Official Tracklisting for Miley Cyrus' 'The Time of Our Lives'

August 12, 2009 04:30:52 GMT

Miley Cyrus' 'The Time of Our Lives' mini album will arrive on August 31 and feature a duet song between Miley and Jonas Brothers.

Official Tracklisting for Miley Cyrus' 'The Time of Our Lives'
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What songs will be obtained by fans if they buy Miley Cyrus' "The Time of Our Lives [Walmart EP]" have been revealed. There are seven tracks listed in the record, including "Party in the USA" which has been showcased by the Disney songstress at 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

Besides, this album will also include a live version of "Before the Storm", a duet song between Miley and Jonas Brothers. Other songs in the effort include "Kicking and Screaming", "When I Look at You" and "Obsessed".

"The Time of Our Lives" will be released exclusively for digital purchase on Walmart starting from August 31. This project will become the "Hannah Montana" star's first mini album.

In another news, Miley Cyrus' performance at this year's Teen Choice Awards which has her performing some pole dancing has drawn controversy. Responding to the issue, Disney Channel said, "[We] won't be commenting on that performance, although parents can rest assured that all content presented on the Disney Channel is age-appropriate for our audience - kids 6-14 - and consistent with what our brand values are."

Tracklisting for Miley Cyrus' "The Time of Our Lives":

  1. "Kicking and Screaming"
  2. "Party in the USA"
  3. "When I Look at You"
  4. "Time of Our Lives"
  5. "Talk Is Cheap"
  6. "Obsessed"
  7. "Before the Storm" (live version)


