'American Idol' Results: Pia Toscano's Elimination Makes J.Lo 'Angry'

April 08, 2011 01:22:15 GMT

Jennifer Lopez, who is the only female judge on the show, is shocked upon learning that the New York native is voted off on Thursday night, April 7.

'American Idol' Results: Pia Toscano's Elimination Makes J.Lo 'Angry'
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It seems that this season's "American Idol" outcasts Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo are right about they are being intimated by female audience. Following in their footsteps, Pia Toscano has been eliminated on Thursday, April 7 though she actually did well the previous night.

The bottom three are actually already shocking with Jacob Lusk, who impressed judges with his pick of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night, among them. The other place, meanwhile, goes to Stefano Langone.

Jacob is announced safe, making it down to Pia and Stefano. Some might think it should be Stefano since Randy Jackson "wasn't jumping up and down" with his rendition of "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge on the performance show.

So when Ryan Seacrest reveals that Pia is the one eliminated, the audience booed and the judges may be more disappointed. Jennifer Lopez says with teary eyes, "I'm shocked. I'm angry," and Randy says he was mad, but they could not do anything since they already used The Save for Casey Abrams two weeks ago.

The live result show has former "Idol" Constantine Maroulis and Iggy Pop performing. Additionally, "Arthur" star Russell Brand shows up to give "good advice" to the contestants.


