Video: Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers Sing at 2009 Teen Choice Awards

August 10, 2009 07:49:10 GMT

Miley Cyrus performs 'Party in the USA', while Jonas Brothers, who host the 11th annual event, sing 'Much Better'.

Video: Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers Sing at 2009 Teen Choice Awards
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The gala ceremony of 2009 Teen Choice Awards has been wrapped. Though the event will not be televised until August 10 at 8 P.M. Eastern, fans can enjoy live performances from such big stars as Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers through newly-found footage from the show.

At the event honoring hottest teen icons in music, movie, television and pop culture views, Miley delivered her brand new song "Party in the USA" which is taken from her upcoming first mini album "The Time of Our Lives [Walmart EP]". Meanwhile, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas sang a song titled "Much Better".

Other musical acts rocking the 11th annual awards at Universal Studios Hollywood's Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif. were Black Eyed Peas and Sean Kingston. Black Eyed Peas performed their hit single "I Gotta Feeling", and Sean brought "Fire Burning" to the TCAs' stage.

2009 Teen Choice Awards was hosted by Jonas Brothers. Celebrities attending the event included Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox and many more.

Miley Cyrus singing "Party in the USA":

Jonas Brothers singing "Much Better":


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posted by suree on Mar 06, 2010
ok bra pole dancing=ahaha epic slut!
posted by Kace on Dec 28, 2009
Guys, stop ganging up on Miley. She was only with that "stripper pole" for not even half the song so chill out. She was mostly standing throughout the whole thing. But, still, she shouldn't have that pole there.
posted by noni on Nov 09, 2009
i don't hate Miley but she really wrecked her Christian image. Don't say that she wore revealing clothes because sit was hot. Look at what other stars were wearing. Mostly jeans and a t-shirt. 'Hanging on to the pole?' She probably asked for it in the first place! I'm sure other people would have balanced just fine. OK yes, maybe she would have to grip it a bit but she didn't have to slide down like in the photo. Now don't call me a perv because I only found at about is because before this my friends' mum was saying how much she was role-model to her youngest daughter (7 years old!) but after that performance, she doesn't let her daughter watch her, who would?
posted by wtf on Sep 19, 2009
that was a stupid comment. "shes holding onto the pole so she won't fall off" right... and she's wearing super short shorts and a shirt exposing her bra because it's kind of hot in there right? haha wow... i love how miley cyrus can do a slutty thing for a 16 year old to do on television and people will still defend her saying she was just holding on so she wouldn't fall off. i agree with "wow" some of you are so ingorant.
posted by wow on Sep 19, 2009
sorry disappointed. i see that you're disappointed in "all of us females" but most of us don't go on nation wide television in super short shorts and a shirt exposing a bra and dancing on a pole. so i don't think you can really use that argument. it wasn't appropriate of her to do that, that much is definitely obvious. and the moms on here can say whatever the hell they want about her, i don't think they want their daughters to end up like miley. and for us teen girls who dislike her, we have a right to. we want to watch the teen choice awards to see the celebrities we love get their awards and enjoy their performances- not to see miley cyrus wear a slutty outfit, sing horribly, and pole dance. and it doesnt matter how long she was pole dancing, it's still pole dancing. the amount of time she did it does not change a thing.
posted by Disappointed on Aug 30, 2009
I am so disappointed with all of us females. For the moms on this post, you are teaching your girls to continue to hate and put down other girls with your extremely harsh comments about Miley. For the teens and young girls out there who hate Miley, you are no better than she as many of you have used the "F" word, the "S" word, and every offensive word for females. Someone once told me that whatever you hate in someone else is what you hate about yourself. Why do we hate each and ourselves so much? Your judgments about Miley's performance are so extreme and perverted. She is dressed the least slutty of all the dancers up there, and in CA many people are dressed way more revealing than what Miley is wearing. When I watched the performance, I was just noticing that her voice was pitchy at the beginning but that the song was catchy, so I was very surprised to see people’s perverted comments and name calling. People who are most judgmental tend to have more skeletons in the closet than other people. As the adage goes, "Thou Art Protest Too Much." Why does Miley bother some of you so much? Why do you stoop immediately to the lowest and most sexually perverted thoughts about Miley? I implore you to stop and think about how you are portraying yourselves and other young women through your posts.
posted by jb fan on Aug 29, 2009
