Celebrities React to Pia Toscano's Elimination From 'American Idol'

April 08, 2011 06:39:29 GMT

After one shocking result show on Thursday night, April 7, Snooki vows not to watch the show anymore, while Jennifer Hudson writes on Twitter, 'Just hate to see talent like that go!'

Celebrities React to Pia Toscano's Elimination From 'American Idol'
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The elimination of frontrunner Pia Toscano from "American Idol" on Thursday night, April 7 did not only upset the judges and stunned the audience, but also sent shock waves through the celebrities. From "Idol" alums to "Jersey Shore" stars, many have taken it to Twitter to express their disbelief.

Upon learning about the result, Jennifer Hudson, who was also sent home despite of her rave performance on season three, first wrote on her account, "I can not believe they just eliminated pia ! ReAlly..????" Hours later, she posted another message that read, "Long as she walked away with that voice she will be alright !! Just hate to see talent like that go!"

Another former "Idol" contestant Kimberly Caldwell expressed her shock as tweeting, "Did Pia just get voted off idol?! She's too hot for people to take her seriously! That's crap". Similarly shock with the result was Sammi Giancola of "Jersey Shore". Her last two tweets read, "WHAT!!!!!!!!!" and "wow. upset over American Idol right now."

Sammi's cast mate, Snooki, meanwhile, has a stronger opinion about Pia's elimination. On her Twitter, she wrote, "Pia should have won the whole thing! I'm not watchin Idol anuymore. I'm with JLO on this one..." Comedian Marlon Wayans also has a say, "Pia eliminated not fair! Who do the teens wack off to now? Dammit life's not fair... Well kids, there's always j-lo".

Pia fell to the bottom three this week after taking on Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High" on performance night on Wednesday. Joining her were Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone. After it was unraveled that she was the one getting the least votes, teary Jennifer Lopez said, "I'm shocked. I'm angry."

After the show, host Ryan Seacrest took to Twitter to describe the atmosphere following the shocking elimination. "After we went off air no one in audience left their seat, everyone was in shock. Judges walked on stage to talk to her. @JLo was emotional," so he wrote. Pia herself has since tweeted, "I'm truly going to miss my idol family! Thank you @JLo Randy and Steven for believing in me. Love you and love my fans!"


