Kanye West Wants No More Question About Taylor Swift

November 10, 2010 07:43:20 GMT

'No more Bush questions... no more Taylor questions... no more relationship questions,' the outspoken rapper wrote on Twitter.

Kanye West
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Kanye West is stepping away from the promotional trail for his latest album, insisting he is tired of facing "scrutiny" about his personal life and fielding questions about Taylor Swift. The rapper has been candidly discussing his 2009 MTV Video Music Awards confrontation with Swift, as well as his war of words with George W. Bush ahead of the release of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" later this month. West controversially accused the former U.S. president of not caring "about black people" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

But the hip-hop star now wants to cut back on the number of interviews he gives - because he wants his music to speak for itself. In a series of posts on his page, West writes, "I've decided to fall back a bit on interviews in order to 'sell my album'. I can't come up with some magic trick to make people like me."

"I've made mistakes, I've paid the price, now it is what it is. I'm gone (sic) make this art but I'm not going to be scrutinized as a human being. No more Bush questions... no more Taylor questions... no more relationship questions.... and the music is unquestionable sooooo....."

"I am a creative person.... I'm not a good celebrity but I'm a great artist... I'm tired of using my celebrity to sell my art."


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posted by kingr_31 on Nov 11, 2010
re:Kanye West. what interrigent person gives a damn. only morons listen to rap anyway. It's too bad West makes millions spouting crap that nost people can't understand. He can't speak normal English and is an insult to his race. We should send all the rappers and hip hop clowns back to Africa. Start with West.

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