The Top 10 World's Most Beautiful Women According to Eve Magazine

July 04, 2006 04:50:38 GMT

Kristin Davis has been voted the World's Most Beautiful Woman in a poll conducted by UK magazine, Eve.

Kristin Davis
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Photo credit: David Gabber/PR Photos

"She exudes sex appeal without compromising her intelligence and independence," said Sara Cremer, editor for the UK magazine Eve, on the choosing of Kristin Davis as the World's Most Beautiful Woman in its recent poll. "Kristin's natural beauty combined with her on-screen presence make her a woman with style and substance", Sara continued speaking on the actress.

Top the poll, which involves 4000 30-something women, Kristin simply revealed that her best beauty advice came from her mother who taught her "how to be comfortable with your natural beauty".

Making up the 2nd position on the poll is Catherine Zeta-Jones, while Halle Berry comes 3rd and Nicole Kidman is at No. 4. Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, and Kate Winslet making up the rest chart-toppers at No. 5 to 7 in a row. Rounding out the Top 10 including Eva Longoria at No. 8, Jennifer Aniston at No. 9, and Angelina Jolie at No. 10.


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posted by Saaz on Mar 17, 2013
Yes no doubt Aishwarya is so amorous and adorable,..
posted by J.Lo fan on Aug 08, 2012
Jennifer Lopez is a honey.Her body is faboulous.
posted by secret on Jun 23, 2012
posted by mmj on May 12, 2012
posted by St on Apr 15, 2012
My Gf, she is the best, sweetest, loveliest, most beautiful in the whole universe...
posted by love on Mar 19, 2012
posted by Baby on Mar 16, 2012
She's not the prettiest . I am look me up . Jenna Marie .
posted by truth on Mar 15, 2012
1:Eva Longoria - Angelina Jolie - Rani Mukherjee 2: Freida pinto 3:Madhuri Dixit 4: Jesica Alba 5:Cameron Diaz 6: Lucy Lou 7: Naomi Campbell 8:Toni Braxton 9:Rozonda Chilli Thomas 10: Charliez Theron. Top 3 I chose because I could not decide as they are all hot.!
posted by Correct great works on Mar 15, 2012
To the person who said Mother Teresa Oprah Whinfrey as the best good on you. You are correct these people are the ones that have the rare beauty. Its not all about legs, boobs,face or personality. It is helping others the needy thats the rare beauty in people like Oprah and the late Mother tereasa.!
posted by Nikhil on Mar 05, 2012
No way about this. 1. kiera knightly 2.Elisha cutbert 3.Katrina kaif 4.Kajal Agarwal 5.Genelia 6.Asin 7.Penelope cruz 8.Diane kruger 9.Priyanka Chopra 10.Kristen stewart
posted by Eric on Mar 04, 2012
Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz the hottest women.? Well actually its a tie between them both.! Why because they both have long sexy killer legs and cute smiles. They definatley are the two sexiest women of all time.!
posted by Desparate fan on Mar 04, 2012
All the desparate house wifes rule but Eva longoria is the hottest of all the cast. She rocks my world.
posted by Kenzie on Mar 04, 2012
Why have so many people voted for Eva Longoria.? Sure she is hot and Id love to make love to her but there are other women as well guys. Women like Jessica Alba, Sara stone, Frieda Pinto, Megan fox, Alex wek, Kelly Rowland, Monica Bellucci and many more. Not Just Eva even though she is hot.!
posted by Siameese on Mar 04, 2012
Tania Zietta of Australia she has a hot body.
posted by great works on Mar 01, 2012
Mother Teresa and Oprah are the most beautiful.!!!! Why because they have dedicated their lives to being humanatarians. Need I say anymore.!!
posted by Harry on Mar 01, 2012
The all time hottest girls are Latino. With Eva Longoria being no 1. She has the most perfect legs and arse. 10 out of 10 for her legs and 12 out of 10 for her backside. Also Eva has a cute face. When I look at her face it reminds me of a cute puppy dog where everyone falls in love with the puppy dog, cause its cute. Eva Longoria is all woman a 100% tatal babe. She is the sort of woman i would fall toataly in love with she pulls my heart strings.
posted by Vasil Vladov on Mar 01, 2012
Naomi Campbell is hot she looks like shes 28 years old. But we know she is forty. What a body wow no one for me.!!
posted by Tyler Raine on Jan 27, 2012
yeah she probably isnt the most prettiest woman in the world (she is pretty good looking though)but guys what makes a person beautiful is there personality as well and kristen is a great friend of mine and has helped me out when i was struggling, she really is a beutiful person.
posted by love you... on Jan 25, 2012
magan fox angilina jolie anna hathway kristena stewart emmy rosoum are the most beautyful and hottest woman on earth.
posted by gogo on Dec 28, 2011
she is awesome...........
posted by bhanu karki on Nov 17, 2011
i want to look photo of most beautiful women
posted by nevermore on Nov 02, 2011
look to hwang mi hee...... she is the most beautiful girl in the world
posted by hotgirl on Oct 17, 2011
Huh no 1sss Beautiful than me i can cast my name n will sure win...they r nothing in front of me...
posted by Dirty Chick on Sep 22, 2011
Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder but Im the exception I rate myself the most beautiful girl in this planet.
posted by Handsome on Sep 22, 2011
No one in this universe is as pretty as my private parts,believe me one look and you'll go crazy with love.
posted by YAQOOT AGHA on Sep 11, 2011
posted by prince ivan on Aug 31, 2011
i think the most beatiful one is no other than EVA LONGORIA......
posted by freak on Aug 28, 2011
C'mon don't tel me you guy hv forgotten alicia keys
posted by Eva fan on Aug 19, 2011
Eva Longoria is so hot but is she the hottest well there are many other girls too Eva lovers. Bollywood girls for me and Indian girls long before any one else you easily could get a top ten just from Bollywwod girls.
posted by Ordinary Joes on Aug 19, 2011
I think there are many hot women especially from shows such as csi Miami Desperate houswives Glee But I still prefer my wife anytime she is stillas beautiful as she was when I met her and were not even forty yet. So mtopen no for me my wife is the best!
posted by No bullshit just fac on Aug 15, 2011
Eva longoria is the sexiest woman alive open up your eyes guys start actually looking with your eyes.
posted by Argon fan on Aug 15, 2011
Diana argon is hot. Glee is good forget Lea Michelle, Diana Argon is hot.
posted by lil mama on Aug 14, 2011
This is the biggest joke in the world.
posted by Able and willing on Aug 13, 2011
Eva Longoria is the hottest! She is da bomb she can be my boo any time. Unfortunatley she goes out with men that are trippn and are utter pricks.
posted by Jaxton faxon on Aug 13, 2011
Eva Longoria and Naomi Camplbell are the hottest. They have hot legs and arses not to mention cute faces and hot bods. Ten out of ten. They win hands down any fool or spatic tool can see that the rest of the wimmen in the world are just average plain Janes to be precise.
posted by My list mikey on Aug 13, 2011
1 Eva Longoria 2 Charlize Theron 3 Deepika Padukone 4 Freido pinta 5 Naomi Campbell 6 Kelly Brook 7 Halle Berry 8 Riya sen.
posted by Girl power on Aug 13, 2011
I am a girl and pissed off I wish I looked like Eva Longoria.!!! Or Jessica Alba latino women are hot. Unfortunaltley for me I cant seem to loose any pounds as hard as I try. Human nature has been mean to me! Anyhow These to girls are hot.
posted by darky chowels on Aug 13, 2011
Who ever wrote Nicole kidman is Ugly you were right well not ugly that would be mean. Just not very attractive. She can act though.
posted by Telling the truth on Aug 13, 2011
Eva is the hottest babe ever and will be the hottest babe ever to walk the earth!! She will never ever be beaten. She is smart intelligent and has the best arse and legs I"ve ever seen also her smile wow!111
posted by Bollywood siren fan on Aug 13, 2011
Rani Mukerjee and tunushree are very hot 10-10. My place any time. There faces and smiles make me go crazy and I'm not even Indian as I am American.
posted by Feel sorry for paris on Aug 13, 2011
Paris is good looking but unfortunaley she is a stuck up bitch. She is stupid and dosen't think about her actions. Too spoilt but its not her fault it"s her parents!!!! They are the real culprits. You have to learn to do things yorself don't rely on wealth and maids.
posted by friendly on Aug 13, 2011
Rima Fakih the model is the best. She has a perfect bod.
posted by SHAUKAT.TM KHAN on Aug 11, 2011
posted by LAKSHANA on Jul 27, 2011
posted by MsPrincessMani on Jul 23, 2011
Me , Javeria Abbasi , Madhuri Dixit , Kate Winslet and Mahnoor Baloch
posted by Marc on Jun 14, 2011
one thing for sure Bella Flores and Elizabeth Ramsey is the most beautiful faces on earth face.
posted by Drunk on Apr 20, 2011
I m drinking now and i want aish on my bed soon...
posted by shifu on Apr 06, 2011
no body beatiful in this world except my grandma!!!
posted by okjj on Mar 14, 2011
ohhhhhh she is gorgeous
posted by Abhijith on Mar 11, 2011
U guys got no other job? Leave it!
posted by adam on Mar 08, 2011
hi aishwarya and megan are the most beautiful ones....
posted by ayesha.shiza.shah on Mar 07, 2011
posted by gbbbbb on Mar 06, 2011
beauty is nothing inabsence of light........... it lies in heart.
posted by LIZZY on Mar 05, 2011
pretty but not as pretty as SELENA.hey SELENA im a big FAN
posted by Selena GomezZz on Mar 05, 2011
She is sooo beautifu BUT unfortunitly not as beautiful as YVONNE STRAVHOVSKI
posted by lukas on Mar 04, 2011
i m from washington and wanna say that aishwarya rai is the most beautiful lady i have ever seen.....
posted by gem on Mar 03, 2011
i'm sure that we r all beautiful in the eyes of our heavenly father
posted by Justin Bieber on Mar 02, 2011
Yes Nita I'am very happy with Selena and I say her Selena I love you soooooooo much! Thank You,for quetion!
posted by Nita on Mar 02, 2011
One kiss for the most handsom boy in the world,and he's Justin Bieber! In the monday you havent your birthday!Happy Birthday Justin From me and my friends! Are you happy with Selena? Answer!
posted by Selena Gomez on Mar 02, 2011
I'am a new girlfriend of Justin Bieber and I'am telling him now why I love him! Blowing Kisses Justin! I love You,Selena!
posted by Nita on Mar 02, 2011
Justin Bieber is my favourite singer,he have a very buatiful voice! Good Job,Justin!
posted by niraj on Mar 02, 2011
oh....gv me a brk.......... hw cn say dat kristin z mst beautiful amng all all d rest beauties of ds wrld including MEGAN FOX as d no 1
posted by niraj on Mar 02, 2011
oh........jst stp makng rubsh.u sud gv a look to MEGAN FOX, she z d real 1.she z the most beautiful lady in ds whl wrld.ths z real truth
posted by sexlover on Feb 27, 2011
hello guys am a 14 yrs old male from birmingham and am just here to tell you there is no such think as pretties or most beatifull or cutest persone in the worl cause veryone has a beautiful part of theire body. you may be walking down the street and see a realy ugly girl yes her face is ugly but you don't know what she's like inside (i don't mean inside with no cloths)i mean inside like her personalty. you may see this hot sexy mama but she's actuly the most ugly inside (personalty) yes she is pretty by the outside but look diply inside and tell me if she realy pretty? nop but yes out side and look diply inside the ugly persone you'll see how cool cute sexy prety they are. is the same thing as smatest people no one is smarter because we all got the same brain is for us to use our brain how we want. we wanna be dumb is our problem we wanna smart is our problem so i just wanna say there is no such think as most beautiful or smater wamen mean kid baby in the world.
posted by rokas on Feb 23, 2011
are you kidding bitch?
posted by rhona mae vargas on Feb 23, 2011
__hey!!have u seen the beauty of vina morales??u shud see her photos..bye!!til nxt tym
posted by lina on Feb 21, 2011
aish is the most beautiful woman on earth 4 me!! dont give a damn to others!!
posted by k on Feb 21, 2011
ash is not pretty eva is u guys are blind
posted by n on Feb 21, 2011
i find eva the prittiest, all others stupid and ugly
posted by puke on Feb 18, 2011
for me the most beautiful girl is not only in the out side you see it is in side k heheheh lol '
posted by Cunt ripper on Feb 10, 2011
I fucked Jessica Alba and she is the most prettiest lady on Earth
posted by gettrolled on Feb 08, 2011
Justin Beiber!
posted by Miru on Feb 06, 2011
Madhuri dixit in only the woman who can be called most beautiful woman in the world forever.
posted by beautiful women on Feb 06, 2011
Deepika Pudukone is not at all one of the most beautiful women.She has an ordinary face but not a beautiful face. She does not have any attractive Nose. Her nose is not very convincing. Closely observe the most beautifully sized and shaped of the film stars like Trisha, Shreya, Gopika, Priyamani, Aswini Nachappa, Devayani, Bharathi, Bhavana, Sameera Reddy, Namitha, Bindu Madhavi, Shobhana, Ileana, etc.etc.By Amirthavalli.
posted by rosemary on Jan 29, 2011
Hello,i am from england and i am here to specify that aishwarya rai is the most beautiful women in the entire world.
posted by kabadi on Jan 27, 2011
sare madharchod yahi pe hai bhosriwale.khud ki shakal kutte ki tarah ho chahoiyue aishwarya
posted by kelly on Jan 24, 2011
aish and jolie both r gud
posted by justin on Jan 24, 2011
i think aishwarya is most beautiful
posted by sexy on Jan 24, 2011
i am the most beautiful n i bet on it..........