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posted by ScottyMcCreeeyLover on Aug 12, 2011
I'm a Scotty fan, but I thought for sure Pia would have won the whole thing. I think she got sent home because people thought everyone was voting for her. It was the one night i didn't vote for her. :( PS Lauren Alaina Sucks who the crap voted for her we do not need mile cyrus reruns LOL
posted by redhairing1982 on Jul 09, 2011
All of you girls who are dissing Pia can all go fuck yourselves! You know who you are.
posted by redhairing1982 on Jul 09, 2011
Look where Pia is now since AI season 10 has been over. Going on tour, officially signed a record deal and working on her new album. Next stop is doing some acting and winning something else.
posted by OPIE on Apr 13, 2011
Done with Idol done with any sponcers.....Pepsi no Coke Please.
posted by harmony on Apr 12, 2011
after the crazy voting on this season's american idol, having voted off pia. i will not be watching american idol anymore. there is a huge problem in which they vote, and how this even happened. she was pure gold and still voted off. what crap! i hope others will also say to heck with the show american idol.
posted by smartcookie on Apr 11, 2011
the only ones happy Pia is gone are 14 year old girls who see her as everything they are not. Fortunately adults buy most concert tickets and cd's. I'm ready for you Pia.
posted by amber28 on Apr 10, 2011
That's Bullshit!!! She deserves to go home! she just love to scream everytime she hits the high note.! she is not the only one has a beautiful voice! Thia and Naima has the voice too.. 4 GOD sake Shut up PEOPLE...
posted by amber28 on Apr 10, 2011
that's bullshit!!she deserves to go home. she just love to scream,evrytime she hits the high notes..james is the best.
posted by Dee on Apr 09, 2011
Truth is....would you have paid a chunk of change to sit in a Pia concert? I don't think so. She is not an American Idol. Great gal....not an American Idol. Beautiful voice, but no excitement. She may not be this way in person, but on the stage she came off boring and cold and I don't believe she connected well with the least she didn't connect well to me.
posted by Linda on Apr 09, 2011
Good grief people. Pia was boring. Because she didn't win American Idol doesn't mean she doesn't have a great future and a lucrative career. She was great, but not an American Idol. The show is fun, creative and entertaining. People are given shots who never would have been given them except for a show like this.
posted by Vote w/Your Wallet ! on Apr 09, 2011
Voting system is ridiculous! Let's BOYCOTT the show and ALL the sponsors 'till it's changed. See ya later AT&T.
posted by roooo on Apr 09, 2011
loveyou Pia
posted by mary on Apr 09, 2011
I agree lets boycott Idol If their ratings plummet this week they will know why
posted by deedee on Apr 09, 2011
No, she is not the most talented contestant. There are others more talented than Pia...AI is not a beauty contest, it is a singing contest. Finally America realized that when they voted off Pia Toscano
posted by tony on Apr 09, 2011
Pia Toscano is an amazing talent. She can sing rings around J-Lo. What in God's name is J-Lo talking about asking Pia to bring it to the next level and all this crap about stage presence. What next level!!! She blew the roof of the place with that voice when she sang River Deep Mountain High. There are very few people on the planet that can do that song justice, Tina Turner Darlene Love and one or two others, Pia nailed the song. This proves American knows nothing about music. Scotty, go to any Holiday Inn down south on a Saturday Night you can find an equally talenetd singer. Paul sounds like Rod Stewart on helium. What a joke! I never watching this show again.
posted by happy granny on Apr 09, 2011
Like me, and many others, I did not vote Thursday, because I was just positive my 2 favorites, didn't need my votes. Wrong! Pia, was my favorite, and I do wish, they would change voteing as so many have suggested to the voteing for the person's performaces you did not like. It is my fault, and many others who just thought there was no way she would be voted off, that she is now gone. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Pia I will be waiting for your CD!
posted by ripoff on Apr 09, 2011
Voting system is ridiculous! Let's BOYCOTT the show and ALL the sponsors 'till it's changed. See ya later AT&T.
posted by mj on Apr 09, 2011
Bring on the X Factor, because I'm done with AI. Absolute disgrace!
posted by golly molly on Apr 08, 2011
the voting system is a farce. Surely the producers must realize that or do they just luv announcing 50 million votes for the benefit of their sponsors?
posted by me on Apr 08, 2011
WOW. I missed watching one show and they vote pia off. If I could re do yesterday I would dial a thousand times for her. So unfair for her. She was the best one singer on idol ever. I'm done watching until voting is changed to only voting once and only voiting for the person you didn't like.