btw camilla belle and joe jonas broke up. he cried on a concert in detroit - she is a slut and a moron i mean who lives jonas bro
posted by jb fan on Aug 29, 2009
look miley wasnt pole dancing she was just holding to the pole so she wouldnt fall off so get off it.btw jb were awesome joe should have said done with country stars. they rocked - niley forever
posted by Dely on Aug 19, 2009
Personally I am fine with miley she barely did anything and she wears shorts like that all the time its california.
posted by r0ck1njuly3 on Aug 18, 2009
as a teen we look up to disney channel stars such as selena gomez miley cyrus demi lavato jonas borthers ... buht the pole dancing was to far miley i know ur trying to get attetion but this is not the way to do it first off what with every one wearing shorts that r so short {lol} this is supposed to be an award not a hooker stage no offense . but as a teenager we make mistakes in our life and this just happened to be one of many its okay but please shape up ur job is to set an example for little kids and teens!!!!!!!!1
posted by saki on Aug 18, 2009
she is so cheap actually teaches gives teens a verybad outlook
posted by Beth on Aug 18, 2009
Geez, MILEY'S NOT POLE DANCING. she's just using it so she doesn't fall off! And her clothes aren't 'skanky', you know, it's probably really hot there, you're not exactly gonna see her in long leather jeans and a huge hoodie are you!? no! And tbh, I've seen a heck lot worse than this. LOOK AT VANESSA! Heck, she's 16, she's not a kid, it's not like she's 15 and having sex with strangers, which most teenagers do nowadays. SO STOP HATING.
posted by disneysucks on Aug 17, 2009
they need to fire her already she was good at first then she turned into this (above) she wants to grow up alot but thats not happening because she acts so immature and shes teaching her sister noah bad behavior. her momuse her for money. miley is probably gonna come out with a sex tape by the end of the year. im also fuckmiley <3
posted by fuckmiley on Aug 17, 2009
she is such a skank no one even likes her any more she doesnt have a good voice. shes young, young people know how to dance miley doesnt seem to have a clue. she looked fat she was ugly how dare she thank god after all that shit. have some respect for MJ and dont put him in ur horrible songs. jesus she is a bad role model most he fans r ugly perverts, stupid tennagers, and little white kids that dont know better (no offense about the white thing because im white)
posted by Hail on Aug 17, 2009
Miley was out of line for dressing and doing that as for anyone that hates the jonas brothers.well at least they dress proper
posted by jesus christ on Aug 16, 2009
as the son of god i do not condone pole dancing or sodomy
posted by a mother on Aug 16, 2009
I think stuff like this teaches young kids to grow up too fast. Dancing like that is also to me setting yourself up to be bate for some sick grown up who will not see you as a child who deserves some respect. Cut her some slack she is a kid and should have had better guidance, and she is still a child no matter how popular or rich someone is at 16 they are still a kid.
posted by mileyfan1 on Aug 15, 2009
shes not stripping? she didnt take her clothes off. plus she needed something to hold on too. seriously ugh yall are dumb i dont think her parents would sit their and watch her pole dance?really?and shes not a skank. yall dont even know her dont judge...
posted by chad d cooper on Aug 15, 2009
well, i think it was GREAT! maybe just cause im a guy but you know what? i think you girls are just jealous..sorry but shes growing up. dont worry about her. shes responsable to make her own decisions.
posted by mm on Aug 14, 2009
im not saying i hate her but she dressed like she has no cloathes.i can't belive she pole danced! :(
posted by syalalala on Aug 14, 2009
i think the reasons why miley do that,, its just because she want looks grow up.. she want to tell us that she not just an little gurl who just can sing or act likes a baby,, she want to prove to us that now she's 16 almost 17,, and she want to grows up.. btw,, i love the Jonas Brothers very much !!! Hahaha.. Just my own oppinion..^^
posted by OMG on Aug 13, 2009
Go sit and calm the heck down and do yal know her to be caling her a bithc and a skank i am a virgin and i wear shorts like her on and i teach litle kids okay let her do her she is a beautiful young lady wow some of yal ned to be slaped
posted by OMG on Aug 13, 2009
You know al you whore on this ite hve ben on a pole
posted by OMG on Aug 13, 2009
Yes the clothes she was wearing was risky but only because she was dancing and they were riding up
posted by itotalylovemiley on Aug 13, 2009
what's the problem with miley outfit ? there's nothing wrong , if i was her i will do the same thing ! i totaly love miley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by wow on Aug 12, 2009
miley looked soo skanky! she was pole danicng at the teen choice awards with her bra hanging out and her shorts being shorter then a little bit! and she says she a role model.....
posted by la lay 3000 on Aug 12, 2009
i love jonassssssssssssssssss
posted by luvv jb on Aug 12, 2009
Miley needs to dress more desent and cut it out with the pole dancing....... Who does she think she is..... in my oppinon she is not that good
