gone mad. I think that she won the four grammys as a pity gesture and that they were attempting to take away from Beyonce (who won SIX GRAMMYS, I mean 6. I mean this many: IIIIII)by not giving her the well-deserved album of the year. If it wasn't for Beyonce, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Maxwell, and Usher, I really wouldn't have watched the Grammy's in the first place. The Bias is INSUFFERABLE.

    What everyone is thi
    Feb 01, 2010

    I don't think Taylor Swift should have won Album of the year over Beyonce or Lady GaGa. Her voice is not that great, she's just a slanty-eyed skinny child with a cute factor. Not that much talent. I think people are being all extra nice to her because of her age, but the media is creating the frenzy and now the academy's are helping by boosting a lack-luster star. She is not comparable to Beyonce. I'm sorry if Kanye hurt her, but she's not that great. I thought her song was okay, but I didn't want to hear it more than three times. Beyonce I'll listen to at least 10 times. Even babies respond to Beyonce more than Swift. How many Youtube videos can you find of a baby reacting to a taylor swift song in comparison to a Beyonce song? That in itself speaks volumes at a baseline level that the two are not comparable on the same level. Beyonce is a better star, performer, singer and songwriter. Sorry, but I am beginning to feel that if it wasn't for Kanye, she wouldn't have received as much positive attention as she has alone. He actually boosted her fame by making people feel sorry for her. I mean, it was so obvious and the camera kept going back to Beyonce through-out the entire show, and it even focused on her in the crowd after swift's performance. The grammy's were trying to punish her for Kanye and she sacrificed by wearing a smile and taking it in stride. I liked that she sang that Alanis song though. "And now you're thinking of me when you _____(vote for?)____ her" How does Swift only get 4 grammys and then gets album of the year when Beyonce had won 6? Why punish an obviously better performance artist for comments made by some other obviously influential enough outside third party? It was so obvious that Beyonce or even Lady GaGa was not given the real number of awards they should have won. I feel as if the whole event was some pathetic pacifying lie to make up for some

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