posted by InShock on Apr 08, 2011
Pia you have more talent in your pinkie finger than all the others; Simon you should sign her; she will win Grammy's. She is the whole package!
posted by Jes on Apr 08, 2011
Yayyyyyy Pia is gone!!!!
posted by cdtomtom on Apr 08, 2011
She was to much like Celine Dion and she wasn't at all like Tina Turner.I guess she should have sang another balled.
posted by bajaris on Apr 08, 2011
i think there should be an investigation into Pia's phone line. Considering she's 23 her ability to sing like Celine and others is phenominal.The teeny boppers are knocking out the girls.Change the voting porocedures please.....
posted by Chinosniper on Apr 08, 2011
American Idol just lost another viewer. Bring back Pia and I'll watch again.
posted by DisappointedViewer on Apr 08, 2011
The voting system needs to be revamped. While losing Pia is a shame, it is not the first time that speed dialers have ruined this show.
posted by BoneDaddyO on Apr 08, 2011
My biggest problem with the this is that Pia should have made it too at least the top two and looking at some of these people that are still on Idol, should have never even made the top 25 let alone the top 10!!! Just goes to show that Americans are not very smart? They need to change the way the voting works and the judges need more than one save!
posted by MikeR on Apr 08, 2011
Blame the Judges, no one one the show is critical, it's obvious all the contestants are not all equally talented. It's the Judge's responsibility to point that out. Steve and Jennifer are terrible and Randy's not far behind.
posted by Reinhard on Apr 08, 2011
3 words: im donw wtih Idol!
posted by barflan on Apr 08, 2011
Very, very disappointed. This show should be about talent, not a popularity contest. AI should forget about the rules and bring Pia back. They not only would allow the most talented singer the chance she deserves but maybe America will forgive the judges, especially Randi, trying to turn Pia into something she isn't. Her voice and her beauty was plenty enough for me. Also one vote per phone number please.
posted by mia on Apr 08, 2011
Did anyone have a problem voting for pia? I did. When I called the number, a recording said the line was disconnected. What.
posted by KATHY on Apr 08, 2011
I cant believe PIA is gone!! She is sexy, beautiful and has a beautiful voice. She sings better than JLO!!!! American Idol sucks! I cant believe the judges used there "safe"on Casey knowing that he can't sing!! Im so upset right now. I will not watch this stupid show ever again and I hope that PIA keeps singing so she can make it out there like Jenifer Hudson!! Good luck PIA and I cant wait for your first record deal!!!!
posted by linda nj on Apr 08, 2011
pia was sooooooooo not the best james and lauren are.
posted by Sam on Apr 08, 2011
I am so upset!!At first I wasn't going to watch the show because simon left.I gave it a chance, now i'm so done!! Pia was the absolute best on that show. The music out here today is a lotta B/S....Pia's got real talent! I knew the judges wasted their save on Casey...AI SUCKS
posted by epyaeger on Apr 08, 2011
Idol now SUCKS!!!
posted by Doll752 on Apr 08, 2011
Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!! Pia who??? wat r u guyz talking about??? There's more talent out there. Dont watch, who cares?*?! When u dont, who losses out?? DUH!!! Rubbish!! The rest of us will still do and vote at that. Create ur own show, make ur own rules....then start talking.
posted by epyaeger on Apr 08, 2011
I will not watch this scam anymore. American Idol sucks to even let this happen.
posted by sara on Apr 08, 2011
It's obvious. Idol is rigged. Pia is the best I have ever seen and heard! The judges should NEVER have saved Casey. He's a clown.
posted by Idol Stinks on Apr 08, 2011
Never watching this ridiculous, biased, disorganized train wreck show again. Watch The Voice on NBC instead! Love ya Pia, can't wait for your new CD!!
posted by Crazeegirl on Apr 08, 2011
This is upsetting!!! I thought she was going to win! A lot of people don't know how to vote...on the positive side, I know PIA will havea career even if she got voted out.
posted by hec with this on Apr 08, 2011
I found pia boring, same thing evey week, no excitement and her last performance was her worst. Im sure alot of people feel the way i do, i'm not shocked..
posted by floppywolf65 on Apr 08, 2011
i am so upet. pia was the best on the show. iam 73 yrs old and took music when i was young so i don't judge by look but by performance and Pia was the best. keep your head up Pia bcause you are going places.
posted by me on Apr 08, 2011
posted by Dayna on Apr 08, 2011
AI needs to change their voting system or the show won't last.
posted by ayla on Apr 08, 2011
The voting is rigged. What else could explain Pia being "voted" off? I'm seriously done with Idol.
