Justin and Hailey Bieber's Church Slammed for Invading Privacy by Asking Prayers for Them

Victor Marx, the founder of the All Things Possible Ministries, recently asked people to pray for the Canadian star and the model in a concerning post that was reshared by Hailey's dad Stephen Baldwin.

AceShowbiz - Fans of Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber a.k.a. Hailey Baldwin are coming at the couple's church minister. Fans accused Victor Marx, the founder of the All Things Possible Ministries, of "inappropriate" behavior by publicly asking prayers for them.

Upon catching wind of Victor's eyebrow-raising post, which was later re-shared by Hailey's dad Stephen Baldwin, Internet users took to social media to share their two cents on the matter. "This is so invasive," one person criticized, "High visibility position and you thought it's a good idea to post on INSTAGRAM?"

Similarly, someone said, "If I were Justin or Hailey, I would never talk to this man again. This is so inappropriate." Another added, "What an unbelievably out of bounds thing to do."

One fan also called the move "appalling." The person wrote, "Whatever is going on with J&H, this is an appalling invasion of their privacy by their church."

The controversial post included a video of Justin playing the guitar and singing along to "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" by Delirious? and the Hillsong Worship. It also had a message that read, "Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord."

Meanwhile, Victor wrote in the caption, "I seldom like to post about certain folks in the limelight because of the negative comments we get." He added, "Eileen and Hailey's mom pray often together for J&H and our children as well." 

"There are special challenges that folks in high visibility positions face and also the enemy doesn't want them to draw closer to Jesus," he continued. "So often regardless of the material things or the accolades they often face spiritual warfare that intense and seeks to ship-wreck their faith , marriage and life in general. So thank you."

Hours after the post went viral, Justin and Hailey were photographed attending a late night church service in Los Angeles. Arriving at the church in their new $90,000 Tesla Cybertruck, the Canadian pop star and the model looked downcast.

The "Sorry" singer hid his face with a black scarf as he wore an oversized black sweatshirt. As for Hailey, the Rhode Skin founder appeared to be somber despite her bright yellow argyle sweater.

A new report, on the other hand, claimed that Hailey was "pissed" at her dad Stephen for re-sharing the post. The 27-year-old catwalk beauty was allegedly not happy with the actor exposing her and Justin's "private" family matter despite his good intentions.

The Instagram post arrived amid rumors that there's trouble in the couple's marriage. According to a recent report, they had been "fighting a lot" as the model is allegedly tired of the singer's immature behavior as Hailey was "tired" of the Canadian star's immature behavior.

"They hardly left the house in three years," a source told National Enquirer of the couple, "From Hailey's point of view, they're still spending too much time together. She's literally sick of the sight of him!" The tipster added, "It's like living with a kid. She can't even stand the clothes he wears. He's clingy and needy and she's tired of being his nursemaid. They've been fighting a lot."

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