A Peek at Celebrities Invited to Miley Cyrus' Sweet 16

October 06, 2008 05:22:27 GMT

She, per the Los Angeles Times, has sent invitations to the likes of Emily Osment, Demi Lovato, Cody Linley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Steve Carell to attend her sweet 16th birthday bash.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

It was only hours before Miley Cyrus kicked off her "Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration" Sunday, October 5 and amidst preparations for the bash, Los Angeles Times had a peek on the fellow celebrities who were invited to show up at the event. Among those on the list were her singer father Billy Ray Cyrus, best friend Emily Osment, and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato.

Cody Linley, who has boasted on getting her support for his upcoming appearance on the "Dancing with the Stars," was also invited. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Carell were among the 25 years and over guests. Besides them all, Miley also invited fellow "High School Musical" cast Kaycee Stroh and Matt Prokop, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In related news, Billy Ray was claimed to be joining his famous daughter on-stage for a performance at the star-studded party. However, there has yet conformation on the song that the father-daughter duo will sing.

Miley herself was photographed having a shopping excursion with sister Brandi in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, October 4. She was seen visiting several different stores and in between times also took time posing for photographs for approaching fans. Pictures of her shopping in L.A. can be seen on Gossip Girls.


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posted by kangarookalie on Dec 02, 2008
her hair.. i mean u can totally see where her REAl hair ends. her extentions are just starring ppl in the face... sorry miley. not here to bag. i think u just need more confidence in ur real length of ur hair. nice pic though. happy belated 16th bday. :)
posted by ghgh on Nov 08, 2008
so, jb were not der? haha..
posted by ... on Nov 07, 2008
Her face is seriously weird!! It's doesn't move? sooo ugly. she was pretty in the first seasons of Hannah Montana, but don't know what went wrong?
posted by to expensive on Oct 06, 2008
like i cant belive ya had to buy a 300 dollar ticket for sum party at disney as if the tickets werent expensive enough
posted by Shalom on Oct 06, 2008
Well u know what!! i wish i could go ahaha bus jsut if the JB were there!

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