posted by Bigheart on Apr 08, 2011
The judges blew this. You can't teach singing, I'm sure she can learn Choriography,PIA has more talent than Celine and she started out with just a mike in her hand. They also over hyped their sweet hearts. CMON- Stefano (Karioke), Paul (Can't Dance), Casey (no range, passes because he plays a base? Naomi- major pitch problems, advances by dancing? Also, the produces need to change the voting, 6 years of less talented guys winning, 2 girls left this year. Obviously the 12-16 year old girls have monopolized the voting in our text and internet voting age and is selecting the AI winners. Sorry I vote for the best talent and don't vote 50 times because I have nothing better to do in life. After tonight I can scratch watching AI from wasting my time. PIA you rock all of AI talent to date, I'll teach you how to shake your butt anytime.
posted by Stopped watching on Apr 08, 2011
I stopped watching after last weeks results. This just validates my decision. Idol should swallow their pride & change their judging/voting system. Relatively, DWTS has d most fair & reasonable voting system.
posted by jazznutz on Apr 08, 2011
I hope Pia is the next Carrie Underwood in terms of success. I am going to have a hard time watching now. Sitting through Paul and Jacob knowing Pia is gone? Not sure I can.
posted by GRACE on Apr 08, 2011
posted by grace on Apr 08, 2011
posted by acey49 on Apr 08, 2011
One vote per phone number will fix this problem. Just like our political elections, Americans are stupid!
posted by Kat on Apr 08, 2011
I keep hearing about this year having the most talent and all that, but i think they kicked off the ppl who would've really been good for the show in terms of creativity b4 the top 24. So they already screwed themselves at that point. And i hear a lot of harping on pia now..i mean get it over it. While she is an awesome singer and a hottie to boot, i don't have the confidence that she would have released songs that i'd like. Most of the idol alumni with the exception of a handful have really awful sound alike songs. No real creativity. However pia'll probably have an album out eventually. Hopefully it'll be better than i expect.
posted by clubby on Apr 08, 2011
58 years old and don't vote because I don't feel like hitting redial a thousand times like the 13 year old gals. Change the voting to one vote per person and me and the rest of the grownups will believe our vote counts!!
posted by sonicbum on Apr 08, 2011
I am done with Idol!! It's not a singing contest. It's a popularity contest. Pia was the best of all of the contestants. The judges should have had the chance to save her!!!
posted by Curly on Apr 08, 2011
Pia was not the best, and if everybodys so upset about her going then they should of voted for her
posted by JD on Apr 08, 2011
The reason women like Pia get eliminated is because the little girl teeny boppers vote for the guy they think is sexy whether they can sing or not. Those dingy little girls screw up the voting every year. Change the voting system and the problem may be solved. Better yet figure out a way to limit the times a person can call like they do for Dancing w/stars or the way the Brits do with "Brits Got Talent". Until then you will lose the better performers. Just look back at the past years and you will see the cute or whatever guy went further than they should have. The only reason Taylor Swift is so popular is because the 12-16 year old girls buy her CD's. Every one of her songs is written for the giggling little high school girl. They are all kid songs about kids stuff.
posted by jbmb on Apr 08, 2011
Pia was good singing, but didn't have the whole package to be the best at this point. She is very beautiful and I'm sure she will be fine. Her fans surely be hearing from her in the near future
posted by rosscurtis1984 on Apr 08, 2011
America should be ashamed of themselves that Pia is gone. And the main question is why? How could someone with such an amazing voice, stage presence, talent and beauty be ousted like last nights leftovers? It is shameful and I am totally disgusted with American Idol. It is a POPULARITY contest the the last several years prove that. But Pia has a Extraordinary Gift and I know that she will still have to opportunity to be someone we will remember with the music that she will release. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF PIA's CAREER!!!!!
posted by P Justice Buford on Apr 08, 2011
Pia was wrongly ousted. Funny how all those on the bottom were of minority background?! My mother raised me not to speak if you nothing nice to say. To American Idol about your judging rules.......<silence>.........
posted by WHy? on Apr 08, 2011
Stefano and the so called jungle dancer SHOULD have beeen eliminated. I hate AI. I should have nevr started watching it again. They keep chewbacca and eliminate Pia. In the past they let go Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson. The show is stupid...never again!