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posted by josue on Apr 12, 2011
Why should you be allowed to vote as many times as you want. ( no limit that sucks )Thats all these kids know is texting.
posted by DaveE on Apr 12, 2011
Since my 2 favorites were in the bottom 2, I'm switching my Tivo recorder from American Idol to Survivor.
posted by rick on Apr 10, 2011
maybe if the show was renamed "American Talented" it would make a difference. Isn't it ironic that there are only two girls left and six guys? Eight to twelve year old girls dominate this system and until that is corrected, the show will always suck. It would also help if the judges would do their jobs instead of trying to be everybody's friend.
posted by mud on Apr 10, 2011
I agree with others, NO PIA, NO IDOL, NO JOKE. This is like watch watching sports where the lame team wins, how exciting is that!
posted by Speedy on Apr 09, 2011
Bring her back, get that paul kid., out of there!
posted by one fan on Apr 09, 2011
they should cut down on the crazies at the begining and give the 3 judges one save. give them more say as they are the pro's. raise the voting to a certain age. the american voters eliminate everything the judges are trying to do!!
posted by justice on Apr 09, 2011
such a joke to vote pia off, what a talent! Lots of the greats have little stage presence; so what it's about the voice!
posted by deedee on Apr 09, 2011
wish Simon Cowell returns to American Idol. Take out JLo and Steven Tyler...all the singers sound good to both of them, they must have deaf ears!!!Only Simon speaks the truth...
posted by rags2011 on Apr 09, 2011
am done with idol.... will never watch again.. and just as i was begining to enjoy the new judges. Ridiculous to let Pia go
posted by :) Dulce on Apr 09, 2011
lol bye bye Pia
posted by coffee slave on Apr 09, 2011
the network is sick. those four very untallented idiots, jacob,stephony, abrams, and peterless paul needs to be s canned. if i can sue for $100,000,000. for false entertainment, then i will. bring her back now!!!all viewers are allowed to vote upto fifty (50), thats right you read it fifty time each week and by god i vote. at the very least they could conduct a re-vote. pzzz on american idol...
posted by Pia Fan on Apr 09, 2011
No Pia. No Idol. My wife and I as well as daughter all agree we will not watch nor care who wins the rest to this season.
posted by syljane on Apr 08, 2011
Unbelievable That Pia was out tonite. She is a Top Singer and America got this way wrong. I only hope and pray that Pia will get someone to give her a Contract and She rises above.
posted by darnley zipwoh on Apr 08, 2011
if Pia is not brought back we don t wtch no mo
posted by sbobswin on Apr 08, 2011
f&^* american idol - no woinder simon left - if A I doesn t allow votes from the judges this is probably their last season
posted by Steve on Apr 08, 2011
They should have voted off that hick Scotty... He flat out sucks... He probably is backmailing someone to stay on the show with his lack of talent.... Anyways, pis will do fine and once again we'll be left with a boring mediocre American Idol who will lose their contract within two yars (Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, etc...)
posted by fred on Apr 08, 2011
Pia emotion so people don't connect with her
posted by unimportant on Apr 08, 2011
Judges you told her to limber up. Not do ballods.Her notes are good her looks are good. Voice lacked emotion to connect to the T.V. viewers. Steve when you said all the men in out there would vote. You may have triggered her downfall to the women out there? Plus she is not a rock star. Hope that the Classical world will see her talent.
posted by Willie on Apr 08, 2011
Obviously, there is something wrong with the way you determine the winner,which if it is not corrected will make the show a loser.
posted by candyr1 on Apr 08, 2011
Not watching the show after last night!
posted by cool breeze on Apr 08, 2011
could we see the vote count
posted by lorrainea on Apr 08, 2011
UNBELIEVEABLE! Someone needs to do something about how this show works. It's not about talent, it's about how many cute guys there are and how many little girls are voting 100 times. The real talent will be voted off again and again. I won't watch again!
posted by FriendOfPia on Apr 08, 2011
For all those supporting Pia I'm certain she'd thank you from the bottom of her heart. For those who don't know her I'll tell you she is not only a beautiful girl and a great singer but a truly wonderful person. Not phoney and not stuck up. She'll suceed, she already has many offer, just has to get through the AI contract. You'll see her again.
posted by glenda on Apr 08, 2011
JLo is pretending she is a jealous one and she did not want that beautiful girl to suceed. You could see in on her face each time Pia performed. Do not be fooled by that act. It's sad JLo has everything and to try t deprive that young lady of a career is sickening. And I don't know why Randy goes along with that crap.
posted by dkg08085 on Apr 08, 2011
Get rid of Paul already, that Rod Stewart wanna be is horrible, I have to change the channel when he sings so I won't vomit!
posted by becky on Apr 08, 2011
I think the judges' look of horror last night was more about guilt than shock. They must be feeling really stupid for having wasted the save on a kid with NO potential for a recording contract..let alone a CAREER. Seems like each season there's a contestant who charms the judges well beyond their talent potential; someone who's virtually talent-free but is praised & encouraged because of their "uniqueness". Last season it was Andrew Garcia. We tolerated that mediocrity until the voters ran out of more worthy contestants to boot. This year's chosen one is Casey Abrams. Hopefully, last night's shocker will show how influential the judges' misplaced euphoria can be, at the expense of someone who IS talented and will surely have a career. At least Pia had an opportunity to be heard, and I'm sure she's already heard from someone in the music biz. As for Casey, let's hope he's not the next loser-voted-winner in a long line of duds like Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, or Taylor Hicks.
posted by Penny on Apr 08, 2011
I was shocked that it was Pia,I wish it would have been Jacob Or Stefano, Pia always sang the same type of songs. She never brought nothing different to the table> Always the same style. I sure wouldn't want to listen to her all the time on the radio would you?
posted by Piasupporter on Apr 08, 2011
This is what happens when the voting is left up to immature little girls who vote for a cute guy they have a crush on over true talent. The judges should have ultimate say and only people 18 and over should be allowed to vote. Children are unable to grasp the whole picture. Pia is the true american idol