posted by santosh on Jan 20, 2011
one and only one MADHURI DIXIT
posted by ghirza on Jan 19, 2011
mama mary is the fairest of them all...
posted by Mahi on Jan 18, 2011
all indian girls are beautiful because she have social and sincere.
posted by ble on Jan 15, 2011
dang i think kwon yuri or tiffany hwang are prettier
posted by bhava on Jan 14, 2011
aish is so beauty
posted by monica on Jan 13, 2011
aishwrya is the most peculear & dirty woman of the world i think,in fact as an british i can say indian girls r all bitch,they hv no beauty.
posted by jonathan on Jan 09, 2011
aish and angelina both are equally beautiful but where aish grab the number 1 spot is her feminine body whereas angelina looks tomboy type
posted by dexter on Jan 03, 2011
aishwarya is its not possible to say cuz we havent seen females from whole world
posted by wein on Jan 03, 2011
i m from china ..... i think there is a tie between aishwarya rai and angelina jolie ,both are too good
posted by lebron on Jan 02, 2011
i like angelina megan a lot bt the day i saw aish i fall in love with her......i m masturbating thinking of her 3 to 7 or even more times everyday...
posted by hilary on Jan 02, 2011
i agree with emily jack davis nd dave.i m from poland nd i too like aish the most beautiful
posted by rihana on Jan 02, 2011
i m on aishwaryas side. rest all are behind her.....i m from california
posted by davis on Jan 02, 2011
we have not seen all the women of from all which we have seen only shows that aishwarya is the most beutiful on earth
posted by emily on Jan 02, 2011
i m from new zealand aishwarya is the most beautiful followed by selena gomez nd monica belluci bt aish grab the number 1 spot
posted by john on Jan 02, 2011
yup aishwarya is the best i m from britain. she is the real beauty
posted by jack on Jan 02, 2011
of course aishwarya rai is the most beautiful all saying that she had plastic on her face are jealous of her i m from america bt the truth is truth aish is at number 1..
posted by miley on Dec 28, 2010
Beauty should come from within...face it guys its what's inside your heart that really count, you can have all the looks but if you've got a crappy attitude then your pretty face just vanishes into thin air, you become ugly...i think.
posted by navzz on Dec 27, 2010
i think am da beautiful girl....
posted by mann on Dec 23, 2010
wer is ANNIE HATHWAY..............according to me she is WORLDS MOST SEXIEST WOMAN JUST LOOK HER ATONCE
posted by khan on Dec 12, 2010
i don't believe on it
posted by fuck in dia on Dec 08, 2010
indian people are shitty black horse shits.....
posted by yusuf on Dec 07, 2010
have u seen my wife?
posted by Mous on Dec 04, 2010
Katina is d best
posted by nazereth on Dec 03, 2010
aishwarya rai i think is the prettiest!
posted by katty on Nov 28, 2010
katrina n ash r da most beautiful gurlzz...!!
posted by s.k. on Nov 26, 2010
aishwarya is beautiful and dia mirza has a dasing natural beauty than katrina and deepika.
posted by jonas on Nov 19, 2010
ahhhhhhhhhh ur beautiful but not so
posted by aman on Nov 16, 2010
who said katrina kaif is beautiful..see her pictures..the you know..her face is fucking ugly..her face like gay boy..even sometimes gay boy prettier than her..just katrina fans say katrina beauty..but aishwarya rai..all the world and all the media say that..see...madhuri dixit is fat! shot! old hug!! beauty on madhuri dixit..
posted by losita on Nov 15, 2010
or you also can search on google..just type this " the most bautiful women in the world' and then click on image..and then you see there is full with aishwarya rai images..AISHWARYA RAI IS THE REAL MOST BEUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD..and please proof your opinion with fact..don't just say this woman is more beautiful..without fact..the women you suppose to be the most beautiful in the world is the most ugliest women in the world..
posted by NICOLE on Nov 15, 2010
aishwarya rai is the most beautiful women in the not fan of ash but she is truly the most beautiful..if you don't belive me, then you serch it on yahoo and type this "the most beautiful women in the world"..and then you click on image..the you see the result.a lot of images there is aishwarya rai..and the angelina...the rest is zero..especially madhuri dixit and katrina kaif...
posted by joshua on Nov 15, 2010
aishwarya won several awards of her beauty with brain~she is miss world 1994, miss photogenic(miss world competition), miss india world(miss india competition, miss catwalk( miss india competition),miss miraculous(miss india competition), miss perfect 10(miss india competition), miss popular(miss india competition) and she also very successful model before she join miss india and miss world.. AISHWARYA RAI IS TRULY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD..THE REST IS BUT THEY CANNOT DROP THAT GORGEOUS..IF YOU SAID THE REST ARE PRETTIER THAN AISHWARYA RAI..U JUST JEALOUS AND CAN'T ACCEPT THE FACT..THAT THE FACT..NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT..FACT IS FACT..IS CAN'T CHANGE BY YOUR MOUTH..
posted by mark on Nov 15, 2010
this is the facts Aishwarya Rai is 1. won Miss world 1994 and also won miss photogenic 2.In 2000 aishwarya rai was declare as the most beautiful miss world ever had beating all the miss world and also beating priyanka chopra who won miss world title for the same year. 3. since that she has declare as the most beautiful women in the world by many like oprah, julia robert, angelina, david latterman, tyra banks, will smith and many more..and now media and world known her as the most beautiful women in the world. 4. In miss india competition in 1994, aishwarya rai won several awards like miss catwalk, miss perfect 10, miss miraculous, miss popular and for the result she announced as miss india world. Aishwarya Rai is truly beauty with brain..she is the goddess of beauty.. Madhuri dixit= fat, short, too old and too beauty on her.. katrina= she is horse..her face like gay boy..even gay boy sometimes prettier than her.. Deepika= she is pretty but too dark and no brain.. preity= ugly kareena = big jaw.. hollywood actress= a lot of them too thin and so much plastic surgery in natural in them..
posted by jam on Nov 14, 2010
u mo duk
posted by akshay on Nov 13, 2010
i want to fuck you.
posted by Aish on Nov 11, 2010
Aish is the best
posted by indian on Nov 09, 2010
my girl friend is the one and only most beautiful girl in the world, but she is not with me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sholay on Nov 09, 2010
Its Hema Malani and Aishwariya Rai for sure
posted by honey on Nov 05, 2010
thr z one earth...ther z one sun....thr z nly one beauty tat z AISHWARYA RAI..!manushan padacha urupadiyana ore vishyam aishwarya rai...
posted by pooja on Oct 29, 2010
aishwarya rai,katrina,karshima kapoor,shilpa most beautiful lady in India.
posted by chem on Oct 29, 2010
boriton kang dako!!!!!!!!!! puede mo order od isa ka baso nga storyaheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
posted by tonete manaloto on Oct 27, 2010
mas guapa pa man ko ana
posted by wisdomee on Oct 20, 2010
According to me, i think , in my opinion, to be ownest , 1)India 2)Denmark 3) russia 4) UAE 5) argentina 6) Sweden . Bcz i have tasted them all .
posted by guddu on Oct 20, 2010
jo dagi vahich beautiful hai ..,
posted by moon on Oct 19, 2010
who the hell javeria abbasi,,bullshit''kareena kapoor,n reema from pakistan r best.
posted by kj on Oct 18, 2010
posted by JavaTester on Oct 17, 2010
window.alert("Ha Ha Ha Testing");
posted by Eric on Oct 17, 2010
MJ You are right. Female Chimps are better looking than women. LoL...
posted by MJ on Oct 17, 2010
I find female chimps as most beautiful.
posted by OmFg on Oct 15, 2010
See javeria abbasi images on her beautiful...she is dark complexsioned but still very attractive.
posted by ch<8> on Oct 12, 2010
sara chuodry is the sweeeeeeeeetwst.all Pakistani ppls are beautiful where ever they live. may Pakistan live long
posted by Kashmir on Oct 07, 2010
The most beautiful ppl of universe can be found in kashmir,every girl in kashmir is more beautiful than aishwariya and everyboy much fairer and smart than any other boy of the world.becoz kashmir is called as Heaven on earth.
posted by ANGELINA JOLIE on Oct 06, 2010
posted by iloveyou on Oct 06, 2010
posted by hahaa on Oct 06, 2010
jeremy , ezz : in the eve magazine ok
posted by nicky nicci on Oct 06, 2010
yeah i agree with u , ! jessica SUPERMODEL and also beautiful
posted by JEREMY on Oct 06, 2010
posted by EZZREEN on Oct 06, 2010
posted by Aish on Oct 04, 2010
Javeria Abbasi , Katrina Kiaf , Angelina jolie and mahnoor baloch.
posted by Thameem ( ChennaI ) on Sep 30, 2010
I Think MY Mom LAILA and My girl Frnd Fathima is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD..... I Love them a lot so much.,.,.,
posted by haide mae on Sep 28, 2010
...LoL! are u kiDding?
posted by haide mae on Sep 28, 2010
...haRhar, im pRettier dan her uie... hindi nman xa masyadong kagandahan! PROMISE! Hehehe, but ok narin!
posted by ellah familaran on Sep 28, 2010
tang inang mukha yan mas maganda pa ako dyan ehhhh
posted by Kabin on Sep 25, 2010
I think beautiful grls should be cosidered frm their pussy n i give vote for pink pussy... Now lets try now its the real evaluation...
posted by vider66 on Sep 24, 2010
I am a FIlipino..but i do beleive that Aishwarya Rai is the most & most beautiful woman in the world!!
posted by vider66 on Sep 24, 2010
i am a Filipino, but i realy like Aishwarya Rai to be the MOST!!! & MOST!!! ever beautiful woman the world!!!!!
posted by boredommmmmmm on Sep 22, 2010
jessica alba is amazingggg
posted by princess jadon of ja on Sep 22, 2010
omg a dat dem sa priti
posted by Ranjeet Maurya (INDI on Sep 18, 2010
katrina kaif & Kim Kardashian are one of the most beautiful & sexy women in the world
posted by Roger on Sep 16, 2010
I vote for my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Bennett of Marshall Junior HS. 30 years later, I still can't get her out of my mind. She was a goddess.
posted by Jonathan on Sep 16, 2010
Get the plastic surgery off the list. They are artificial. Real women only!
posted by Jonathan on Sep 16, 2010
This list isn't even close to believable. Especially because it only has celebrity women on it. Why not try a contest to find the REAL top ten, chosen from pictures sent in by regular people of women they know? I'm sick of celebrities always getting all the glory. Heck, my wife is better looking than your number one pick. And I mean that sincerely. And a girl I used to date in college was even better looking yet.
posted by Lovelyest on Sep 13, 2010
shes beautiful but definately not the MOST beautiful...Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kristin Kruek are some of the most perfect faces.
posted by neha on Sep 12, 2010
i am most beutiful girl in this world......
posted by Woman\'s Nose on Sep 12, 2010
It is the woman's shape, style of her Nose is the deciding factor in estimating her beauty.Beautiful Nose for a lady pays very rich dividends. For reference, see the beautiful shape and size of the Nose the following cine stars - Priyamani, Asin, Gopika, Nayanatara, Sandhya, Shobhana,Aswini Nachappa, Namitha, Shreya, Bharathi, etc. Yesteryear Hindi stars like Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz also possess an excellent Nose that attracted a very many youth for several decades. If the lady's Nose is slightly uppish with round or conical shaped nostrils, she will appear very beautiful without doubt. Later only comes her breasts. If the breasts are broad, big and bouncing (like that of today's Namitha)they also play a great role in deciding her beauty. Amrithavalli, Trichy, 12-9-2010.
posted by jen2x on Sep 09, 2010
...i dont thnk sooooooooo...........
posted by anne2x on Sep 09, 2010
!.,yah she's beautiful.........
posted by anna on Sep 09, 2010
come to africa n c real beauties!those hollywood white bitches r as agly as bleached pigs!comon americans ur gals r plain uglies,flat butts, white as milk with old hair, plenty of painting n surgeries hellooo com n c natural things, gud heathy skins without ur overpriced creams, round butts without dr matlock enhancement or round boobs without de reys implants. hello look to africa
posted by ash.l on Sep 07, 2010
hey i just wanna comment that who ever made this pole is a racist! hello wake up and c the Bollywood side cant u c the prettiest and the ever so beautiful AISHWARIYA RAI BACHAN? r u blind or what!! its time to do the polling and im sure if u see aishwariya u will realise ur mistake
posted by raj on Sep 06, 2010
katrina kaif is the most sexiest ,beautiful and hottest women not only in asia but also in world so guyees katina rocks
posted by hassan on Sep 05, 2010
good v good keep it up
posted by sneha on Sep 04, 2010
aish has stunning looks,her eyes are most beautiful in this world.she has the perfect face of the world
posted by joginder soren on Sep 04, 2010
posted by rohan on Sep 04, 2010
obviously girls must use their brain. oh but they don't have same as AISHWARYA RAI.
posted by lion on Sep 04, 2010
girls shouldn't look pretty by der face only. der soul, der thinking must b beautiful. on d contrary porn girls look more pretty dan Aish n Dipika. N both actresses have sold their pussies.
posted by nit on Sep 04, 2010
Dipika most wanted fucking girl.. so fuck,fuck,fuck...
posted by martin on Sep 04, 2010
Aishwarya n Dipika can grab more than one pennis in a time. oh secret is revealed..
posted by vudu on Sep 04, 2010
u fucking girls, who say pretty about Dipika Padhukone n Aishwarya Rai. they both r fucking actresses...