posted by mark in sd on Apr 08, 2011
Pia was def the best. AI just doomed their show. I will not watch anymore. Pia had it all.
posted by PKVoices on Apr 08, 2011
Where the hell were the rest of you Pia fans?! The most talented one of a very talented group got the least votes??? You must be kidding! Those of you blaming the judges - get off it. After this many years you have to know it is out of their hands and is as much a popularity contest as it is a singing & performance contest. Just look at the talent that went home early in previous years. The most talented singer rarely wins, and here is yet another "natural" star that is heading home. Prediction: I bet she has more success "post-Idol" than any of the remaining eight anyway.
posted by Young on Apr 08, 2011
Pia lost from idol , her future will be one of best female singer . God bless her.
posted by Doyle on Apr 08, 2011
First off, it does suck Pia was voted off but that's the way it goes. Second who the hell is Snooki and why would I care if she does not watch the rest of the season?!
posted by Michael on Apr 08, 2011
Honestly, I was bored seeing her copying Céline, Mariah or Whitney every week. She has the best voice and the best body, but something was missing. However, I do not understand the voters. Where was her fan base? Why didn't they vote?
posted by kennyrph on Apr 08, 2011
I am so done with AI !!!
posted by tivolirose on Apr 08, 2011
Sorry folks, but I picked her as the worst of the bunch last night. She is definitely talented, but she is no Tina Turner. Where was the conviction in her voice, the sexiness, the emotion - she looked like a cow in that outfit and she has a beautiful figure. To win Idol you have to sing like you believe what you are saying.
posted by CeasAr707 on Apr 08, 2011
Unbelievable...she is so phenomenally talented. Yes she sang a lot of ballads bt we all know she is one Tina Turner, Celion Dion, Sara McLaughlin, and all the above. I'm pissed. So much for american idol
posted by crybofano on Apr 08, 2011
posted by truth on Apr 08, 2011
AND the judges aren't accurately critiquing the contestants. the audience is constantly being told that this season is so full of talent, but only two have really amazing vocal ability and the rest are sub-par and a few shouldn't be there.
posted by Dozen on Apr 08, 2011
Idol may need to have people vote the person they want the old Gong Show! Maybe people assumed Pia had plenty of votes(?)
posted by truth on Apr 08, 2011
she shouldn't have went home tonight, but casey should not have been saved the other week. he deserved to go home but the judges wasted their one save of the season on a bad singer who has a lot of followers on twitter. It's the judges fault not entirely the voters.
posted by Angry on Apr 08, 2011
So upset. Pia is so beautiful and has an awesome voice. She should have made it to the top three. What an injustice. I'm done watching American Idol!
posted by Johnnymat on Apr 08, 2011
Randy was the downer on Pia 2 wks in a row, with his criticism that she has to move around more. His nit-picking has grown tiresome, and it can affect voters. Why doesn't he tell Barbra Striesand she has to move more. IT'S ABOUT THE SINGING, IDIOT! I hope he's gone next year.
posted by Cwooda on Apr 08, 2011
I am done with idol. I just deleted it from my DVR. I mean are you kidding me. She is the only one that has everything that it takes o be a star, the rest of them kids. Bye idol you were just murdered tonight .
posted by Bloodyscot on Apr 08, 2011
Pia seems to have lost due to a phone line issue but the votes have been counted and she is off so not sure anything can be done now.
posted by Bloodyscot on Apr 08, 2011
Its looking like her AI phone line may have locked up early in the voting, so she got few votes by phone, even though the website "dial idol" lists her phone line as being the 3th most active, the voters only got a busy signal when they tried to vote while the online and text votes were not enough to get her above last place.
posted by JHey708 on Apr 08, 2011
She was the most talented of them all...seriously...what is America thinking?
posted by Bob in Renton on Apr 08, 2011
I will not watch anymore untill they change the way judging take place, Randy, JLO an Steve should have some say. You just lost the best talent I have heard on this show in 10 years
posted by Siggysalmon on Apr 08, 2011
Idol is screwed up to let this happen to possibly the best singer they have ever had on this show sin 10years. I will not watch anymore
posted by tamed4u on Apr 08, 2011
I am sorry for the judges and contestants that have to deal with the Fox corporation and its reputation. Someone has cheated the industry of a true talent. Idol, Im done watching your program; sponsors, you should voice your concerns on this tainted event, you are involved in this too, and your reputation are at risk.

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