2009 BET Awards: T.I. and Rihanna Share Viewers' Choice Prize

June 29, 2009 03:37:03 GMT

As 2009 BET Awards continues announcing its winners, T.I.'s duet with Rihanna on single 'Live Your Life' is honored Viewers' Choice, and Beyonce Knowles scoops another gong for Video of the Year.

2009 BET Awards: T.I. and Rihanna Share Viewers' Choice Prize
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T.I. and Rihanna's collaboration on hit single titled "Live Your Life" made them winning Viewers' Choice at 2009 BET Awards. Unfortunately, both of the musicians were absent at the event. Thus, T.I.'s wife Tameka Cottle, who is also Xscape's former member, took the stage to collect the trophy.

Furthermore, Beyonce Knowles added another kudo to her collection as actress Taraji P. Henson and actor Tyrese Gibson announced her as Video of the Year winner. In this category, Beyonce won over Jamie Foxx, T.I. and Kanye West.

This year's BET Awards was held at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on June 28. Its previously-announced winners included Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, DAY26, LeBron James and Taraji P. Henson. Paying tribute to Michael Jackson through on-stage performances and monologues by its invited guests, the show saw Michael's father, Joseph Jackson, sitting on the audience seat.


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posted by Pretty on Sep 09, 2009
The awards was good because Beyonce was a part of it she shows all female artist who is boss. She's the best and no one can ake her place, that is for you Rihanna with your big forehead and battered face
posted by dexter on Jul 01, 2009
the awards ceremony was just bad. period.
posted by se on Jun 30, 2009
beyonce was singin "Ave Maria" for those who dont know the song...i think she sung it perfect!It is a traditional Catholic song, supposedly Michael jackson was Catholic.. so the song was a tribute to him
posted by lelee on Jun 29, 2009
i thought the bet awards was very interesting @good 2 laugh at even with the critizing . sorry ,but prays do go out too the jackson family sorry to hear about michael's unbelievablno next to kind.
posted by JustMe on Jun 29, 2009
I thought the show was terrible! In the past, I could only get through about 30 seconds before shutting the TV off. I watched this year to see how they would pay tribute to MJ. It was disappointing to say the least. The tribute could have been much better than what BET did at the last minute. This proved to only confuse people more than in the past. The show didn't flow and wasn't smooth. I didn't like Jamie Foxx saying MJ was "ours" and we shared him with the rest of the world. That is NOT how MJ lived his life! Michael was a man who tried to bring the world together without differences. Jamie only brought those differences back out again. It was too bad Jamie felt it necessary to do this, in Michael's honor. It wasn't right! I can only hope the other award shows honor Michael Jackson better than BET did. RIP MJ! My 2 cents.
posted by SoUL on Jun 29, 2009
Did it ever occur that when you make a post disrespecting what an awards show does for a community of people like the bet awards you should watch and shut the fuck up.Enjoy the damn show. For them to pay tribute to MJ was past due.It should have been done sooner. He is responsible for being a muse to the whole music industry. Besides the MEDIA will drag his name through the gutter and make their MONEY.
posted by DiStUrBeD on Jun 29, 2009
Did it occur to BET that throwing something together like this and just letting folks go for what they knew could turn out to be a disaster. I NEVER WATCH the BET Awards. I did when they first started, but then they were progressively worse. Now, after watching the show, I'm of the opinion that maybe BET should be like other awards shows and PRE-RECORD so that the garbage can be removed. BET did not do a good job with their tribute to MJ. They could have just had ONE BIG collaboration and it would have been much nicer. Also - maybe better sound equipment next year will help. Hopefully, they will look at what they did and learn from their gross mistakes. MJ - Rest in peace.
posted by nakitaj01 on Jun 29, 2009
Neyo was the best performer. I'm sorry..but Monica outstage Keisha Cole on her own song. Don Cornelius talk for all most a hour....-)WHAT!!!
posted by livealil on Jun 29, 2009
And as for Kerri Hilson she turned her song into MJ song at eht end of beat it when they were all repeating after Mike as he sang so off beat and horribe was the last thing her performance was.
posted by livealil on Jun 29, 2009
i thougth the BET awards was very nice like Jammmie Foxx said it was a celebration and celebrate was what they did
posted by yolyyo2000 on Jun 29, 2009
I think beyonce performance was the best.