posted by raj on Aug 30, 2010
For indian people beautiful women has to be fair. if a women is not fair then they ugly. see bollywood movies they always make dark skin actress lighter why. how stupid indian people are shame on u
posted by tina on Aug 30, 2010
There is no such thing who is the most beautiful women in the world.All women are beautiful in some ways i suppose. if u paint even old house it will look beautiful.
posted by Hindustani.......... on Aug 30, 2010 d best.....!!!! Indians r best.........!!! India's got most beautiful people coz "Kehte hai na.... sundarta chehre me nahi, dekhne wale ki aankho me honi chahiye....!!!! India Rocks...........!!!!
posted by neha on Aug 28, 2010
my favourite kareena kapoor
posted by amritbir on Aug 27, 2010
all indians fuck others accept me i get fucked
posted by anju on Aug 26, 2010
i m d most beautiful
posted by tilak on Aug 25, 2010
this is rediculus...Aishwarya Rai shud be No1
posted by Suzuna Hihara on Aug 20, 2010
to me the most beautiful people are Japanese and koreans try and see the pictures of Erika Toda,Matsushima Hatsune, Fukada Saki, Han Chae Young,Kim Eugene and Aya Hirayama
posted by Iecha on Aug 19, 2010
Well according to me da most beautiful are pakistanis and indians. Jo nasha un kay husan me hay wo kisi aur mein nahi. Iecha... India
posted by Tapasya on Aug 19, 2010
The most beauitful is Javeria Abbasi. Oh my God. tremedous beauty... see her in DIL DIYA DEHLEEZ drama..... Oh My God...... Soooooooooo beautiful... No less than aishweria or lady diana................ Stunning features and unbeatable beauty.......... Tapasya , India.
posted by sadsad on Aug 17, 2010
posted by Luke on Aug 16, 2010
Well, according 2 me, Hema malini, Katrina, Aishwarya, Priyanka, Rani, Amisha, Lara, Deepika, Sonam r really beautiful nd u guys plz don't fight coz both Pak&India r seeking for peace & by unnecessary fights u ppl r pullng back ur countries...! Not helpng u r country....nd both Pak & India hv got enough talent 2 beat dis whole wrld coz m an Indian m a great fan of Pakistani singers nd comedians.. especilly 'SHAKIL SIDDIQUE' he's got a great comedy timing
posted by YaDntNo on Aug 15, 2010
posted by Beatrice on Aug 09, 2010
Selena Gomez , Maria Shrapova , Umaima abbasi , Madhuri Dixit and Javeria Abbasi... Kate Winslet is also very beautiful.
posted by MG on Aug 08, 2010
Agree wid feroazay.. its a beauty spot not indo-pak discussion forum..... jessica alba is da best ..
posted by vishal on Aug 07, 2010
i think ur right ferozay it's beauty spot n we r fighting whos ahead ! But after talkin 2 u people i think u really r beautiful people coz u r calm , polite , n accept reality , !! Beauty comes from heart,mind, n atticates ! But i m indian so "SARE JAHA SE ACHHA HINDUSTHAN HUMARA" kya karu i lov my country so no 1 is better than india in my eyes *__* LOV U FRNDS !i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i
posted by vishal on Aug 07, 2010
man ....! have a look over claudia's comment below i think best of all !
posted by vishal on Aug 07, 2010
hey ....! Man...nnn have a look over claudia's comment below i think best of all !
posted by vishal on Aug 07, 2010
hey ....! Man...nnn have a look over claudia's comment i think best of all !
posted by Ferozay on Aug 06, 2010
I won't answer ur questions here vishaal coz its a beauty spot and other ppl might get annoyed by this india-pakistan discussion....
posted by rocky on Aug 06, 2010
agree vid u vishaal... one more thing we have world's best intellugence agency. betetr than indian , us and china... indian agency comes ninth. and i also hate india coz of some reasons but it is a great country.
posted by DGF on Aug 06, 2010
LIVING, I would say: 3: Jessica Alba; 2: Stana Katic; 1: Gal Gadot. MAN ALIVE that Gadot girl is HOT!!!
posted by doc on Aug 06, 2010
listen cyrus all fingers of a hand are not of same size,terrorist which are u mentioning do not belong to pakistan ,infect they belong to no one ,they are traitors and i do not consider them muslims either.have u ever herd that pakistan itself is victim of terrorism,we dont blame other, easy to say this for u people.and it does not matter what u think about us we are not coward as u are we are fitting for our dignity.u have used too rude words for us but i will not fight u back for this becoz there is a lot of difference between u and us.u just have hatred but we are taught to be kind to even to worst enemy.true beauty lies in heart. yes ur actresses have pretty faces but they are using their beauty to ruin ur nation,heavant u herd about broken family system of usa. we condemn this type of beauty.
posted by Vishal on Aug 05, 2010
Yeah ! No problem ROCKY we both know we both r developing countries ! You or us ahead dosent matters..... But there r some reasons why we hate pakisthan ? 1-why everywhere the name first come in attack is pak ?? 2-why pak wants kashmir ? 3-why terrorist attacked mumbai taj hotel were identified as pakisthani ? Man we dont hate u people ! Some people r disturbing peace in india ! So try to understand my question n than plz reply !*__*
posted by ghfd on Aug 05, 2010
CYRUS: Tumhari baat is kabil hi nahi kay gaur say suni jaye
posted by avril on Aug 05, 2010
avril lavigne is the most beautiful person in the world but i also like katrina kaif , kate winslet and mehwish hayat
posted by Amy on Aug 05, 2010
the most beautiful are aishwaraya rai , javeria abbasi , hayley williams and avril lavigne
posted by Rocky on Aug 05, 2010
Luk vishaal.. pak is a failed terrorists state but it doesnt means that it does not have beautiful ppl...... we are much ahead of u in many fields......... pak has the world's largest irrigation system , largest producer of ghee and second largest of chickpeas , pak invented reverse swing bowling in cricket , pak national anthem tune ranks first in world's top three best tunes , pak has the world's youngest ever civil judge , has the world's youngest cricket test player only 14 yrs old , pak has world's youngest certified microsoft specialist only 12 yrs old..................... and as 4 beauty hum bhi tum say kam nahi,.........
posted by player on Aug 05, 2010
angelina jolie hot hot for ever
posted by Ferozay on Aug 03, 2010
Look vishalll.......... Gen norton says that pak has 1 of the best armies and best trained pilots in the world. has any1 ever apprecated like that about india? In field of education pak has asia's largest and secong largest school.. which are shiofat and in many field we are far ahead of u....
posted by Idiot ppl on Aug 03, 2010
Pak never made any missworld coz we never particpated coz we are muslims and dont like doing these cheap things.......
posted by Najiya on Aug 03, 2010
Hey u stupid cyrus... pak hasnt got any missworld coz we never particpated coz we are muslims and muslims do not wear these cheap clothes and show the world.... undertsand,,, we never particpated..
posted by MKT on Aug 02, 2010
hi dear,Real indian so beautiful compare to all country, kuon kahata hai ki india me achi ladies nhi hai, misworld and misunirs ki line lagi hai
posted by vishal on Aug 02, 2010
man ! Dont take poverty or mountain peaks as topic ! What about sports ,war's n development ??? What u got is shit...... So east or west india is the best !
posted by Melly on Aug 02, 2010
Aishwaraya rai , Katrina Kaif , Mehwish Hayat.
posted by Cyrus on Aug 02, 2010
Gaur se sun lo pakistaniyo...... India got 5 Miss Worlds, tum pas 1 bhi aayi ho to naam batao, aur jaha tak khubsurti ka sawal aata hai, india's Aish, Sushmita Sen, Katrina, Deepika, Amrita Rao, Priyanka chopra, Lara dutta, Bipasha, Aiyasha Takia, Rani r d best....! Ye chahe sari pehne ya fir suit, bikini ya swimsuit, short skirts ya jeans..... They look pretty in evry thng. Vaise indian actresses ko hollywood se kai offers aate hai and they do work in dem bt till now I hvn't seen any pakistani actress any were... So faltu ka halla machana band karo....samjhe...! Actually u people r jelous of us(INDIANS) coz in evry field v r ahead 2 u.....
posted by Luke on Aug 02, 2010
Well, I'm an Indian and I think Indian women's beauty is beyond comparision.
posted by kushal roy on Aug 02, 2010
aishwarya rai bachchan is the most beautiful women in the planet that`s said and no comments
posted by beauty lover on Aug 01, 2010
every girl have own beauty .beauty find out internally not externally. beauty lover
posted by Maritna on Jul 31, 2010
Britishers , germans , americans , iranians , chineese and pakistani...
posted by Omg on Jul 31, 2010
Sara chaudary , mahnoor baloch and kate winslet.
posted by Ferozay on Jul 30, 2010
Every gal deserves to be called beautiful even if she is pakistani or indian..... even a daughter of a paki terrorist can be beautiful .
posted by Roshanay on Jul 30, 2010
Rxcuse me vishal and indian , here we are talking about beauty and u indians are not ahead pakistan in every field. Pakistan has 4 hignest mountain peaks outa 14 in the world and u don't have even 1.Pak household size is 3 in da wald and india stands tenth... Lol .....
posted by Alisha on Jul 30, 2010
Aish is 33 but mahnoor baloch is 45 and she looks 20 yrs younger than aish.... she actually looks 18 or 23 to me.... she has so smart and fit features... no other gal is like her.... 45 looks 23.... so beautiful , gorgeous and sexy...
posted by Jennet on Jul 30, 2010
the most beautiful gals are in america , india , pakistan , british , germany and iran... jennet from america.
posted by HGF on Jul 30, 2010
Riya: Indians are born beautiful? then why aish says that she was born ugly? and 4 ur kind information we are not jealous at all... any proof? that supports ur answer?
posted by 876 on Jul 30, 2010
Yeah Vishal i totally agree wid u .. india is forward than pakistan in every field especially in hunger and poverty......
posted by Ricky on Jul 30, 2010
Every continent has beautiful gals. Here goz my list:- From Aisa its Javeria Abbasi , from europe its Kate Winslet , from North america it is Angelina Jolie....
posted by xyz rohini on Jul 28, 2010
hey guys i thik we should stop fighting its not the time to fight who is better......... There r more important topics 2 disscus ! So please stop fighting n lets both of us stand for love n peace !!! Tumhe tumhari mummy kasam agar dubara esa kaha to ! Rohini....india
posted by rohini on Jul 28, 2010
hey guys i thik we should stop fighting its not the time to fight who is better......... There r more important topics 2 disscus ! So please stop fighting n lets both of us stand for love n peace !!! Tumhe tumhari mummy kasam agar dubara esa kaha to ! Rohini....india
posted by vishal on Jul 28, 2010
hamari zaban gandi or tumhare irade gande ! N u indian fucker the whole world hates u not us ! Every one know india is far forward than u in every field got it u idiot ! Now dont ever dare 2 think abt it !
posted by indian on Jul 28, 2010
hamari zaban gandi or tumhare irade gande ! N u indian fucker the whole world hates u not us ! Every one know india is far forward than u in every field got it u idiot ! Now dont ever dare 2 think abt it !
posted by India rockz on Jul 28, 2010
Agreed Cloudia.The prettiest is sraa chaudary , mahnoor baloch and madhuri dixit.
posted by Katu on Jul 28, 2010
Mahnoor Baloch is 45 yrs old and she still looks 23 ! U may see her pics! She is so beautiful and stunning. She doesn't looks 45 at all.
posted by American Doll Idol on Jul 28, 2010
Well here is my list: 1 Angelina Jolie , 2 Kristen Davis , 3 Ktarina Kiaf , 4 Sara Chaudary , 5 Mahnoor Baloch
posted by Jav fan on Jul 28, 2010
Javeria Abbasi maybe common but still she looks so stunning everyway , with makeup or without it.Her smile can even melt a stone.
posted by Cool cat on Jul 28, 2010
Javeria Abbasi is a very common beauty but i think Sara Chaudary is most beautiful even when she is without any makeup. She still looks the same with makeup or without it.
posted by lolzzzzzzzz on Jul 28, 2010
one of my anty looks like Javeria Abbasi she is very common beauty i love anjelina jolly
posted by katrina on Jul 28, 2010
each and everyone is so beautiful u can not compair one with another coz all of them are so beautiful
posted by salma on Jul 28, 2010
katrina kaif is a very common beauty even my best frnd looks like her aishwariya look good but madhuri is the best
posted by samara on Jul 28, 2010
both pakistani and indians are beautiful but i think abbasir beauty is kinda common i have some pakistani frnds look like her but ofcourse she is so beautiful and aishwariya is beautiful but not alaways but i think madhuri dixit rekha and shridevi are the most beautiful women in the world
posted by cloudia on Jul 28, 2010
dear frnds i dont thing this is a way to describe ones beauty this is not fair at all each and every creation of the nature is beautiful and god gifted or nature gifted the thing which u can build just only mind nothing else try to build a beautiful mind and love each and every creation dont fight with each other love the whole world and try to think the whole world is a country and we are same nation of the nature called human this is what importent. but when is comes to outsider beauty it depends on you whom u think is beautiful and this is not imp that ur choice would match with others . and from my personal expirence i have indian pakistani amarican brish frndsss and they are so sweet and good in character . there are only two differences in the world abt human one is good and another is bad if u people u people decide what is ur charecter good bye and good luck.
posted by withakitkatbar on Jul 27, 2010
Yes, Ash is phenomenally gorgeous, but beauty is subjective, which lists like this always fail to mention. If we want to include women who have "passed the torch" we should definitely include Elizabeth Taylor. NO ONE matches her.
posted by Ferozay on Jul 26, 2010
Indian: SHut up... here we are talking about beauty not which state is terrorists. so shut up... we are beautiful ppl and we are proud of it.... understand....