posted by ....... on Aug 12, 2009
i guess its ok how miley dresses but she shouldnt dress like because like all her fans are little kids and shes their role model and of course parents dont want their kids dancing like her and dressing like her. she is just losing fans and money like that...
posted by lolipop on Aug 12, 2009
i hate mileys parents they're claping and their daughter is like stripping..i hate them they are just for money they wouldnt even care if she was even naked.
posted by Woooooooooooooooo on Aug 12, 2009
cant you people see thats not miley !!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Mileyxoxox on Aug 12, 2009
Well, I think it was pretty good. I think that Miley did an amazing job. In my opinion she doesn't look like a pole dancer to me. The outfit isn't that bad. All girls are wearing short shorts it's the style, I mean I love that outfit she whore. I would where that. The Jonas brothers did really good too! I love Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers!!!:P
posted by Stupid or wat? on Aug 12, 2009
I fink miley is stupid for dressin up that way and acting that way! i like her an all bt now way here! And miley and nick shouldt get bak together cos she aint right for nick!!! He deserves better
posted by Julia Jonas on Aug 12, 2009
Jonas Brothers were amazing, as usual. Miley, if you dont want people to be mean to you or start shit with you, make better life choices! Be a good role model, stop wearing skanky outfits and pole dancing. you really need to think before you do things.
posted by hottyfoeva25 on Aug 12, 2009
haha i really dont care i sayyy we get a tone of miley lovers and haters and get them all together then yell fight and watch the chaos now that would be entertaining!!!
posted by ello on Aug 11, 2009
Yeah Miley does not set the example for young girls at all! Maybe she did need to hold on to the pole but not go down on it. Or what about her shorts? Or her bra hanging out? There is no excuse for any of that. If this is her at sixteen then I don't want to see twenty one.
posted by bekah. on Aug 11, 2009
i must say, i'm very disapointed in Miley. i mean seriously, thanking God? anyways, the Jonas Brothers are amazing (:
posted by kenzie on Aug 11, 2009
atleast she's reppin MJ!
posted by WEHATEJOEJONAS on Aug 11, 2009
posted by LOLA on Aug 11, 2009
jonas are stupid guys!!! they shoul sing "fly with me" or "paranoid" ..!°!i hate "much better" song !it remembers that joe is a JERKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
posted by TiskTiskTisk! on Aug 11, 2009
Hmm... I'm shocked but yet I still expected it to be bad. First of all, all u people trying to "protect" Miley, well shes just not making it easy on you! Like you have to stand up for a pole dancer! Yippers! Second of all, I don't think Miley haters are jealous we r just saying "Wow! Thats the future of disney! And that now little girls all over the world r going to be like "I want to be like Miley so I am going to take half naked pictures of myself and take pole dancing classes! Yayyy!" Sounds like a great future peoples!!!
posted by Gen on Aug 11, 2009
I can understand holding the pole but not going down right when she says look at me. Not to mention the getup. She has successfuly shed her teeny bopper image in my opinion. Just hope she doesn't run into a brick wall by trying to grow up too fast.
posted by cameron g on Aug 11, 2009
i know from all the dancig she looks like a pole dancer but shes not. and i dont want to be mean and all that she setting a bad example for the little boys and girls
posted by sofiya on Aug 11, 2009
her outfit is totally inapropriate my mum would kill me if she saw me wearing that let alone dancing on a pole
posted by awesome on Aug 11, 2009
i cant wait for her to be legal
posted by urface on Aug 11, 2009
posted by hahahha! on Aug 11, 2009
...and im not saying shes a slut or that i hate her. just the hole pole and outfit thing was pretty bad. like seriously? but that song was good. personally, i like miley. just that sorta way. if you know what i mean?
posted by hahahha! on Aug 11, 2009
omg !!! miley looked like she was on some stripper pole! wooooow! thats retarded. and her booty shorts and dancing was ... just bad.
posted by omfg on Aug 11, 2009
Really? Any original thoughts that I haven't heard already? People said all the same stuff about Britney Spears and look, she turned out just fine...oh wait...
posted by kissme! on Aug 11, 2009
its so annoying all these haters! just shut up and let miley go!
posted by lovemiley! on Aug 11, 2009
i didnt think it was bad at all. =)))
posted by yeahhh! on Aug 11, 2009
people say 'slut' a lot. they point it out to other people. and thats just wrong! hahaha. miley is not a slut. lets go look at you. how would you all describe yourself picking on a 16 yr old. she doesnt even care about yall! haha.
posted by free on Aug 11, 2009
woah! hold it with all the hating! hahaha! miley is a cool girl with personality. she just wears what she wants to wear! whats wrong with that? the song is cool.
posted by twitterqueen on Aug 11, 2009
whats with people ranting about what shes wearing. yeah, it was kind off revealing, but cmon its not like shes out there making nasty videos of herself. she aint doing anything wrong. i thought her performance was kind of cute =))
