'Glee' Stars Cory Monteith and Lea Michele Rumored Dating

November 06, 2009 07:21:58 GMT

Refusing to confirm or deny that they are dating, Cory and Lea however can't stop singing praise for each other.

Cory Monteith, Lea Michele
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Actor Cory Monteith and actress Lea Michele are the latest celebs who become the target of romance rumors. Though they have insisted that they are just friends, speculation is brewing that they are embarking on a love relationship.

Playing it coy when asked to confirm about the nature of their relationship, Cory and Lea however have nothing but praise for each other. "He's great and he makes me laugh," Lea tells OK! Magazine. As for Cory, he says "We've become very close friends."

FOX's comedy-musical series "Glee" witnesses Cory Monteith portraying the character of Finn Hudson, a popular high school quarterback with movie star looks and a Motown voice who must protect his cool reputation with his holier-than-thou girlfriend. Lea, meanwhile, stars as Rachel Berry, a perfectionist firecracker who is convinced show choir is her ticket to stardom.


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posted by enola on Jun 22, 2011
lea and cory love story, i love it so much.. happy ending for them in all glee season :)
posted by MJ on Feb 19, 2011
i love glee i love cory i love lea i hope cory and lea will be together in a real life
posted by nana on Feb 19, 2011
i hope this is true...i love cory and lea.. for lea you prettier than quin!!
posted by LOL on Feb 14, 2011
Finn and rachel you are the perfect couple of all times please get together
posted by sdfhgdf on Jan 15, 2011
i wish they're together in real!
posted by jenny123 on Jan 03, 2011
fin and rachel forever. i hate quin too
posted by fin and rachel on Jan 03, 2011
i love them together:) hate quin she cant even sing with out help from background singers
posted by khim on Jan 02, 2011
i love them ♥
posted by gLeek4life!! on Dec 14, 2010
they are so cute they make a perfect couple!!!i love finnchel and would love to see them date in rea life!!
posted by finchel forever<3!! on Dec 12, 2010
i really like episodes where finn and rachel moments are featured!!!!they're my fvorite loveteam!!!
posted by GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Oct 31, 2010
i love finchel FINCHEL 4ever
posted by GleeFan on Oct 17, 2010
I wish they're together for real! Go lea and cory :D
posted by mb410 on Sep 09, 2010
posted by mb410 on Sep 09, 2010
love them
posted by mb410 on Sep 09, 2010
I like glee its my favorite!!!!!
posted by mb410 on Sep 09, 2010
i love cory and lea together!!!
posted by icecandy on Aug 06, 2010
i love finn and rachel together the are so romantic.i hope they get together in real life!!!!!!!!
posted by michelle on Jun 29, 2010
l love cory and lea isn,t that great and they are both talented as well
posted by lovefinn on Jun 21, 2010
i love finn! and rachel!
posted by justagirl on Jun 17, 2010
glee rox to the core! :D Cory and Lea is a perfect match! they two should date! :) and I really hope its true <3
posted by SALAPAKANA on Jun 13, 2010
i knoe this sounds gay but im a bit jellyfish on lea.. I fink I have a crush on cory but no wories when its lea and cory the I say go, go, go..Oh no!! yeah babiee
posted by Meri on May 31, 2010
I hate Fin and Quin, but i LUV Fin and Rachel! go GLEE
posted by Claviry de la nuhfif on Feb 27, 2010
Ivseen in magazine adam lambert is play in glee he play as kurt's brother is it true? n i luv lea mchelle and cory monteith they are so interesting n amazing :)
posted by wella on Feb 26, 2010
wooooooooooooo please say its true.. i love GLee cant wait for the next season.when's the airing?
posted by Glee<3 on Feb 18, 2010
There adorable together:)
posted by Hollywoodx4 on Jan 07, 2010
Oh i wish :) I've thought it from the beginning I think that would be so amazingly cute
posted by Bianca on Dec 29, 2009
eu adoro gleeeeeeee!!!!!!!amo as cenas do casal rachel e finn!!!!!!e adoraria que os boatos fossem verdadeiros!!!
posted by Bianca on Dec 29, 2009
eu adoro gleeeeeeee!!!!!!!amo as cenas do casal rachel e finn!!!!!!e adoraria que os boatos fossemverdadeiros!!!
posted by Jaclyn on Dec 02, 2009
I wish!!! I hope so Those two are so cute and have such great chemistry HOPEFULLY!!!!
posted by Jaclyn on Dec 02, 2009
I wish!!! I hope so Those two are so cute and have such great chemistry HOPEFULLY!!!!
posted by :] on Nov 28, 2009
i love glee and i love the sweet scenes with rachel and finn.
posted by gleeee on Nov 27, 2009
just so you know when lea said she was engaged on her twitter it was a joke about her GAY best friend!
posted by aliza on Nov 23, 2009
lea michel is not engaged, she said that on twitter but then she took it back.
posted by gleekattack on Nov 21, 2009
I highly doubt that rumour is true considering Lea Michele is engaged.
posted by ANY on Nov 21, 2009
posted by Mel on Nov 20, 2009
Awe! :)
posted by NAM219 on Nov 19, 2009
i just LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEEEEEEEEEEE the best show ever the hour goes too soon
posted by Lucy on Nov 16, 2009
I always watch Glee and and from the begining I saw something between them.I like the couple so much.Lea and Cory are in love. I&#9829;Glee.
posted by frgsdv on Nov 06, 2009

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