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posted by vaanz on May 06, 2011
befor i wazent reeelly a fan of yours cuz my mom said u did ...welll stupid stufff...butt now i loooooove uuuu....and your songs,and ur just sooo beautifuuuul i hope i go to HOLLYWOOD just to see uuu :D luv you miley...and dont do any thing like...well u no wat i said bout my mom....your perfeeeect ! ....n i looooove the movie the last maid me cry so much times and ur a reeeelly good actress...hope u do lots of movies XD
posted by DiistRollEr on May 02, 2011
Heii...i really love this album ..yeah...but i want to know where is the song "I hope you find it"? I love miley´s songs :D
posted by danyell on Oct 14, 2010
shes fab! i got tha album n i know every word from every song :')
posted by Lazza on Aug 21, 2010
I seriously need 2 get this album
posted by mannat on Jun 11, 2010
miley u r the best. i like u a lot. u sing really good.its my dream to meet u.
posted by iluvmc on May 10, 2010
I LOVE MILEY CYRUS!!! SHE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! I am really sad for all the people who keep dissing miley she is awesome!! Rock on Miley!! How are your hands??
posted by alana on Apr 26, 2010
its ok but i don't LUV it. Justin beiber would be better 2 buy!
posted by madea on Mar 17, 2010
you rock
posted by DAREDEVIL on Feb 24, 2010
I think she is really awesome....
posted by i luv myself on Feb 21, 2010
posted by bbbabbb on Feb 13, 2010
i liked some of the songs but a lot of the music sounded the same
posted by Sarah (: on Jan 04, 2010
ich liebe Miley! Sie singt einfach nur hammaaa <33 i love Miley, here voice is so awesome! <3 sorry for my bad english i come from germany xD
posted by lara on Nov 22, 2009
Miley cyrus ist die Beste die es gibt. Ihr neues Album rockt.Habs mir bei YOUTUBE angeschaut. Sin sperhammer lieder dabei
posted by belle99 on Nov 16, 2009
i love miley so much i have a boy class mate n he love u.u r s0ooo cool.chiau
posted by kjsfrdAJED on Oct 29, 2009
DOMINIK PASCAL eggert ich liebe patrick nils eggert 4ever und mama und wolfgang eggert liebe ich auch
posted by kjsfrdAJED on Oct 29, 2009
DOMINIK PASCAL eggert ich liebe patrick nils eggert 4ever und mama und wolfgang eggert liebe ich auch
posted by player one 4 ever on Oct 29, 2009
i love miley cyrus 4 evert im marvin buttgereit i live in germany in schneverdingen lönsweg 17 05193/971119 pleas tell me on
posted by player on Oct 29, 2009
ich liebe dominik eggert
posted by player one on Oct 29, 2009
hallo guys what are you doing
posted by pavlou on Oct 29, 2009
her songs is awesome they r so cool that album is the best i ever seen
posted by melandi.... on Oct 23, 2009
I'll probly have to wait a year for miley's new album to arrive in South Africa.. lol damn.....
posted by Miles/ on Sep 22, 2009
Oh no! The worlds going to end because Miley said shes so PISSED OFF. suck it! How many people can say theat they have never cussed or said fuck or something. Since when was pissed as "swear word" HONESTLY THEY ARE JUST WORDS PEOPLE PUT MEANINGS TOO she is almost 17, and has it hard. so get over it. piss isnt really cussing p.s wow a little kid heard it., omg there going to die now because they heard the word pissed off. there going to hear fuck and shit and all that kind of stuff later on. dont be hating grow up and sedriously, im flabbergasted at what people have the nerve to say she is a great role model.
posted by Missy on Sep 22, 2009
Please just please. get over yourselves. Miley is what almost 17 now, I swear, does that mean everyone is going to hate me im 14. almost 15 Let her be who she is, she is a role model NO ONE IS PERFECT. And she shows that, honestly people dont give her enough credit. she didnt sign up for people to be all blah on her every action. JUST BECAUSE SHE IS FAMOUSE DOUSNT MEAN SHE ISNT ALOUD TO DO WRONG THATS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. seriously. get over you fucking selves your way worse sorry to break your bubble and grow up. you awseom Miley, keep it up.
posted by MEE on Sep 20, 2009
miley is such a great singer
posted by kitkat on Sep 20, 2009
i dont care what people say, i luv mileys new songs they are really cool.
posted by bff on Sep 20, 2009
miley, i wish ur album had more songs! i luv the ones that r there though.
posted by vmc on Sep 20, 2009
miley, u r an awesome girl! i luv ur clothes and ur show! my favorite song n ur new album is "kicking and screaming" keep singing miley
posted by jessie on Sep 20, 2009
miley is such a great person! she has like the best songs
posted by kkkk on Sep 20, 2009
miley is awesome! we luv u Miley!
posted by bibi! on Sep 20, 2009
i luv miley's new album! i just baught it and its amazing! everyone get it!
posted by em<:-) on Sep 20, 2009
i <3 miley. SHE IS NOT POLE DANCING! SHE WAS JUST HOLDING ON TO THE POLE AND THAT'S IT! jeez ppl leave her alone! shes just trying to be herself, and ppl should respect that. Miley is an awesome person. no one is exactly like they are on tv! those are characters! Dont think that it's bad because no little kid is gonna start stripping on a pole just because miley was holding on to one! take a chill pill and move on!
posted by sgate on Sep 07, 2009
Oh come on people! Who cares if she said "I'm so pissed off" in "Talk is Cheap"! Although it is a word I wouldn't want my child saying in the future, she can say what she wants. Additionally, she didn't even write the song you idiots! Just don't expect Disney to air this song. If they do, maybe they'll just air a very small snippet of it on their channel! The Disney Channel is so kiddie and set up for babies, that they are afraid of the word "suck". Teen Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite (for adults and more mature audiences) even lets that word through, just not on Nick, Jr. though!
posted by Justin on Aug 28, 2009
Miley's awesome I just bought her new cd at Walmart it's awesome everyone buy it. My support goes out to Miley Cyrus.
posted by xoxo on Aug 27, 2009
She swares in the song talk is cheap wont she get sacked by disney for that>??
posted by nileylover16 on Aug 27, 2009
posted by allamericangurl on Aug 21, 2009
Miley is awesome. I love her.She was not pole dancing,she just stood there singing.And i plan on buying her cd... it looks great!!!
posted by MileyU ROCK on Aug 18, 2009
I don't know why everyone keeps hating on miley cyrus. She's a good actress and singer. YOU ROCK MILEY! +1
posted by becca on Aug 18, 2009
miley u rock and i cant wait 4 ur album 2 come out. 4get wat all the h8ers say they have no definitly commin 2 one of ur concerts!!!=]
posted by Pink137 on Aug 17, 2009
I don't know why everyone keeps hating on miley cyrus. She's a good actress and singer. YOU ROCK MILEY!
posted by selenag501 on Aug 16, 2009
im gonna buy it it looks so good. i listened to her song party in the usa and it was awesome! :D
posted by ArchiesBiggestFan on Aug 15, 2009
Okay, people, Miley was NOT pole dancing! THAT WAS AN UMBRELLA POLE, AND SHE WAS HOLDING ON TO IT TO KEEP HER BALANCE, AND SO SHE DID FALL!!! She is a great idol, role model, actress, singer, and song writer! She is like, the biggest star around! She's 16 turning 17 for crying out loud! I'm 12, and most of my friends are 11, 12, and 13, and they dress and dancelike she did at the Teen Choice Awards! Miley HAD to wear what she did! And she HAD to perform the way she did. The Teen Choice Awards DON'T LET YOU PICK!!!! So, GET A DANG LIFE!!!
posted by Romey Romes on Aug 14, 2009
Wow... I don't know why everyone is making a big deal about this "Pole Dancing" I don't know if everyone was watching to same show I was because .. THAT IS DEFINATLY NOT Pole Dancing...Plus I've been getting answers from ages 10-17 year old girls who didn't see anything wrong with her performance. This is Miley Cyrus Not Being Hannah Montana ... Leave her let her just Be. If parents are concerned an outraged .. then go keep your child locked up in the house all day.. If you teach them right from wrong then you wouldn't have a problem.
posted by HATERS! on Aug 14, 2009
posted by Ilove miley on Aug 13, 2009
I love you miley just do beter okay you dont ned to dres like that but if you do make it a litle les showy hope you prosper
posted by missy on Aug 13, 2009
she was not pole dancing she was supposed to be standing on an ice cream truck dancing but she could have fell off so the put a pole for her to hold on. it wasn't like she was stripping or anything. its not a big deal. i cant wait for the album.
posted by vcv on Aug 12, 2009
Miley is retarted. hope she turns out like lindsay lohan :)
posted by julie anne XOXO on Aug 12, 2009
I Support all of your albums SO go on LOve YAh

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