Death Threats Against Peso Pluma From Mexican Cartel Launch Police Investigation

One person has been arrested in connection with the incident after banners threatening the 24-year-old Mexican star were displayed in Tijuana, a month before the artist is set to perform in the border city.

AceShowbiz - Authorities have gotten involved after Peso Pluma received death threats purportedly from Mexican cartel. It has been confirmed that the Baja California Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation after banners threatening the 24-year-old Mexican star were displayed in Tijuana.

Tijuana Security Secretary Fernando Sanchez said one person has been arrested in connection with the incident. A Tijuana news outlet, Punto Norte, reports that the 43-year-old man was arrested in possession of one of the banners.

One of the banner was reportedly found on Tuesday morning, September 12 hanging on a bridge. "This goes to Peso Pluma, refrain from presenting yourself on October 14 because it will be your last show due to your disrespect and loose tongue, you show up and we are going to (break you)," it reads.

According to the Punto Norte news site, all banners have the same message and were signed with the initials of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a crime syndicate based in Jalisco, Mexico. The group is led by "El Mencho," one of the most-wanted drug lords in the world.

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero said that authorities will wait for the results of the investigation by the prosecutor's office to determine whether to cancel the concert for the safety of both the singer and the attendees.

Victor Clark Alfaro, a professor at San Diego State University, said these threats should be taken seriously. "Today organized crime does not play games, these are very serious warnings," he said.

Peso, who was born in Mexico, has not commented on the death threats. The "Ella Baila Sola" hitmaker has penned songs about the drug trade. In the music video for his 2022 song with Raul Vega, "El Belicon", Peso carries what appears to be a machine gun and sings lyrics like, "I'm the one in charge here/ Sports cars in my collection/ Minimis, bazookas and Kalashnikovs/ All my boys are ready/ They like action." He also shouts out a different gang, the Sinaloa cartel, on another song.

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