posted by Roshanay on Jul 25, 2010
FUck u all indians... jin ki jaban itni gandi ho wou khud kahan achay honge.. hum kiun tum se daraein.. tum say tou humari galion kay kutay bhi haysiat may ziada hi honge.
posted by bettyboppiu on Jul 23, 2010
i think middle eastern girls are the most beautiful girls especially iranians they have the most prettiest eye shape and full lips unlikethin lips and huge noses like the british....
posted by arial khan on Jul 22, 2010
Afghan are the world most beautiful creatures in earth jert you all indians and americas loooooooooooooooool
posted by Rajeev on Jul 22, 2010
I beleive my love is the most beautiful
posted by indian on Jul 21, 2010
and u pakisthani grls fuck u all ! U all are ugly as pig apne ghar walo ko ghar me hi rakho salo india me aa kar ke yaha ki shanti bhang karte ho ! Tum logo ke andar daya nahi hoti ? Jaha bhi dekho tum sale terrorist hi ladai kar rahe ho ! Mere liye to tum sab pakisthani hi terrorist ho ! Tumko to ek-ek ko nanga karke tumhari gand gadhe se marwani chahiye ! Tum sab darte ho indians se tabhi chup ke andar ghuste ho tumhari ma chud rahi hai jo idhar dekhne aa rahe ho ! Fuck u all pakisthanis/terrorist tumhare liye koi gali hi nahi hai jo me du !
posted by indian on Jul 21, 2010
oh !man the woman above is really looking shit ! No comparison with aishwarya
posted by Coco on Jul 20, 2010
No way! Kristin Kreuk is way ahead of everyone! I do not know why she is not the prettiest woman in the world! She is.
posted by bina on Jul 20, 2010
My love is the most beautiful in this planet fuck others
posted by Re on Jul 18, 2010
From where are u md? Americans are pretty. Haven't u seen Demi Lovato or Angelina Jolie.
posted by rajab on Jul 18, 2010
i am from india..and have to say pakistanis,and women from middle east are prettier than indians....but according to me catherine zeta jones is the most beatiful women alive,,...
posted by md on Jul 17, 2010
fuck of those sick n idiot who thinks that only americans are beautiful.... dude if u will check my penis, it is better than ur face, n ask ur dad that how he fucks ur mom coz he might had diseas @ dat time thats y u born. ass whole
posted by bhartiya on Jul 13, 2010
indians r da most prettier..... jai hind jai maharashtra
posted by PoP/; on Jul 10, 2010
Javeria Abbasi and Angelina Jolie has both a beautiful face and a beautiful personality.
posted by rumana on Jul 10, 2010
beauty lies in d heart........... not on face!
posted by British_boy on Jul 09, 2010
I was crushing on a beautiful Paki gal in my college and an Indian chick was jealous of her.
posted by sagar on Jul 08, 2010
i think saswati pati in my college is the most beautiful girl on earth.
posted by ~!@ on Jul 08, 2010
Aishweria's beauty is very overrated and she has became fake so i think Javeria Abbasi is the prettiest.Her beauty is natural and she is prettier without makeup too.
posted by Roshanay on Jul 08, 2010
Katrina Kaif , Javeria Abbasi and Kate Winslet.
posted by :/> on Jul 07, 2010
Indians are so ugly. Have u ever seena common Indian girl who is not an actress??? So ugly and dirty. I think Americans are the prettiest like Angelina Jolie.
posted by temporary on Jul 07, 2010
@:/>. i am an indian and i am brown. of course fairer complexion looks better than a darker one. but a white face can look good only if it has good features. otherwise ordinary white ppl look weak,pale and diseased. u migh be one of them . fuck u
posted by after on Jul 07, 2010
fuck u all, who think indians are ugly and black and all that nonsense. u guys have seen only white beauty. keep in mind god has created ppl different from u and therefore u need to understand different kind of beauties too.
posted by D M on Jul 06, 2010
khubsuruti dekhne wale ki aakhon main hain
posted by nicolas on Jul 05, 2010
i think priyanka chopra 1 and deepika padukone 2 in last katrina kaif
posted by shivani on Jul 05, 2010
no one can compete with katrina,,she is the best
posted by sawanth on Jul 05, 2010
Except India no country have pure and innocent beauty becoz in all other countries women lead a rectless life as they eat non-veg and looses verginity at early ages so no innocence and purity in beauty. South Indian gals have innocent beauty as they are traditional. Check with Ileana, Anushka Shetty, Asin,New Sridevi(Old Movies)- Hema Malini and Jaya Prada, Rekha
posted by , on Jul 03, 2010
pakistani girls are the most prettiest girls alive on the planet. pakistani girls rule the world of beauty. hey indians dont be so proud ha visit pakistan once and u will forget ash and other ugly heroines.
posted by Vijayta on Jul 03, 2010
Even though i hate Pak and Paki girls , i agree that Javeria Abbasi is really very beautiful. I was captured by her stun and beauty in Drama Najiya.
posted by STEPHENIE ARAB on Jul 02, 2010
posted by Florida girl on Jul 01, 2010
Indians rae ugly. U guys know that Aishweria Rai herself says that she was born ugly. I think Iranian , American and Pakistani gals are so sweeeettt !
posted by Ferozay on Jul 01, 2010
I saw the images of miss universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez , she is nothing comparable to Javeria Abbasi , nothing at all. We are lucky to have Javie in our film industry.
posted by V on Jun 30, 2010
I think Indian girls are the most beautiful.
posted by Maria on Jun 30, 2010
I am from Macedonia. Those Ondians who say Pakistanis are not prettier than Indians are idiots. I;ve seen many Pakistanis living in Macedonia. They are beautiful ppl from both inside and outside. Indians are ugly. The most beautiful girl is Hayley Williams in my opinion.
posted by Ron on Jun 30, 2010
I live in California and surely agree that Javeria Abbasi is the most beautiful creature my eyes have ever seen and bollywood is fak and Aish is ugly in comparism with Javeria.
posted by Lulabi on Jun 30, 2010
Wow so many comments in 1 day. Avvril Lavigne is the prettiest girl alive.
posted by Maliha on Jun 30, 2010
Javeria Abbasi is the Queen of all Pakistani beauties and is stunning even without makeup.
posted by Katrina fan on Jun 30, 2010
No Javeria , no Aishweria , Katrina rules.
posted by Anzeela on Jun 30, 2010
The prettiest women in my opinion is Iman Ali. She is the bold and very beautiful Pakistani movie star and Deepika has to be ugly.
posted by Nicky India on Jun 30, 2010
Javeria Abbasi rules. Aish and others are nothing comparing too her.
posted by Radhika on Jun 30, 2010
If any body wants to seee the real beauty of Javeria Abbasi then i advice they must go to Pakistan and bring the DVD of Najiya. She is way prettier than Aish who's beauty has become overrated and fake.
posted by Radhika on Jun 30, 2010
I am an Indian. When i went to Pakistan , i bought a DVD of a pakistani drama Najiya. Javeria abbasi played Najiya and awwwww she was well she was there are not ehough words in the dictionary to describe her beauty
posted by Emily on Jun 30, 2010
Agree. Pakistanis are prettier than Indians even without makeup and Keira Knightley is most beautiful in the world.
posted by Mary on Jun 30, 2010
I am from California. I think Indian girls do not have as much grace as Pakiistani girls have. And i agree that Javeria really very pretty. Rosamund Pike is most beautiful.
posted by Neha on Jun 30, 2010
me 2. Love Javie. She is most beautiful on earth.
posted by Ferozay on Jun 30, 2010
Agree with Roshanay. Javeria is stunning in every way ! Deepika is ugly
posted by Roshanay on Jun 30, 2010
I wish i cld post a pic of Javeria Abbasi here. She has both inner and outer grace which Aish cannot even think of having. She is way prettier than Aish.
posted by Roshanay on Jun 30, 2010
Pakistani girls are really pretty if u have eyes to see them and we do not need to be jealous of any Indian girls because we are proud of our beauty. The most beautiful girls are katrina kaif , Javeria abbasi and kate winslet
posted by manash on Jun 29, 2010
my friend dristee is the most beautifull girl in this world assamese girlsa are most beautifull in india and indian are most beautifull in this world
posted by Maddison on Jun 28, 2010
Aishwarya Rai is THE most beautiful woman in the world. I am not Indian, but just look at her. She makes you feel ugly.
posted by samr on Jun 23, 2010
pakistani girls r most beautiful!
posted by buckingham on Jun 19, 2010
Rachel HUrt Wood is the most beautiful, and second is Evan Rachel Wood.
posted by Lorraine on Jun 18, 2010
OMG..!! how could you miss Anne Hathaway, Mahleej Sarkari,selena Gomez,Iman Ali,Angelina Jolie and Mahnoor Baloch..!
posted by menilita on Jun 17, 2010
beautiful stranger
posted by lea on Jun 16, 2010
malaysian girls...they r exotic....sooo beautiful....natural beauty......
posted by niazi on Jun 07, 2010
i think first is my girlfriend and second is rachel hurd wood
posted by niazi on Jun 07, 2010
i think first is my girl friend and second is rachel hurd wood
posted by niazi on Jun 07, 2010
my girl friend is the most beautiful girl in the world and second rachel hurd wood.see if u dont agree not to my girl friend just to rachel coz iam a
posted by staly on Jun 03, 2010
Indian call girl's are world most beautiful women's......... this is....?
posted by Raj crystal on Jun 03, 2010
See this are looking beautiful ok am agreed but this is not truth....... Raj crystal from INDIA KARNATAKA BANGALORE...COOL
posted by Prince on Jun 03, 2010
My girl friend she's the most beautiful gal in the world
posted by Nathi on Jun 03, 2010
halle B is the most beautiful woman i think
posted by ALEX on Jun 02, 2010
posted by beautiful woman. on Jun 02, 2010
Sneha Ullal is today's most beautiful girl on earth.However the size & shape of the Nose of the woman is the first point that decides the beauty of the lady. Pl observe very closely and interestingly the Nose of the ladies like Trisha, Shreya, Priyamani, Nayanatara, Gopika, Asin, Bhavana, Bharathi, Devayani, Namitha, Shobhana, Sameera Reddy, Aswini Nachappa,they have all excellent shape and size of the Nose that makes them most beautiful women in the world.
posted by manush aziz on Jun 01, 2010
oh nice.I love you,you love me?
posted by tilak on May 31, 2010
lina you must be a son of bitch
posted by cool on May 31, 2010
iwant tooo FUCK in dengrious movement,in your vegina be carefully
posted by fgd on May 30, 2010
posted by sri on May 30, 2010
indian girls r most beautiful in d world
posted by soko on May 29, 2010
depika padukone the most beautiful girl on the planet.
posted by na re on May 26, 2010
na re baba na my girl friend is the most beautiful
posted by jeetz on May 24, 2010
why isn't aish on the list?
posted by tin ko on May 21, 2010
posted by nesha on May 21, 2010
camilla belle! camilla belle!! camilla belle!!! no1 cn eva beat her...dam beautiful n cute!
posted by hamza on May 20, 2010
fuk u all i thnk eman ali a paki model is no.1 along wd gayatri sharma in swades
posted by Raihan on May 20, 2010
If beauty is something that delights you and fills your heart with devine joy, then MADHURI DIXIT is world's most beautiful lady. If you see her smile you know what heavenliness is.
posted by Hansen on May 20, 2010
Here are names of the top most beautiful women of the world: 1. Madhuri Dixit 2. Madhuri Dixit 3. Madhuri Dixit 4. Madhuri Dixit 5. Madhuri Dixit 6. Madhuri Dixit 7. Madhuri Dixit 8. Madhuri Dixit 9. Madhuri Dixit 10. Madhuri Dixit From all body aspects - face, smile, nose, eyes, cheekbones, lips,forehead, hair, arms, armpits, naval everything - Madhuri is the beautiful lady. She has a very amiable personality and she possesses a rich heart as friend, family member, colleague/co-performer. I have watched many of her films and I am not prepare to admit that a human being can be more beautiful.
posted by Read Carefully on May 19, 2010
Most Beautiful Women is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT with Most Beautiful-Faced Women...!!!, and here...we're not talking about Beautiful Face as Madhuri Dixit had beautiful nose. It's about beautiful women; their personality, behavior, thought. And face is only one of many perimeters. Got that???
posted by hmm on May 17, 2010
well this list seems more like the most beautifull/famous white celbrities over a certain age.... And dont say indians are the most beautifull?? thats just racists. Not to mention all those indians girls that won miss world and other things that everyone thinks is sooo pretty are only part indian anyway. Their not full. so !
posted by chiku on May 15, 2010
bhalus of thamel are the most beautiful ones...
posted by jr on May 12, 2010
dude u must be gay
posted by dilber and yasir on May 10, 2010
nice i like it
posted by blackjack on May 10, 2010
deepika padukone who is second aish n selena gomez r da bst!!!
posted by (*:*) on May 08, 2010
princess diana was most beautiful women in the world no one can compaire to her ........ and the sometime she was a very good person we always love her she is queen of heart ...
posted by S D on May 06, 2010
Madhuri Dixit is the best.She has a beautiful nose
posted by J Positive on May 03, 2010
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder...all these women look beautiful because of makeup otherwise they are all the same!!
posted by king on May 02, 2010
hi what is that?is it beautiful?
posted by Mike Vega on Apr 26, 2010
Those are the 10 most beautiful ANGLO women, but not of the world.. X(
posted by on Apr 24, 2010
ang pangit mu !!
posted by ofek on Apr 23, 2010
and where is rihanna ?
posted by eilujl on Apr 22, 2010
yeah! she's beautiful...
