Video: David Archuleta Debuts Brand New Song at Jerry Lewis 2010 Telethon

September 06, 2010 08:35:03 GMT

Archuleta performs fresh track 'Things Are Gonna Get Better' at the MDA telethon opened by National Goodwill Ambassador Abbey Umali.

Video: David Archuleta Debuts Brand New Song at Jerry Lewis 2010 Telethon
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David Archuleta was one of performers at Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon on Labor Day weekend, September 5. He performed a song called "Things Are Gonna Get Better" during the fund-raising gig which benefits those afflicted with the neuromuscular disease.

The 2008 runner-up of "American Idol" was introduced by Nygel Lythgoe as "one of the sweetest-sounding singers with the most melodic voice we ever had." The song he sang is a brand new tune taken from his new studio album "The Other Side of Down" which is due October 5 in United States.

Meanwhile, introduced by Jerry himself was stand-up comedian John Pinette who appeared on stage in suit and brought laughters with his jokes. 59-year-old Charo was also presented by Jerry and she took the stage with her guitar and entertained audience with "Roda de Samba".

Opened with narration by National Goodwill Ambassador Abbey Umali, the telethon started at 9 P.M. ET on Sunday night and continues through 5 P.M. ET the next day on September 6. The line-up includes Enrique Iglesias, OneRepublic, Barry Manilow, Ace Young and Richard Belzer of "Law & Order". Full cast of "Glee" reportedly are set to support the telethon as well.

David Archuleta:

Abbey Umali:

John Pinette:



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posted by Kathy on Sep 07, 2010
I also stayed up late to hear him sing because I knew I wouldn't want to miss a performance by him. Such a heartfelt beautiful song. Something bout Love his new single is also so good!
posted by lct on Sep 06, 2010
What an incredible young man! So talented and so beautiful!
posted by waffles on Sep 06, 2010
omgosh can David Archuleta get any more beautiful?! This was an inspiring performance sung with such passion that it brought tears to my eyes. We need MORE David in our lives!
posted by angel50 on Sep 06, 2010
Hello Rose, this song is David's. He is the writer. Isn't it wonderful? :-)
posted by angel50 on Sep 06, 2010
I'm so proud to be an Archuleta fan. His VOICE is perfect. This song is perfect. I LOVE him.
posted by ROSE on Sep 06, 2010
I also had tears coming down my cheeks. After hearing several of the songs that might or might not be on David's album, I sure love this one the best so far. I heard David helped write 10 of the songs on the album, and I wonder if this is one he wrote. Does anyone know?
posted by SueH on Sep 06, 2010
LOVE this song....this album is going to be awesome! What a talented artist! Can't wait to hear his new single Something Bout Love on the radio!
posted by Archiefan on Sep 06, 2010
This song is incredible. I love it, and David. NO ONE can sing a song better than David Archuleta. And the lyrics to this song was perfect for those who struggle with MS or any other hardship and for their families. I am proud to be a fan of David Archuleta's.
posted by Gwen on Sep 06, 2010
FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I just loved it. You go David, you show the world who is the best of the best. He touches my heart with every song he sings.
posted by TrudyFOD on Sep 06, 2010
Wow - David Archuleta is just amazing. His song is so heartfelt and soulful.I already have David's album preordered - I can't wait to hear the whole album. And I really love his latest released single "Something Bout Love."
posted by EL on Sep 06, 2010
I think Nigel said "most melodic" voice, not that it matters...most beloved fits too. Loved him then, love him now.. He's amazing!
posted by sahara on Sep 06, 2010
I missed it on tv, thanks so much for the video! Such an approriate song for the evening, he sounds great!
posted by violet4ever on Sep 06, 2010
David is wonderful live. I stayed up to almost 2AM to hear him too. I pre-ordered his deluxe CD/DVD at his official site's shop on the day they started presales. less than a month until it's released! BTW all, David has some promo performances coming up so be sure to check the events list on his official site and other fan sites.
posted by kath on Sep 06, 2010
OMG...David was amazing! That song was beautiful and so heartfelt! It was perfect for the occasion, and brought such big tears to my eyes!!!
posted by breyana on Sep 06, 2010
do you lice to sing
posted by bryana on Sep 06, 2010
what is yor favrint coler
posted by breyana on Sep 06, 2010
whre is the consort
posted by breyana on Sep 06, 2010
how doyou larn to sing
posted by breyana on Sep 06, 2010
is it you that was on icarly
posted by kami on Sep 06, 2010
Beautiful song by the gorgeous David Archuleta!!
posted by nemo on Sep 06, 2010
i also love Something bout love...david's new single, can't wait for his cd to drop in october! WOW this teen can SING! and live to boot.
posted by archieholic on Sep 06, 2010
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME SONG!!!!! you're gonna go a LONG way, archie!!!
posted by Laura on Sep 06, 2010
David archuleta is amazing , this song it's awesome,.. Love it <3
posted by Mary Lou Reed on Sep 06, 2010
Love this song, David! What an inspirational song, especially for MDA, which makes the lyrics so appropriate. And you sang it beautifully!
posted by challah on Sep 06, 2010
fantastique David!
posted by ashley on Sep 06, 2010
David's amazing! <3
posted by malia08 on Sep 06, 2010
I was awake waiting for David to sing until almost 2:00 AM. I didn't mind at all, it was worth it every second. David continously amazing me, he is getting better and better each time I see him perform. Love him more each day.
posted by sarah on Sep 06, 2010
OMG, his voice is out of this world, and he wrote the song? Wow, the best live performer in the universe!!

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