posted by yolyyo2000 on Jun 29, 2009
You are right. She has no class.. I do not know what the he saw in her. The last comment she mad about him being the king when the only king is MJ.
posted by Silvy on Jun 29, 2009
I agree with everyone that did not like the show. They didnt block out the foul language used and the performances should have been better. The tribute to Michael Jackson wasn't good at all. I felt as though they were making fun of himself and his music, the way they sang offbeat to his songs. I also dont agree with Jamie Foxx calling him "theirs" because Michael Jackson didnt belong to anybody. He was an original and thats what makes him the king of pop. I know the show was at the last minute but if they had the "excellent" producers for the show that they say they did, the show should have been much better.
posted by oldschool on Jun 29, 2009
I thought the awards show was awful and most artists showed very little class, especially Jamie Fox. I don't know what Beyonce was singing or wearing (at the end in that wedding gown). Maxwell's performance, Alicia Keys awards acceptance speech, and Monica's performance were the only bright spots. I was embarrassed by most of the language.
posted by Cut2TheChase on Jun 29, 2009
Oh yeah, not to mention Keri Hilson's horrible,off beat wack performance...WOW she sucked! She shyould have stayed home too.
posted by Cut2TheChase on Jun 29, 2009
Jamie Fox is funny, yes.But he layed it on way too thick.He made a mockery of MJ.You could tell Janet Jackson was not pleased with his foolishness...let the man rest in peace.Jamie was not candid as he should have been and the BET owner lady is responsible too.They should not have thrown the show together just to be the first ones at paying tribute to Michael Jackson.In all the rushing, it made the finished product jumbled and sloppy...with the exception of Johnny Gill, Ne-Yo,Maxwell,Sierra, Alisha Keys, The Ojays and a few others.If it were not for them it would of sank like a ship without a bottom.You can't have a tribute to MJ without Stevie Wonder and many others.It could have been so much better without the rush.And Little Wayne,Drake,Trey Songs & Soldier Boy shoulda stayed home.It was definitly lacking.
posted by LaParris on Jun 29, 2009
was it just me or was any body else ashamed that lil wayne and "young money crew" had some lil girls on stage while singing "I wish i can LOVE every girl in the world" (although we all know the real lyrics) it made my stomach hurt.! not to mention the baby boy skit, the I hate you jodi part was funny but the "its guns and butter" crap.! unbelieveable. I absolutely love michael jackson and always will, this was just horrible, I think I could throw something together better then the so called professionals behind these awards did.!
posted by Cut2TheChase on Jun 29, 2009
T.I.'s wife should have been taught to smile.Because that ugly attitude and talking she did at the awards did not help her or her husband.Homegirl had no class, no elegance at all.
posted by ty on Jun 29, 2009
I thought the awards were a hot mess and i also thought that Jamie Foxx held it together. I feel that most of the performers have been in the game for a while and they should know how to perform under pressure come on, that is why they get paid the big bucks. Where was dare i say chris brown as people we need to put our differences aside(meaning chris brown beat down) Beyonce what the hell was she singing, i thought that it was french.Anyway it was a mess but the intention was good i think. Janet looked beautiful as she spook i shed a tear,people need to stop hatein on michael he is dead and finally can he have peace damn! Jamie Foxx did his thing in my opinion.Alicia Keys looked nice Tyra looked not right.Kanye's girlfriend hair is cute,if you have the right shaped head to rock a low cut ceasar than do it. New Edition , Guy and Aaron Hall were the ish back in the day. It could have been better buy like a family reunion somebody is always a mess. PEACE MJ you were the best to have done it. Nigga's gone talk ish but finally i pray that you will have peace and happiness. Peace to all.
posted by sofia on Jun 29, 2009
I think Beyonce needs to retire. Thats all I gotta say.
posted by Yabba on Jun 29, 2009
I liked Drake's segment (kool relaxed) but lil wayne, Vulgar!!!
posted by Yme on Jun 29, 2009
I was sadly disappointed to see the awards last night, Tiny was not classy at all but hey this is what the hip-hop men want and this is what they get big butts and no brains
posted by itsnice on Jun 29, 2009
I taught the BET awards was a hot mess. Jammie Fox was over the top, and Beyonce overrated,some of the language unacceptable, and no true tribute to Michael Jackson.

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