posted by sonya on Apr 20, 2010
gud comments
posted by Lina on Apr 19, 2010
Oh yeah I forgot this ethiopian model Lydia Asghedom some ethiopian are naturally stunning :)
posted by Lina on Apr 19, 2010
Last but not least the most breathtakingly beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on was a kazakh model name Ruslana Korshunova (Google her) who comitted suicide at a very young age :( may her soul rest in peace she had the epitome face of a feminine angel. I guess beauty aint everything
posted by Lina on Apr 19, 2010
i happen to be fijian or fijian indian as some people affiliate me as some of the women people have mentioned are lame except megan fox and claudia lynx :D Some of the most beautiful women in my mind are Miranda kerr, Megan Gale, Angel Lola Luv, paulini curuenavuli( My favourite native fijian singer god bless her), Joana Krupa, Rhona Mitra, Nilanti Narain ( a famous Fijian model in america I reckon she looks more naturally hot and beautiful compared to Aishwariya Rai and those lame bollywoood Actresses) last but not least as for people saying girls from india are beautiful well I'll say fijian and carribean girls of indian descent are far more beautiful, hot, friendlier and have good hygiene. I think its due to caste intermixing that took place when when our ancestors were brought as indentured labourers and slaves 130 -200 years ago as well as the fresh island air. Though with carribeans I think its due to them dancing to alot of soca music that gives them the advantage of having nice lean bodies that i envy.
posted by ashwani on Apr 18, 2010
mayawati , isin't very sexy , how can ony one miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by khan on Apr 16, 2010
aishwarya rai is the best best &best she is lovely in the whole world.mind bloing
posted by balabak on Apr 16, 2010
what? Kristin Davis was the most beautiful women? are you kidding me. She's ugly with her wide chin. it's sex attribute.
posted by trk8000 on Apr 16, 2010
monica ayunon tops them all
posted by Nazrul on Apr 15, 2010
Madhuri Dixit is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman ever born, with the most exquisite smile the world has ever seen.
posted by The king on Apr 13, 2010
I think the most beautiful gal on the earth she's NAJA'AT A.C
posted by DEVA on Apr 13, 2010
posted by bpark on Apr 13, 2010
Indian women are by far and away the ugliest women in the world. Of course you're going to have your exceptions like every other group, but the ordinary,everyday Indian woman is the ugliest. I've seen so many with more facial hair than myself, it's disgusting, and so many of them smellworse than cow droppings.
posted by riki on Apr 12, 2010
posted by a on Apr 11, 2010
I think Donna Air is beautiful. Not sure why she's overlooked.
posted by rofllmao on Apr 05, 2010
brithney spears/!
posted by hfhdfhcg on Apr 04, 2010
posted by joyel on Mar 26, 2010
sarah palin is the most beautiful woman of the universe.
posted by gurjit on Mar 24, 2010
aishwariya rai is the most beautiful woman in the universe.
posted by lewis on Mar 19, 2010
where cheyrl cole shes well fit
posted by jeepp26 on Mar 16, 2010
posted by jeepp26 on Mar 16, 2010
posted by yang2 on Mar 16, 2010
dont you know that i am more beautiful than you?jejeje . .. . .i'm just kidding
posted by marwen vasquez on Mar 16, 2010
because i like her bellydancing and her face.
posted by marwen vasquez on Mar 16, 2010
coz i like her bellaydancing and her face.
posted by marwen on Mar 16, 2010
i think the most beautiful girl is shakira.
posted by Rohan Sharma on Mar 15, 2010
Undoubtedly Madhuri Dixit is most beautiful with her divine and endless charm, glamor and beauty.
posted by ARSHI GUFRAN on Mar 12, 2010
Arshi is my love. Arshi is the most beautiful girl in the world.
posted by DAMN U! on Mar 11, 2010
posted by <..I C DED PEOPLe>.. on Mar 11, 2010
ahm,,i think shes beautiful but camilla bell is the best!
posted by Himanshu on Mar 09, 2010
Again i m writing this comment. KATE WINSLET is the heart of this world. No one has beauty like her. Wish she would have been my wife. Always i pray to god for her gud life. Thanks to god for giving sweet Kate Winslet in our world.
posted by tahir shams rabwa on Mar 08, 2010
my wife is much much beautiful than others
posted by Mr hics on Mar 07, 2010
charkize is the only one out of that list that belongs there.
posted by anna on Mar 04, 2010
shadi robin is so beautiful and young than aishwarya rai and i think she is the most beautiful woman in the world
posted by costantino on Mar 03, 2010
aishwarya rai is the icon of beauty in this one can arrive her.she is a really angel.then are claudia lynnx and adriana lima.
posted by nilesh jadhav on Mar 02, 2010
u f american and gore just go and check in world beauty india is no 1 to recieve miss world title u f gore u will neverunderstand only mother f and a hole regards nilesh note :east or west india is best and no 1 in all sense.jai hind
posted by dennis on Mar 01, 2010
ooh no the worlds most beautiful women are from venezuela
posted by yodha on Feb 26, 2010
real beauti in india only
posted by yodha on Feb 26, 2010
hema malini is the most beautiful woman since last& forever.
posted by xycl()ne on Feb 22, 2010
huh.? the ost beautiful in the world are ahnsohee,maria ozawa,& jastine..^^
posted by v.sindhuja on Feb 11, 2010
ash ,deepika padukone, kareena are the most beautiful girls
posted by DJ on Feb 11, 2010
and oh, i forgot to mention, i'm not even from India or Pakistan or from those countries that regularly features bollywood movies but i'm one of Ash's biggest fans so yeah! rock on Ash! :D
posted by DJ on Feb 11, 2010
what is this list?? my vote goes to aishwarya rai bachchan! its high time that the americans (or western countries for that matter) realize that there are women from other countries that are more beautiful than them. Ash is grace, dignity, and beauty personified. and even if that beauty fades with age (of course she'll age, she's only human), i'll still go for her. Ash rocks! :D
posted by kayna on Feb 08, 2010
she;s almost not even cute.hahaahaha people dont know what pretty is
posted by ko on Feb 07, 2010
aleast try to tackle this girls.and should go for date that is my target.What u think?
posted by dd on Feb 05, 2010
i have seen all your comments and it seems that you have mentioned gals name that have artificial beauty, they look beautiful because of make up even dog can look smart with make up
posted by Abraham on Feb 04, 2010
the most beautiful women would be in heavens and those would be able to get who abstain themselves from shameful deeds in this life moreover the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
posted by Alam on Feb 01, 2010 me,Hillary Duff is the most beautiful women in the world followed with Adriana Lima..
posted by O\'connel on Jan 30, 2010
My piks would be Megan fox, Aishwarya Rai and Claudia Lynx. I m Steve o'connel, Sr. Photographer, FTV France.
posted by Passion on Jan 25, 2010
Aishwarya Rai is not so beautiful as she has the plastic smile... Katrina is far better than her..
posted by Passion on Jan 25, 2010
Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra doesn't even deserve in this race. Priyanka's face... yuk.. I don't know how she could become miss world...
posted by Pacific on Jan 25, 2010
As per my opinion, Catherin Zeta Jones is the most beautiful women in the world...
posted by gmat 750 on Jan 23, 2010
a very well researched rank..from a very intelligent and well travelled guy: 1.Victoria Silverstadt(sweden) 2.Katrina Kaif(Brit-indian) 3.Sushmita Sen (India) 4.Adriana karembeu(Slovakia) 5.Yana Gupta-synkova(Czeck republic) 6.Holly Madison (USA) 7.Nicole Kidman(Australia) 8.Pamela Anderson (Finnish) 9.Aishwarya Rai(India) 10.Milla Jovovich(Ukraine)
posted by chandan on Jan 21, 2010
ilove aayashia taakia beacus her boops are very large
posted by Sreyown on Jan 20, 2010
From my own opinion no one is the most beautiful in the world because each one of us has a different way of our beautties. WhatGod has created is always beautiful. Please satify what you have that's enough
posted by Raj on Jan 18, 2010
Completely agree with Riya. India has won the Misa World title the most times, enough said. Thats in a contest that includes women of all the nations in the world!!!!!! Indians are the prettiest no doubt, then South Americans then Lebanese, Iranian nations. And Aishwarya Rai is an international star and definitely the most beautiful woman in the world and has non comparable beauty no matter which nation. Thats the truth, like it or not!!!!! Having this level of beauty will often mean others being jealous, haters and envious, which shows and proves one's beauty even more!! Indians are naturally beautiful with stunning features and dont have plastic surgery unlike the other nations. Indians also grow old gracefully and naturally.
posted by Riya on Jan 18, 2010
Ok first off Indian girls are the most beautiful in the world, anyone who says Aiswarya Rai isnt the most beautiful in the world is a hater and jealous. As for those that say Indians are darker, etc than pakistani girls are JEALOUS!!!! Its so plain and simple. I have seen many dark paki girls, the only difference is they dont have nice features either. Wheras Indians have the most stunning features, so are beautiful, light or dark(and I have seen many light Indians too). Thats what makes a person good looking, having naturally beautiful features, which Indians have and South American nations too (not to forget South American is a mix of Spanish, black, Indian, nationalities), followed by Iranians, Lebanese, etc nations. Aishwarya Rai is no doubt the most beautiful woman on Earth and NATURALLY too. No plastic surgery whatsoever. All these other Western girls listed have all had plastic surgery done Megan Fox included, they might look hot now, but so can anyone with plastic surgery and a whole lot of money. Thats not beauty! Indian women are born with beauty and dont have or need plastic surgery and Blessed by God to be born with beauty.
posted by srikanth on Jan 16, 2010
my vote is aishwarya roi
posted by Jivon on Jan 13, 2010
I think that the most beautiful women in the world is Dyana Mendoza ( Miss Universe 2008 )
posted by RobinMtl on Jan 12, 2010
OK some of you have obsiously no clue who Monica Bellucci is! She is a perfect 10 when she wakes up in the morning... My 2 cents worth!
posted by NELSON ALEXANDER on Jan 11, 2010
posted by its not true on Jan 11, 2010
beauty is in heart not out off
posted by Yna Macaspac on Jan 10, 2010
i think the world most beautiful lady is KRISTINE HERMOSA..she so flawless..even without her make, she looks like an angel..besides, i do check on claudia lynx photo...she is way more beautiful than aishwarya rai..and for the hottest girl in the world, i think MEGAN FOX deserve the crown....
posted by ymca on Jan 09, 2010
r u actually goin 2 helll!!!!
posted by jenni on Jan 09, 2010
oh my wot da f***
posted by NAVNEET CHATURVEDI on Jan 08, 2010
posted by sheena on Jan 08, 2010
everyone is beautiful in there own way, make up or without. why can't you people judge your self and not others
posted by babaman on Jan 06, 2010
i think carmen electra she somethin
posted by JSH! X cheropy! X on Jan 04, 2010
posted by alex on Jan 04, 2010
posted by JOSHI on Jan 04, 2010
R u kidding . Aishwarya rai is the most beautiful girl ever appeared on earth . She is an angel
posted by alice on Jan 03, 2010
tuba buyukustun is the most pretty women in the world ashwaria rai is fake she pot e dozen of makeup on her face to look pretty oh com on you ppl tuba is not fake and thats is true
posted by rampy on Jan 03, 2010
i think the most beautiful women in world is no other than ANNE HATHWAY....isn't it???
posted by farah on Jan 03, 2010
katrina kif for me..she is too beautiful...
posted by zoe on Jan 01, 2010
uhhhhhhhh she's ugly not even 1percent pretty
posted by mess on Dec 31, 2009
aishwarya rai....of course
posted by Himanshu on Dec 31, 2009
Only kate winslet is the most beautiful girl in this world. No one can compare with her. She is one part of nature in this world. I don't have more word for her.
posted by rani on Dec 28, 2009
its siva nt sava plz siva hav a lok on my comment
posted by rani on Dec 28, 2009
i would like to answer sava whoever she is i dont care hw dare you to use tht shit words for paki girls although u r a girl ok and supose 2 respect girls thn others wil respect pplz like u seperate ino pak got it who eevr knws dis sava plz tell her to have a look on dis comment
posted by <3 on Dec 27, 2009
I've never heard of anyone as stupid as the person who said paki women are more beautiful than Indian like it or not dumbass Indian and paki is the same damn thing only because Pakistan was separated from Indian but its used to be a part of it not long ago its the same kind of people and there are many pakistani women that are dark as well but who cares? Dark is beautiful as well as brown and all colors
posted by Ruby on Dec 24, 2009
PREITY ZINTA is the most beautiful woman on this planet for sure, followed by Aishwarya Rai. Them two ladies have it all, looks, talnt, brains and personality. Preity Zinta has the most desired features ever, it's as if God himself had moulded her face to perfection while creating her. Watch her in a movie called Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and then tell me. She looks like a baby doll and so dream-like, she truly is the most beautiful woman you will ever lay eyes on.
posted by imonbond69! on Dec 19, 2009
It's a funny thing....
posted by new york on Dec 18, 2009
i bet only 2 percent of indian girls are pretty rest of them are so ugly, i would choose morrocan girls, labanese or some paki girls daymm they are hawwttt.
posted by DEEPEK on Dec 17, 2009
posted by satheesh on Dec 14, 2009
world most beautiful girl is my girl friend ............
posted by raj -bang on Dec 14, 2009
i love every one beautiful , every one beautiful
posted by vannessa on Dec 12, 2009
she is the most beautiful girl
posted by riv on Dec 10, 2009
adriana lima shadi robin scarlet johnson heifa wahbe angelina jolie aishwarya rai rihanna is so beauty
posted by Twat on Dec 10, 2009
Aish, Priynka etc etc. Indian girls are sublime, and for the dickhead that said Indians should get educated A lot that come to the UK are doctors and I bet a lot of them would be much more dedicated than you'd be if they would have been given the oppurtunity.
