Jesse James: People Won't Be Happy Until I Kill Myself

May 10, 2011 03:58:55 GMT

The ex-husband of Sandra Bullock doesn't worry about what the media say about his engagement to Kat Von D since he thinks he'll always be a hated man.

Jesse James
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Sandra Bullock's cheating ex-husband Jesse James doubts he will ever win back the public's favor unless he kills himself or disappears. The TV mechanic's marriage to "The Blind Side" star fell apart in March 2010 when his infidelities were exposed in a U.S. tabloid.

James has since accepted responsibility for the heartbreaking betrayal and is now set to wed celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. However, he's refusing to worry about what the media has to say about his speedy engagement, because no matter what he does, he'll always be a hated man.

He tells, "It doesn't matter if I wait, it'll always be to too quick (to move on from Bullock) to the public. I could wait 10 years and everybody will say, 'How come he's rushing into it?' It's one of those things. At this point I don't think I'm going to be able to do anything right in anybody's eyes ever again, except kill myself or disappear, then people will be happy I guess."


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posted by I_ Fortuna on May 10, 2011
Jesse has a lot of rationalizations for all of his actions including getting engaged on the rebound. It will not work and Kat will move on or he will cheat. I don't think even Sandra wants him dead. That is a bit harsh.
posted by Map 1201 on May 10, 2011
Boy...this guy is full of himself..and crap. Oh wait...that's one and the same. Ughh...
posted by Kayla on May 10, 2011
What I don't understand is why Kat would even want tobe in a relationship with a man who cheated. Makes no sense.. If I knoew my man had cheated before he met me, there would be no way in hell I would be with him. Especially if the WHOLE world knew.
posted by disgusted on May 10, 2011
jesse james is his own worst enemy. shutting up (like his wife had the class to do) would be a great idea.
posted by Homme de Ail on May 10, 2011
I think he flatters himself with "hated". I think of him as low life trailer trash. He'd have to have something going for him to be hated.

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