posted by Tina on Apr 08, 2011
Boycott the show.. Lets boycott the show..... it will be the wake up alarm for the producer
posted by Tom on Apr 08, 2011
Hello. Are you all this insipid?
posted by Kevin on Apr 08, 2011
Ahhh, let me see now. People-perception is reality and the majority of those who cared enough to vote voted in a greater number for everyone left other than Pia. In your opinion Pia may be better, but for whatever reasons more voting viewers have a different opinion than you. They watched, they voted and she lost. Each contestant had an equal opportunity to convince the voting public. I happen to agree she is more talented but that does not necessarily make her the most liked. Perception, again, is the only reality that counts.
posted by SHAME on Apr 08, 2011
posted by Piafan on Apr 08, 2011
They have GOT to figure out a way to bring Pia back. Literally, half their viewing audience is going to boycott if they don't. I am a HUGE American Idol fan, and even I will boycott if they don't bring Pia back.
posted by another continent on Apr 08, 2011
what can we do now people seriously can anyone figure out how to get her back, I am not even in america if i was i would protest physically, what can we do we want pia back
posted by mad as a hatter on Apr 08, 2011
Idol you have lost more than Pia tonight you have lost your integrity. Judges do your job call it like it is, why watch now if the few talent is wasted I will not watch anymore
posted by beyond beyond on Apr 08, 2011
no more idol if no more Pia
posted by fp on Apr 07, 2011
I'm so upset!!!! Omg she is the best of all idols! Best singer by far! I'm not excited to see the show again!
posted by mozzy on Apr 07, 2011
i am not watching the rest of the show i am very saddened by this result pia was the best singer by far ,she should have been the next american idol..this is bull shit !!!!
posted by idaho on Apr 07, 2011
What a joke! I will never watch again-this show is in the genre of "stupid housewives of bumfuck idaho So unproffesional, so racist, so American
posted by bully on Apr 07, 2011
Total FARCE-never watch this show again unless Pia is back on-the results don't matter anymore-the show is a joke!
posted by PiaLover!!!! on Apr 07, 2011
I am soooooo pisses off right now!!!!!! I cannot believe this!!!! Bring Pia back!!! I know the save is done, but something has to be done!!!! I hate the show now.... I hate America..... No one in America watch anymore and we'll see what the producers have to say about that!
posted by Spratt on Apr 07, 2011
This is why we should vote contestants OFF until we get to the final say 3 and then vote for favourites. This is a disgrace and I won't watch Idol again. Shame cause Steven Tyler and JLo have really made it enjoyable again!
posted by jerryt on Apr 07, 2011
scotty will win so it didnt matter who is next to go
posted by DJG on Apr 07, 2011
agree with all, Pia was one of the best, voters are only looking for "pop" and "cute" not true talent
posted by John on Apr 07, 2011
Something is not credible with the voting if Pia can not end up as winner of at least in 2nd place. Can no longer trust the Idol is processing voting correctly...this is just too way off. Bring her back if ya have any sense at all!
posted by Mzcy on Apr 07, 2011
I thought Stefano and Haley were the worst performers on the show. What the hell is wrong with voters.
posted by kkipperjoe on Apr 07, 2011
Pia the best singer since Carrie, and what happens, the worst get to stay, the best must leave. I'm like the rest bring Pia back. I'm sorry but the save they used was used on a person not worthy. He has a big ego.
posted by pia fever on Apr 07, 2011
Hope she can get a contract this week and forget american idol at all.Dont join the tour....
posted by grbtb on Apr 07, 2011
We all need to boycott the show....lowered ratings will send the loudest message.
posted by ia11 on Apr 07, 2011
i believe america got it right!!Her performance is boring
posted by canada on Apr 07, 2011
we cant believe this we wont watch anymore
posted by hawk on Apr 07, 2011
Pia was hands down the best talent on Idol. they lost a lot of viewers after tonite. i said it that nite they saved Casey they should have not used that save you only use it when you think the best talent is taken. no more for me.
posted by Joan on Apr 07, 2011
I'm very sad & disgusted with the way the show turned out tonight. Bring Pia back. This is a popularity contest not a contest to see who is the best singr. You should vote the way Dancing with the Stars do it. She was my favorite singer, & yes I did vote for her. I am NOT watching the rest of this year.
posted by Lllll on Apr 07, 2011
Stupid american voters lmao
posted by PIASHOULDWIN on Apr 07, 2011
BRING Pia freaking back or I'm done with Idol
posted by sisis on Apr 07, 2011
posted by Randygoes on Apr 07, 2011
I'm with the rest Bring Pia back!
posted by Scarlett on Apr 07, 2011
Bring Pia back too Idol!
posted by julie on Apr 07, 2011
Yeah! Bring Pia Back! Resurrect her!
posted by terine58 on Apr 07, 2011
Bring Pia back! Your the judges! Only you can change it! bring her back!Bring her back ! Bring her back.All who read this vote to bring her back! Bring Pia back!!!1
posted by glittergilrjo on Apr 07, 2011
This is terrible. I think she was the total package. What more do people want. She is an amazing singer, she is drop dead gorgeous and a sweet personality. I'm not watching Idol any more.... its rediculous...
posted by terine on Apr 07, 2011
bring Pia back you can do it your the judges
posted by kayaker on Apr 07, 2011
Tonight was ridiculous,the best "Pia" is sent home, what a farce, we need a recount.this show seems to be more about popularity, talent doesn't seem to count
posted by #1fan on Apr 07, 2011
I agree with the others. Pia was the only reason I watched the show this season. I refuse 2 watch after tonight. I hope someone offers her a contract cause she deserves it.
posted by trapper on Apr 07, 2011
exactly... i wont watch it now.. they took the best singer and voted her off , now what ???? next best is country boy ... are they gonna vote him off next? no kidding ...a total farce after tonight.
posted by gennyd. on Apr 07, 2011
American Idol is supposed to be about talent.not popularity.The show made a big mistake voting off Pia.America loves her and she would have been my American Idol
posted by dianedimples on Apr 07, 2011
Pia is the American Idol.I pray she gets a break like Jennifer Hudson. She should have never been voted off. It makes the show look like a farce.
posted by Drwo on Apr 07, 2011
This was so ridiculous. The judges use the save for Casey who is mediocre and Pia goes. Why even watch this show whe Stefano and Casey stay and Pia goes. Maybd next it will be Lauren and then thisnshownis totally in the tank.

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