Gavin Rossdale Called 'Weird' by Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush for Dating Gwen Stefani Look-Alike

In a romantic twist that's catching everyone's eyes, Gavin Rossdale's latest relationship has fans doing double takes, prompting discussions including on TV program 'Today with Hoda and Jenna'.

AceShowbiz - Hoda Kotb of "Today with Hoda and Jenna" brought to light the striking similarities between Gavin Rossdale's new girlfriend, Xhoana X, and his ex-wife, Gwen Stefani. During a recent episode, Kotb shared her initial mistake in identifying Rossdale's companion in vacation photos from Mexico as Stefani herself.

"I thought, 'poor Blake [Shelton]' - that's what I thought for one second. They look exactly the same," Kotb admitted, expressing a sentiment that many fans echoed online.

The conversation between Kotb and her co-host Jenna Bush Hager dove deeper into the doppelganger dynamic, highlighting how Rossdale's new and former love interests not only look alike but also share similar styles, from their choice of red lipstick to their blonde hair.

"He has a type," Kotb remarked, injecting a bit of humor into the observation. Bush Hager mused on the peculiarity of the situation, noting, "That would be kinda weird - the same thing. That's really interesting."

Despite the playful banter, the resemblance raises interesting questions about the nature of attraction and preferences in relationships. Bush Hager sees potential flattery in the comparison for Stefani, suggesting it could mean she's the "one that got away." Kotb, however, feels it would be "super weird" to watch an ex-partner move on with someone who looks so similar to oneself.

The buzz about Rossdale's love life began after pictures of him and Xhoana X, whose legal name is Xhoana Xheneti, enjoying each other's company in Cabo San Lucas went viral. The couple, who went Instagram-official in March 2024, has ignited discussions not only about their relationship but also about how physical resemblances play into the realm of romantic partners post-divorce.

Rossdale and Stefani, who were married from 2002 to 2016 and share three children, have moved on with their lives, with Stefani marrying Blake Shelton in 2021.

As this romantic saga unfolds, it offers a fascinating glimpse into relationships in the public eye, the significance of physical appearance in attraction, and how past relationships can shape or mirror future ones. For fans and followers, the conversation around Rossdale and Xhoana X versus Stefani provides intriguing fodder for discussions about love, life, and look-alikes in the world of celebrities.

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