posted by Amin Armaan on Dec 07, 2009
The most beautiful woman ever born is Madhuri Dixit. No woman ever had such an aristocratic beauty: her perfect cheekbone, divine smile, dazzling eyes, charming lips, marvelous hair, prettiest nose and above all lovely attraction remain still unmatched! There will not be another woman as magnificent!
posted by B on Dec 06, 2009
Google, who is the most beautiful woman of them all?
posted by shaggy on Dec 05, 2009
beauty does not matter.. it should be a fuckable matter..
posted by siva on Dec 04, 2009
Al pak girls are high demand fukin girls in the world...
posted by siva on Dec 04, 2009
I think most of the indian girls are pretiest girl in the world...its such a truth..
posted by ZARIAH on Dec 04, 2009
posted by ZARIAH on Dec 04, 2009
posted by Bobz Big on Dec 04, 2009
well what i think about beauti... 1.My Mother 2.your Mother
posted by gs on Dec 04, 2009
not to much
posted by scarletbabe911 on Dec 02, 2009
I think Scarlett Johansson is very pretty. That's all I have to say... :)
posted by adriana on Dec 02, 2009
i think aishwarya rai bachan and shadi robin are most beautiful woman in the world
posted by adriana on Dec 02, 2009
i think aishwarya rai bachan and shadi robin are most beautiful woman in the world
posted by fool indian on Dec 01, 2009
u all beach dont you can see any beautiful gal al around the world u black dhoti
posted by Naqvi on Dec 01, 2009
i thing ture is ture no katrina this is fact. Mr India's
posted by sam on Nov 28, 2009
posted by wekiadkha2 on Nov 25, 2009
for me the asian girl are most really natural beauty!they dont even like a kind of surgery!
posted by pakii_pride on Nov 25, 2009
not all gals who r slim and beautiful r the betst u also hve to luk in the heart and feel peoples feelings not there personaltyz so u idiots who think actresses r the best OPEN UR FUKIN MINDS and thnk about otherss
posted by pakii_pride on Nov 25, 2009
beauty iz in da heart not on the outside bollywood,hollywood r all fake coz u need to see pakii gals they have thier own natrual beauty
posted by DRLC on Nov 20, 2009
i am too good for this
posted by SFA on Nov 19, 2009
posted by Johni an find better on Nov 17, 2009
I think
posted by sunny on Nov 13, 2009
every woman has something beautiful in them.
posted by Rox on Nov 13, 2009
All indian women are pretty you know they actually take care of their bodies nd hair and they don't have plastic surgery. Fom my perspective i think Aish vari Rai Bachan is soooooo hot so are other indian actressess.Shahid Kapoor is soooooo cute.
posted by Anupama on Nov 11, 2009
I think the most beautiful is Ashwariya rai then Kirsten Stewart and then Selena Gomez.
posted by me on Nov 11, 2009
im the most beautiful gal in d world
posted by cristina on Nov 10, 2009
yeah! AFRIDI U RITE. lover is the most beautifull
posted by afridi on Nov 10, 2009
hahaha.she is like grand mother.but i think no one is beautifuul than my lover.
posted by afridi on Nov 10, 2009
noooooooo.the most beatifull woman in the earth is my whome i love so much.uuu all r sooo stupid.
posted by espada on Nov 09, 2009
jessica alba is fuckable she could get it hard this lis is crap
posted by deena on Nov 07, 2009
indian girls are the most beautiful women in the world....!!!
posted by pam on Nov 07, 2009
i have seen better
posted by giri on Nov 06, 2009
monica dbt ..she is da goddess of beauty...
posted by randomm on Nov 05, 2009
i think katrina is the prettiest girl on earth
posted by ericka on Nov 05, 2009
type Kristine Hermosa pics on yahoo/google. for me she's the prettiest of all :)
posted by whatever on Nov 02, 2009
and the beautiful woman in the world iz Maria Sharapova
posted by sam on Oct 30, 2009
i think its a good idea to use Charlize Theron as the next bond girl because that list is just not the best list, using girls that dont fit the film not such a god idea we dont want to put the bond films in a bad name just because yous put a bad accter in the film.
posted by kulokoy on Oct 29, 2009
This is unreliable... Why do they claim it's world's most when they have only shown women in hollywood.. NO budget to search further?
posted by Venkat on Oct 28, 2009
Madhuri dixit is most beutiful.She has a perfect shaped nose,beutiful lips and charming eyes
posted by Bhartiya on Oct 28, 2009
posted by you on Oct 23, 2009 i think indian women are so bauty everywhere in india.pak girls are best yeh comment jisne bhi likha ha wo apna chera aine me dekhe wo kitna acha ha pir ye likhe jo insan dusro ko kam btata ha wo kabhi sahi nhi bol sakta or rahi baat khubsurti ki to angelina and sushmita are beatiful bcoz khubsurat dil or vichar ha unke paas
posted by New Boy on Oct 27, 2009
Sigourney Weaver eclipses all of that chat, the godess, perfection, The most Buetifull woman in the world ever
posted by aman on Oct 25, 2009
katrina kaif is sooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful
posted by you on Oct 23, 2009
i think indian women are so bauty everywhere in india.pak girls are best
posted by nazir ahmed on Oct 23, 2009
i love miley cyrus and her smile .her acting and singing is better then others.she is gold of acting and singing
posted by DREW on Oct 22, 2009
posted by DREW on Oct 22, 2009
posted by indian on Oct 22, 2009
STUPID ....THIS KIND OF "MOST BEAUTIFUL","MOST SEXIEST" things are all can compare the people who are making this kind of shit with..."FROGS IN THE WELL"..
posted by cocoo on Oct 20, 2009
UM isn't Ashlee Simpson the prettiest girl in the world i think so.
posted by KUKI CHAPA ..Haokip on Oct 17, 2009
Hai, if we tok about the most beautiful in this world u can't say that she/her is the most owesome in this world, not u ar wrong if u want to know who is....... that was you. there is no one as like U.
posted by siddesh on Oct 15, 2009
this is wrong list as ash is not here
posted by sameer on Oct 07, 2009
koi ladki beautiful nahi hote uska nature beautiful hota hai. koi anne body ke dam par beautiful nahi hota. par sabhi actress aisa hi karte hai. wo apna figer dikhate hai is liye unse ganda koi nahi hai.
posted by lucy on Oct 02, 2009
I think indian and south american women are the most beautiful women.
posted by jyoti on Sep 21, 2009
i think i m d best
posted by Luelle on Sep 20, 2009
There is NO most beautiful women in the world!!!! cant people understand that!!! every list shown is out of a couple hundred people opinions!!! there is no "most" beautiful women in the world because everyone thinks differently, me personally I would have to say the most beautiful women, in MY opinion would be.... Adrianna Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Aish Warraway (cant spell it) ummm... Isabelle Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez is really pretty, but that list is just MY opinion.
posted by R-J on Sep 19, 2009
Kristin Davis is very beautiful, but Alicia Keys is even more beautiful; she is in a class all by herself.
posted by N on Sep 16, 2009
omg crazy isn't pretty
posted by RINI on Sep 14, 2009
posted by rini on Sep 14, 2009
posted by Anil on Sep 13, 2009
Sorry but the list of top 10 beautiful women given here is wrong. Aishwarya Rai is not included in this. Aish is also a part of top 10 most beautiful women in the world.
posted by Pratap on Sep 07, 2009
Just the fact that Keeley Hazell is not in the list makes this list a crap.
posted by leo on Sep 06, 2009
no loll.. i think claudia lynx looks too fake.. megan fox is sexy, but aishwarya s beauty is not comparable (aish is much better than fox, like actress too).. Aishwarya looks beautiful in majority of her pics.. its true sometimes she doesnt looks weel but in general its happen with all ppl (its normal).. and no haha she is NOT an overrated.. she is the most beautiful woman from ther formers Miss World, she is the FIRST indian actress of the decade that has an International career today (Freida Pinto too, but she is really after compared to Aishwarya)
posted by samuel on Sep 05, 2009
Aishwarya rai is ugly soemtimes...and i think to be the most beautiful you have to be ALWAY beautiful and OFCOURSE no human can look perfect all the time so therefore Beauty is common every where....and that Aishwarya rai girl is not pretty at all... Meghan fox is 10 times hotter than her.
posted by Nick on Sep 05, 2009
People like Meghan Fox, Bipasha Basu , Shreya saran, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Pudukone, Eva Longoria, are all so much prettier than Aish.
posted by BIBI on Sep 05, 2009
i think Shriya Saran should be on the list and also she is so much more beautiful than AISH and ALSO has STARRED in A HOLLYWOOD FILM which makes her international as well....and Aishwarya rai IS OVERRATED actress who is alright in acting and is amazingly beautiful but i have seen many more prettier actresses than her.
posted by The dude on Sep 03, 2009
I think Gisele Bundchen is the best!!!!!!! Check her out. drives me nuts.
posted by kalk on Sep 02, 2009
iranian women are claudia lynx and after them indian would be next like aishwaria
posted by vegeta on Sep 01, 2009
i think beutifull gals r everywhere 2 b seen...b it any part of d world.
posted by G on Aug 31, 2009
is this a joke?
posted by leo on Aug 29, 2009
i don think so.. loll people say all they want about aishwarya and its all stuped rumours.. (like she is an over rated, not true haha today she is an International star in hollywood too) i think all her haters say that because they just cant accept the true fact: she is one of most beautiful in the World.. ;)
posted by KNS on Aug 28, 2009
Honestly not every woman has a camera in their you can't really say these are the prettiest in the WORLD but yes they are pretty woman in this world. As for Aishwarya rai i think she is defintily over rated by indians...Bipasha Basu has extrodinary features..Personally Bipasha is so much prettier than Aish.
posted by Nick on Aug 27, 2009
My choice is everlasting the same one: Sigourney Weaver (But... when she was 28 years old).
posted by dp on Aug 24, 2009
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is most beautiful woman on the earth. She is the perfact combination of brain and beauty even if without makeup. So beautiful eyes ever on the earth..!!!! Moreover, she is down to earth and with great personality. There are so many other beautiful women after ash...
posted by Britain on Aug 24, 2009
Indian Women Are Beautiful
posted by Trudru on Aug 24, 2009
Where's Raven-symone on this List..she should be up there with the best of them...that list ain't right needs a slight touchup improvement.
posted by Kd on Aug 23, 2009
Oh..god..salma hayek..she got huge..sud b listed
posted by CoolBoy on Aug 23, 2009
I think list is incomplete without katrina and maria sharapova. At least 1 indian sud b there.
posted by willieUK on Aug 22, 2009
i must say indians girls are beautiful,thats why i married with my wife.people thought she is model or actress. BABY I LOVE YA.
posted by babyruth on Aug 21, 2009
SITI NURHALIZA is beautiful .check her out she is malaysian and i think she is beautiful,she is not sexy but very humble and low profile millionaire.
posted by ooooooo on Aug 18, 2009
posted by Me on Aug 16, 2009
whatever you say..I'll tell you the truth .. Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful and sweetest girl..bye
posted by bek on Aug 16, 2009
camilla belle is the youngest and she's most beautiful
posted by I <3 Megan Fox on Aug 14, 2009
wtf, Halle Berry isn't even near hot, she ugly Megan Fox the hottest
posted by psha on Aug 13, 2009
i thin aishwary ray is mostbutifull in ward
posted by mack on Aug 13, 2009
aishwary is a most butifull woman in ward.....
posted by nicky on Aug 12, 2009
Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful in the world!
posted by gin on Aug 12, 2009
Adriana lima, Josie Maran, Aish. Agree that nicole kidman isn't THAt pretty and neither is j-lo
posted by miley on Aug 12, 2009
d only natural,endless and evergreen beauty is aishwarya rai!!!! N SH'LL REMAIN D MOST BEAUTIFUL GAL IN WHOLE WORLD!
posted by raven on Aug 08, 2009
my mom is beautiful women in this universe
posted by loulou on Aug 04, 2009
i think the most beautiful girl in the world is !!!!!! yet i d say beauty is elsewhere
posted by anjali on Aug 03, 2009
katrina is a sameless girl she did everything to get famous if u want to saw go and watch her in boom
posted by manvi on Aug 03, 2009
deepika is mindblowing katrina is nothing in frount of deepika padukone
posted by anu kaim on Aug 03, 2009
katrina is the ugly even i m better than her
posted by jyoti on Aug 03, 2009
deepika padukone is the beautifull woman of the world no one can compeat with her
posted by swati on Aug 03, 2009
deepika padukone is the perfect she had very good height she had diamond shape face she had innocent eyes she had sexy figure , all makes her perfect who can forget her beautifulllllll smile
posted by lolz on Aug 03, 2009
y the hell u all guys are jst after the fuck wid u ur opinion if she is not beautiful it dosent means u will critisize her...evryone has his/her own view...acc to me i find anne hathaway nd penelope the best
posted by missme. on Aug 03, 2009
There are many international beauties in every country no doubt. Every country has its own beautiful celebrities and women.Just because you have never heard of Aishwarya Rai or any other Bollywood star,doesnt mean you can critisize them.Personally i think India has amazingly beautiful women as Latin America does. To me, those would be the two most beautiful regions in terms of wholesome beauty,not just cuteness or hotness. And everyone is entitled to an opinion,so dont diss what you dont know about.
posted by veer on Aug 03, 2009
wht have told fuckin people abt katrina they all r moron they dont know how to judge a beauty, she is like a dream girl wht man wants she is perfect beauty. I LOVE U KATRINA MORE THAN MY LIFE I WILL PRAY TO GOD PLZ GIVE ME U IN NEXT BIRTH WHEN I WILL COME AGAIN ON THE EARTH .
posted by veer on Aug 03, 2009
posted by motherfucker idians on Aug 03, 2009
Fuck awishwarya rai.....................ihave never seen the ugliest women like her in whole world
posted by B on Jul 31, 2009
Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in the UNIVERSE..and you all know that!
posted by henry on Jul 31, 2009
i'm argentinan and i think that nobody can choose the priettiest woman world wide beacause nobody knows all the them !!!!... aishwarya rai can be one of the most beautifull, jessica alba, the argentinan liz solari, elizabeth hurley. Argentinan womans are amazing and one of the most beautifull world wide with indians too
posted by danger on Jul 31, 2009
to the hell with all u people...only and only penelope cruz deserve the first position
posted by fu*k on Jul 30, 2009
hers the fuck to one and evry one who dont like indian actress..i wonder dese hollywood actress are fucked by many a people..dey do a lot of surgeries to make dem luk good but yet the result is negative...
posted by akash~~ on Jul 30, 2009
wtf rihanna my foot,aish is too old for this category, for me the most beautiful is the only penelope cruz..chck her guys..she is just wat u say heaven
posted by Kat on Jul 27, 2009
Aishwarya Rai is a goddess on the earth.
posted by aman on Jul 26, 2009
i will say maria sharapova
posted by Gio on Jul 26, 2009
CLAUDIA LYNX and Charlize Theron!! the brunette and the blond *_* PERFECT!
posted by Yeri on Jul 26, 2009
Meagan Good Is good choice 4 d no 1. Spot... Dnt get it twisted, she's hota dan hell.
posted by RASHDAH on Jul 23, 2009
posted by shan on Jul 21, 2009
half of the people you lot are saying are not even pretty at all, there is no such thing as the most beautiful woman in the world becase none of you have seen every lady in the world.
posted by Amin Armaan on Jul 20, 2009
You and Deities ( A Poem for Madhuri Dixit) I won't compare you with deities - Not with Aphrodite - she'd your dazzling beauty, But not a heart as wonderful. I won't compare you with Athene - She's wise and strong, but not as magnificent. Helen - She was as beautiful and elegant, But never as faithful as a wife. Sita had all the purities of a woman - But not the individuality you possess. With Xena? - She's a tremendous warrior all right, But could not kill like you with her smile! I won't compare you with Hera, who had wealth - But never comparable to your motherly love.
posted by QNH on Jul 20, 2009
The most beautiful woman in the world is Madhuri Dixit. She has the most charming smile, the most aristocratic nose, and a perfect cheekbone.
posted by leo on Jul 20, 2009
Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the World yet!!
posted by a boy on Jul 20, 2009
beauty is in the eyes of a person,it depends on what u feel,no one can be called beautiful by all people,many times i find a simple girl more attractive than any actress while anjelina,priyanka dont even look like common girls to me but they maybe killing some other guys because they would be beautiful for them
posted by Naresh Sullaniya on Jul 19, 2009
Asih very beautiful women
posted by fatiiii....... on Jul 19, 2009
in pk mostly glz beleivetatkatrinais most pretty lady of universe
posted by anam..... on Jul 19, 2009
ash n beautifull??? haaaa.. beauty has no relation with ash...katrina kaif is the real beauty
posted by michael on Jul 18, 2009
I think aishwarya rai is the most beautiful woman in the world.We should consider all the places in the world to make list not just our hollywood.There are many more women in asia ..
posted by david on Jul 14, 2009
aishwarya is most ugly womman in the world
posted by dick on Jul 12, 2009
ofcourse Aishwarya Rai hail her everyone!!!
posted by on Jul 10, 2009
CLAUDIA LYNX!!!!!!! she is extremely beautiful.
posted by ricky243 on Jul 10, 2009
There IS an extremely beautiful woman on the face of this earth but i assure u it's not a celebrity.
posted by suhaib on Jul 10, 2009
Aishwarya Rai bachan is most beatiful women on earth
posted by amin armaan on Jul 08, 2009
The most beautiful woman in the world - if beauty, loveliness, glamor and attractiveness considered - is Madhuri Dixit. She is unique, divine and above and rating and comparison.
posted by ejjj on Jul 08, 2009
shut uppppp everyone beyonce is the most beautiful celebrity women in the world
posted by nIk on Jul 07, 2009
do u motherfukers even realize , holliwood actress's look like whoreshit in real life . if they dont put on some make up u wont even luk at them . Aishwariya rai is one real Beauty with brains . chk her out in real life . she looks like an ANGEL !
posted by a jolie on Jul 06, 2009
Ash is ok but not all up there. angelina is the most natural beautiful woman EVER. HAS TO BE SAID.everyone even men must want to look like her
posted by jimmy on Jul 06, 2009
guyz though i m an britain its really hard 2 sallow d truth.the real beauty is ashwariya rai....she is jus so frekin hot.....
posted by sourabh on Jul 05, 2009
hey check out india de beaufort. she's too hot and even the most beautiful amogst them. she'a a perfect combination of beauty with brain. check out!!!!!
posted by jithu on Jul 04, 2009
there are so many girls around you,who looks gorgeous than these celebrities...they r better with no makeup!!itz true ..believe k
posted by jenny on Jul 04, 2009
I think angelina jolie is the prettiest!!!!!!!!!
posted by sush on Jul 04, 2009
kristin davis is the most beautiful woman in the world.i agree but aishwarya rai is the most beautiful girl in the entire universe.
posted by sush on Jul 04, 2009
aishwraya rai,priyanka chopra,madhuri dixit are the most beautiful womens ever in the whole universe.kristin davis or whatever her name is looks like a living mummy.
posted by paks on Jul 01, 2009
Kristin Davis!! wat d heck. she dont deserve dat position.I THINK Kristen Stewart & Camilla belle are perfect for top ranks.
posted by skinny pete on Jun 29, 2009
now u know wat it is ryt. Fantasia is da way
posted by Smartiie <3 on Jun 29, 2009
I say Aishwariya Rai and Camilla Belle need to be in this list.
posted by Paris Hilton on Jun 27, 2009
No everyone. I AM the most beautiful in the world. i'm soooo hot, more than you losers can ever be!
posted by yeahh12 on Jun 27, 2009
OMG!!! indian women are not beautiful like u think. most of their pics are photoshopped to perfection but in reality whern they wake up in the mornin and look at their faces they are UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! i guess u indian idiots haven't seen real women. and yeahh, get educated.
posted by SomeRandomGuy. on Jun 27, 2009
my mum is the most beautiful, than any1 mentioned here!!! :-p
posted by uknowit8990 on Jun 27, 2009
take a look at Selena Gomez. She's young and pretty. OoOoh, i'm bewitched in her beauty... marry me selena!!!
posted by jp on Jun 27, 2009
BEYONCE is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!
posted by wtf. on Jun 27, 2009
OMG. wats with u lot mentioning indian actresses. Have u been out lately and seen REAL women, or do u just sit at home on your asses watchin bollywood films and wankin???
posted by watchagonnasayaboutd on Jun 27, 2009
all u indian fuckers can shut up.
posted by mikey12345 on Jun 27, 2009
right.. it's gotta be kim kardashian. she's hot hot HOT!!! or Megan fox, and Claudia Lynx. mmmm..
posted by Jack2343 on Jun 27, 2009
MEGAN FOX!!!!!!!
posted by THE REAL ANSWER!!!! on Jun 27, 2009
THE TOP BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD... Megan Fox Claudia Lynx Beyonce Cameron Diaz Tila Tequila Meagan Good Jessica Alba Salma Hayek
posted by abc123456 on Jun 25, 2009
Have you noticed only indians are posting that aishwarya rai is the most beautiful or bollywood stars. Reality check bollywood is fake there are hundres of prettier woman out there then bollywood stars.
posted by rymoucha tunisia on Jun 24, 2009
angelina jolie is the most beautiful and hot and lovely that s why she got the best men and she will still forever the number one just like marline monoro....
posted by Jamaican on Jun 23, 2009
Sanya Hughes is the world's most beautiful woman.
posted by sana on Jun 20, 2009
posted by sana on Jun 20, 2009
posted by andre on Jun 19, 2009
Obviously it's a matter of personal taste!
posted by Mr Bang on Jun 18, 2009
the top 10 women in hollywood wouldn't break the top 100 in bollywood. Sorry America, your women aren't even close!
posted by xxx on Jun 18, 2009
the most beautiful gal in this world isss .exactly don no .......coz have not seen all the gals in this world........... how that
posted by 12 on Jun 14, 2009
I say Aishwarya Rai and then Bipasha Basu
posted by one who knows on Jun 12, 2009
Kristin Davis IS the most beautiful as far as celebrities go. Who wouldn't want a woman in her 40's who looks that stunning?
posted by Anand Dey on Jun 10, 2009
Yes, Madhuri Dixit! She is goddess of beauty and devine grace.
posted by Seema on Jun 10, 2009
Madhuri Dixit, I believe, is most beautiful.
posted by Raihan Sharif on Jun 10, 2009
The most beautiful woman is Madhuri Dixit, without any doubt.
posted by anjolina joli on Jun 08, 2009
she is most sexy
posted by king on Jun 08, 2009
d most beautiful women in d world is non other than ash
posted by J S B on Jun 05, 2009
jo girl mere saath sex karegi, vahi sab se beautiful hogi.........
posted by bryan steve on Jun 05, 2009
the indian beauty aishwarya rai is the most happening female on earth...beigng 33 she is just unique...awesome n the most beautiful...i heard tht shes the only waxed indian female...just gorgeous...wud be lucky to marry her though m not a indian
posted by Pray on Jun 02, 2009
Its how you decipher beauty! Whether it is few pounds of vanity and mascara on the face and pounds of flesh on chest or the real beauty "Her Highness Mother Teresa" whom many loved from deep whithin their hearts.
posted by Malua Alopopo on May 30, 2009
I am going to meet my favorite girl.
posted by Salesi on May 30, 2009
J LO is my precious.
posted by Mavaega on May 30, 2009
I think jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful girl in the world.
posted by elex on May 30, 2009
she is fuken hot and cute
posted by elex on May 30, 2009
she is fucken hot
posted by kient on May 27, 2009
posted by jeanne on May 27, 2009
watch nicole kidman's moulin'll see yourself the true beauty..
posted by Annie on May 27, 2009
Nicole kidman has the most beautiful symmetrical face ever in this whole wide world
posted by rocky on May 27, 2009
posted by ghaeer on May 24, 2009
angy is so beutiful and brad wow
posted by sUM..... on May 22, 2009
posted by alessya on May 21, 2009
aishwarya rai is the most beautiful ever!!!
posted by Mikey on May 20, 2009
posted by dadadada on May 15, 2009
i think that the most beautiful women in my eyes is my mum then hwang bo
posted by slim on May 11, 2009
my pics wud b (in no particular order)aishwarya rai, prianka chopra, liv tyler, halle berry, anjelina jolie, aaliyah(tho she's dead) yendi phillips, sanya hues, lisa hanna, jade fulford from jamaica, salma hayek and miss angola micaela reis, from d 2007 miss wrld beauty pageant.
posted by sunny boy on May 10, 2009
i highly believe that katrina kaif and shilpa shetty are the most beatiful in the whole world. they r gorgeous
posted by Umayya on May 10, 2009
Have u seen deepika padkon on screen...She is the real beauty...Just watch up
posted by slim on May 07, 2009
wat abt d misses frm d beauty pageants and otherwise, they are FAR MORE GEORGEOUS than d celebrties. majority of celebrities are make up enhanced and heavily depend it. plz ppl, celebrities aren't d only faces on earth.
posted by slim on May 07, 2009
wat abt the misses frm the beauty pageants and otherwise, they are MUCH MORE GEORGEOUS than the celebrities. most celebrities are make up enhanced as most look AWFUL without it.
posted by asshole on May 05, 2009
cum into my asshole its the most sexiest woman in the world and i am not kidding
posted by hollyjolly on May 05, 2009
u guys are mad! i think that kareena kapoor, prianka chopra, aishwarya rai, and katrina kaif are the most beautiful woman in the world
posted by raju on May 05, 2009
chi chi...kareena kapoor looks like a prostitute....wat an ugly looks n wit proudness,,she thinks she looks gud 2 her self but m sori...she is not
posted by nzan on May 05, 2009
kangana ranaut is the most beautiful girl 4 me....i love her,,,how i wish she sees this message n gives a wonderful smile....
posted by Vinni on May 03, 2009
Ash is most beautiful
posted by Arun on May 03, 2009
The most beautiful woman in the world is Katrina Kaif
posted by somya on May 02, 2009
i think aishwarya is the most beautiful woman.........not kristin
posted by marilyn on May 01, 2009
i believe katrina kaif is d most beautiful actress..n perfect evn wodput mk up..frm head 2 toe shez is pretty
posted by sarim on Apr 29, 2009
posted by pals on Apr 18, 2009
obviously deepika padukone,katrina kaif, priyanka chopra are the all time most beautifel. u all r blind pips
posted by zavaiyar on Apr 16, 2009
i love ashooooooo
posted by z on Apr 15, 2009
posted by xyz on Apr 15, 2009
kareena is raand
posted by analogmoodswings on Apr 14, 2009
I can agree with anything in the world but not Aishwarya being beautiful.. feel sorry for ignorant folks who are fooled by Very Very biased Indian Media.....She is just hype..
posted by jhatu on Apr 14, 2009
no comparison to indian girls.yes definetely aish is the most beatiful girl.if ssome body denies it then he or she is blind or don't know what beauty is exactly.
posted by tania on Apr 12, 2009
aishwaria, queen rania, cindy crawford, and all dem latinos... dere gorgeous
posted by dark angel on Apr 07, 2009
for me the most beautiful woman in the whole world now is Danna Garcia of la traicion hehe for me she is coz she luks like a goddess in any angle of her face...
posted by monte on Apr 06, 2009
Beaulatasha is the most beautiful woman in the world hands down!!!!!!!!
posted by kitu on Mar 30, 2009
my girlfriend
posted by ladyrain on Mar 28, 2009
i think the most beautiful and angelic face is SITI NURHALIZA. she doesnt have to wear sexy dress,or thick make up or even w/o makeup Her face alone can tell shes has it all.
posted by pj on Mar 14, 2009
u guys r all mentioning celebe here,i actually dont agree with any cos if u go into d real world i think u wld actually find a girl more beautiful than all u've mentioned
posted by mike on Mar 13, 2009
kaitrina kaif is really pretty girl.hmmmmm
posted by Amin Armaan on Mar 11, 2009
posted by Amin Armaan on Mar 11, 2009
Madhuri Dixit without any doubt. There will not be any woman more beautiful than Madhuri Dixit on earth.
posted by Amin Armaan on Mar 11, 2009
Madhuri Dixit without any doubt. There will not be any woman more beautiful than Madhuri Dixit on earth.
posted by sherry on Mar 08, 2009
all the indian actress r a big bloddy pig ass fucker bitches wat u gna say 2 dat
posted by Sean 26 on Mar 03, 2009
Yeah! Although Claudia Lynx ranks very highly too,NO DOUBT!!!!!
posted by Sean 26 on Mar 03, 2009
To me the most beautiful woman in the world is Bipasha Basu then Aishwariya Rai and 3rd Layla Kayleigh.The most beautiful woman in USA is not Angelina Jolie it's Megan Fox and most beautiful black woman is Megan Good.Anything else is wishful thinking!!!!
posted by lila on Mar 03, 2009
asian girls are the best looking especially from india pakistan the best most beatiful is aishwairya rai second is claudia lyns but we all know she has asian features lol, megan and angie
posted by bri on Mar 03, 2009
um Aishwariya rai is the most beautiful woman in the world next to her angelina jolie and megan fox and the copy of aishwariya rai claudia lynx enough said rihanna is beautiful too
posted by _L_()_L on Mar 03, 2009
hahaha we all know who really is the best !!! its gotta be jessica alba
posted by Candian on Mar 01, 2009
Indian girls are the sexiest in the world
posted by girl22 on Feb 26, 2009
Charlize Theron is number 1 Priyanka Chopra is number 2 and Aishwarya is number 3
posted by Elias on Feb 25, 2009
Fuckers. have you ever seen Claudia Lynx ??? SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in This MF WORLD .FFS !
posted by tania on Feb 24, 2009
u r the uggliest lady i ever saw actually r u a lady or man because i cant tell u look like my toilet seat
posted by tania on Feb 24, 2009
u r the uggliest lady i ever saw actually r u a lady or man because i cant tell u look like my toilet seat
posted by Jayhernandez on Feb 21, 2009
Aishwarya is the all tym beauty ,i mean itz so obvious,cum on u guys r ul blind or wat
posted by girl on Feb 19, 2009
beauty is not everything if you think a particular girl is beautiful than what about the other girls who is no!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by qazi akhter on Feb 19, 2009
i think madhu bala ever beautiful
posted by angelo on Feb 19, 2009
siti nurhaliza is the most beautiful women in the world, it's true i told u.... if u don't believe me just click her name and find it at google...but u should vote 4 elton john ,george michael and michael jackson be part of this competition hahahahaha jst kidding....
posted by anusha on Feb 12, 2009
the most prettiest and attractive and beautiful lady in the whole wide world is the one and only kristen stewart(as bella swan in twilight)
posted by Margaret on Feb 10, 2009
How bout Uma Thurman and Gwenyth Paltrow? The girl from Slumdog Freida Pinto is beautiful, too. Aishwarya is an angel. Beyonce is sexy. Nicole Kidman should come dead last, right after Tom Cruise dressed as a woman.
posted by Jasmine on Feb 04, 2009
Angelina jolie got a witch looks....
posted by Amanda on Feb 04, 2009
Preity zinta is yukkkk..horrible...
posted by Ashley on Feb 04, 2009
posted by MIKE on Feb 03, 2009
posted by MIke on Feb 03, 2009
I think Brooke Burke is the most beautiful lady around the world
posted by maddie on Feb 03, 2009
Keira Knightley all the way. She is so beautiful with or without make up! also Mila Kunis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Amy Lee( singer of Evanescence) are pretty.
posted by scrt usr on Feb 02, 2009
Aishwariya has lost it now so it has to be angelina jolie with those eyes and incredible features!!!!!!
posted by JusS MeH on Jan 30, 2009
I ThiNk That ThE LaTeSt BeAuTy Is KaTrInA KaIf (BoLLyWoOD ToP AcTreSs)..ShE HaS ThIs InNoCeNt FaCe anD CuTe SmiLE...BuT SeRiOuSLy..VeRY VeRy BeAuTiFuL..I RecoMeNd YoU To SeE HeR WaLlPaPeRs aND MoViEs OnCE..ThEn CoMes The BoLLyWoOD BeAuTY DeEpiKa PaDuKONe..VeRy PrEttY...AiShwArYA RaI Is EvErGrEeN ThOuGh
posted by Top on Jan 27, 2009
I don't care as long as one of these are voted as number1 Beautiful Women In the World (no particular order): Jessica Beil, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Utada Hikaru, Vicki Zhao Wei, Aishwarya Rai
posted by powerful man on Jan 25, 2009
no body beatiful in ths world except my wife!
posted by TG on Jan 21, 2009
Where is Rihanna on this list?
posted by Qazi Nazrul Huque on Jan 21, 2009
For last twenty years I have believed and there are reasons to believe that Madhuri Dixit is the most beautiful woman ever born on earth. This unique combination of heavenly face, divine smile and extraordinary beauty is not found in anybody else.
posted by Therealdeal on Jan 19, 2009
Jessica Alba is number 1, and the rest are in no particular order...Angelina, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Chalize Theron, Aishwarya, Keira Knightly, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Milla Jovovich.... Katrina Kaif is also pretty not top ten worthy, but for whoever said Indian women were the hottest didn't realize that she is only half and half British (white)..... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if anything Brazilians actually get more acclaim than any other
posted by ROBERTA on Jan 18, 2009
posted by roberta on Jan 18, 2009
posted by bhramha astra on Jan 18, 2009
khink tha every women is beautiful but most of them lack brain
posted by DGF on Jan 17, 2009
EVE (as in the wife of the first man, Adam) MUST have been DA MOST BOOTIFUL!!!
posted by Jane on Jan 15, 2009
Lucy Liu not only knows how to act-she gets prettier with age.
posted by Jessica on Jan 15, 2009
Okay, the most beautifulest would be mostly from Asia. Lucy Liu is really elegant, Priyanka Chopra is a natural beauty with no facial surgeries like Angelina Jolie-because you should have seen Anj before she went to surgery. Aishwarya Rai is pretty but shes really dumb and so she didn't go to Miss Universe. Nicole Kidman can act but like seriously look at her and tell me if she's really worth the time. Catherine Zera-Jones is awesome! I don't know about Camilla Bella. For Asian ladies we should look at the original legends: Rani, Preity and Karishma even though she looks like a goat. We also have Bips who is really hot. But overall, all I'm saying is that Canadian and British butts aren't the only ones who have good looks-or even American for that matter.
posted by raja on Jan 12, 2009

posted by abc on Jan 04, 2009
only ashwarya rai !!!!!no woman is as beautiful as her
posted by uday on Jan 04, 2009
ashwariya rai is the most beautiful woman on this planet so far
posted by zhany boy santos on Dec 30, 2008
i realy like that face,like an innocent angel
posted by sara on Dec 24, 2008
ash is the sexiest of all.Indian woman r much more gorgeous then these english chapaties
posted by tom on Dec 22, 2008
jessica alba #1 olga kurylenko #2 eva longoria #3 holly valance #4 and kate beckinsale #5
posted by MBC on Dec 18, 2008
I thnk beyoncè knwoles is the most beautiful chck shez got them luks n everthn
posted by Yaty on Dec 16, 2008
you're all a bounch of assholes
posted by johnhenely on Dec 16, 2008
I can't believe the ratings, Kriste Davis is not even in the top 500, eva langoria is horrible, jennifer anniston is a horse, neither kate is in the top 100, nicole kidman is not that great. I can't believe you would put them on the same page as the others shown and many more.
posted by sania on Dec 04, 2008
i wud say dat preity zinta and priyanka chopra r d most beautiful women
posted by beauty lover on Dec 04, 2008
execept Eva Longoria everyone is perfect . Charlize Theron and kate winslet must be one two
posted by dash on Dec 04, 2008
Nicole Kidman beautiful
posted by ashraf on Nov 30, 2008
katreena kaif is one the most beautiful women in world
posted by thing on Nov 29, 2008
nicole kidmen in't that pretty
posted by justagirl on Nov 29, 2008
nicole kidmen is pretty but not asmuch as some people in the wold
posted by leo on Nov 28, 2008
are you'll blind? the most beautiful should b Angelina Jolie . . . she is the most perfect woman ever lived!!
posted by whatever on Nov 26, 2008
ummm... yeah i have to agree, the exotic ones are gorgeous! but yeah shes pretty, just not AMAZING... this was supposed to have AMAZING, id like to see these women w.o makeup, then ill judge.
posted by chris on Nov 24, 2008
You idiots! this poll was for the world's most beautiful women not for the world's ugliest looking women
posted by chrissy on Nov 19, 2008
there r many beautys in the world so hw cn anyone say who is the most beautiful!
posted by chrissy on Nov 19, 2008
hw the hell did nicole kidman be at 3rd place!she is so ugly and pastey white!yuk!
posted by sauraBH on Nov 17, 2008
hmmmmm..... there r many ... like latetia casta (french).. camilla belle... elisha cuthbert . (canada.) .. indian south actress r beautiful like asin..n all..shriya saran... olga kurylenko... cheryl tweedy (uk).. maria velverde (spain).... there r many ... i realy luv them all.. muaahhhhh
posted by Crazy boy on Nov 16, 2008
The most beautiful is jessica alba
posted by Oindrila on Nov 14, 2008
To me bengal's Suchitra Sen and Madhuri Dixit are the most gorgeous and beautiful.
posted by prem on Nov 13, 2008
i say katrina & shilpa shetty are no 1
posted by raj on Nov 11, 2008
angelina jolie & deepika ooooohhhhhhhh they are real deal beauties!
posted by diana on Nov 11, 2008
in my view angelina jolie is the number one beauty.
posted by eliza on Nov 11, 2008
angelina jolie, deepika padukone are most beautiful ladies ever.
posted by rozy on Nov 11, 2008
i think deepika is an angel, who is so gorgeous rather than other girls!
posted by kristina on Nov 11, 2008
Deepika Padukone is the most...... Beautifullll... Girllll... in this entire world...
posted by namee on Nov 03, 2008
if u want to know the real meaning of beauty then c the pict of LEATITA CASTA
posted by PRAMOSH on Oct 28, 2008
posted by james on Oct 25, 2008
was this audited? what vote? Tosh!
posted by samuel on Oct 25, 2008
Look, i am not indian, but i have to agree...indian chicks are sooo hottttt
posted by yohanna on Oct 25, 2008
Aishwaria Rai, Sushmita Sen, Amisha Patel...Indian women are the most beautiful, gorgeous beings on this planet. IS this a JOKE???
posted by guts on Oct 23, 2008
r u mad???? where's ASHWARIYA RAI n wat about KATRINA KAIF???? English women r just like whit chapatis with eyes n lips n nose on them... The real beauty lies in Asia
posted by beauty on Oct 23, 2008
aish is the most beautiful. those girls cant compare to aish. asia has more beautiful women but they just dont know yet.
posted by Sundar on Oct 16, 2008
R u kidding . Aishwarya rai is the most beautiful girl ever appeared on earth . She is an angel
posted by Sundar on Oct 16, 2008
R u kidding . Aishwarya rai is the most beautiful girl ever appeared on earth . She is an angel
posted by addi on Oct 07, 2008
it is only aishwarya when name of beauty will come ever on this earth
posted by Bob on Sep 29, 2008
Katrina Kaif is sure the No1 when it comes to Beauty & Brains...
posted by JACKIE on Sep 24, 2008
posted by ash...ish on Sep 22, 2008
aishwarya is all time looking gorgeous.
posted by 36 on Sep 20, 2008
Thay all are ugly. Aishwarya Rai is beatiful
posted by histerical on Sep 19, 2008
Jennifer Morrison has got to be easily in the top 10, she looks amazing.
posted by san on Sep 18, 2008
I think Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif are the most beautiful
posted by tubbz on Sep 02, 2008
keira knightly surly ide bang her eney day
posted by fiona on Aug 29, 2008
Charlize Theron or Kate Winslet should've been number 1!!
posted by now on Aug 18, 2008
my favourite is J Lo
posted by sararnda on Aug 06, 2008
i think is good but now much much that be in number one but is ook
posted by kenneth on Aug 05, 2008
i think britney is d beautifulest
posted by celinipops on Aug 03, 2008
OMG seriously she's ok but OMG
posted by tomsvette on Jul 16, 2008
How could you miss Angie Harmon, the most beautiful and perfect face in the world?
posted by that on Jul 13, 2008
nicole kidman isn't even pretty
posted by M C M on Jul 04, 2008
OH C'MON!!!!
posted by rick on Jun 30, 2008
are you kidding

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