posted by tcatca on Aug 11, 2009
mileys performance was wonderful! and all of you who keep on judgin should just walk away cuz she doesnt care!
posted by jj on Aug 11, 2009
Miley is not what all of you accuse her to be. the pole was there so that she wouldnt fall of the ice cream thingy. duh! her performance was great and the song is awesome! congrats to david archuleta who snagged the most surfboards. MILEY RULES!
posted by anniepop on Aug 11, 2009
wow miley is such a bad example for younger viewers and she thanked god? kinda insincere and the pole? that is just really low..... even for her
posted by buzz on Aug 11, 2009
even if you hate Miley, it is wrong to call her a retard or retarded.
posted by Uh-huh your point on Aug 11, 2009
Ummm...check your own teenage daughters. They are all doing exactly what Miley Cyrus is doing. Only she gets paid well and doesn't have to hide it from her parents.
posted by Ms.Couture on Aug 11, 2009
Umm. Miley Cyrus shouldn't be dressing so skanky with those very short shorts and dancing like a stripper on stage/t.v, because all of her fans are like 5 years old and she is influencing her fans to dress/dance the way she is dancing on stage. Disney needs to check their stars before performing in public. this is not an acceptable behavior for a superstar with 5 years old fans. otherwise, she will become less famous/successful because mothers will rebel and not let children watch Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana because of her bad behavior. just a suggestion.thank you.
posted by dx on Aug 11, 2009
que rica esa miley me gustaria meterle mi pene en su vagina hasta bque me diga ay ya no quiero papi billy gay cyrus es gay
posted by natalie on Aug 11, 2009
you gotta be kidding right??? is this like disey stuff? that is just to much, i mean this cant be for kids, and come on, that short she is wearing, is just way to short! believe me i wear shorts like all the time, but not that short! and on a stage? thats just so wrong. and a pole? whats up with that? looks like its a slut in the making
posted by honny bunny.hoe on Aug 11, 2009
miley was awesome and i love that song. Nick and miley are getting back together cause miley is the best and she's not a slut. people is just jealous of her cause she hot and pretty and talented and she have the hottest boyfriend. nick j.
posted by lolololol on Aug 11, 2009
not sayin she a slut but no 16 year old gurl should be on a pole on stage were the whole world can see them thats just not setting a good example for her fans wat if your little cuzin or sister start pole dancin cuz dey wanna be juss like her....ever thought of that!!!!
posted by bigdog on Aug 11, 2009
miley is such a slut she needs to fuckin get off of disney cause shes a god damn stripper pole dancer shes such a shitin bitch
posted by miley=slut on Aug 11, 2009
why the hell is everyone so obsessed with fucking miley cyrus?!?!?! shes ugly, has no talent and thinks shes so cool but she wrong! she should go back to freakin nashville get a job at a strio clib and never show her face again!
posted by Jonas247 on Aug 11, 2009
i absolutelly hate miley cyrus with everything i have in me. i started laughing so hard when she got on that pole cause thats where she really belongs the little slut that she is. i told everyone tht shes a whore and here she is proving it. why nick why?!?!? he deserves soo much better then that low class whore. UP WITH JONAS DOWN WITH miley
posted by WOW on Aug 11, 2009
omg miley i get that she is getting older but dancing on a stripper pole and showing your bra does not make you older. she shouldve worn something more appropriate and not danced on that pole like that
posted by mandi on Aug 11, 2009
posted by hatesretards on Aug 11, 2009
its just shorts one and i wear shorts that short too and she dident even like pole dance she held on to it really thats it. and wow it was a bra proves she wears one its not like she showed you her boods like really get over it iv seen alot worse on people
posted by wow on Aug 11, 2009
People seriously think it's OKAY for her to wear that? Come on, how many 16 year old do you see at school wearing something like that and not get in trouble? Just because she's grown up, she can wear something that shows her BRA? That is utterly inappropriate for all ages at a formal event like that. Then wear a dress that shows pretty much the whole side of her boobs? That's gross. Some people who watch the doesn't want to see that. If she really want to show that she's grown up, she needs to find a BETTER way.
posted by Lexi on Aug 10, 2009
Miley is not a slut she is old anof to drees like that alot of teenagers drees like that and she was not pole dancing that was part of the act
posted by dancer on Aug 10, 2009
posted by mileys favorite on Aug 10, 2009
miley iz not nasty she just want to make her videos great miley iz to young to be a stripper
posted by miley favorite on Aug 10, 2009
miley iz a cool girl. i like her songs there cool.i want 2 meet her
posted by Feeling on Aug 10, 2009
Hey i appreciate miley but when she's at the tca for example i think that use a ''pole'' to don't fall is not a very good idea because the first think the people think about is that shes making pole dancing... witch i don't think that she were thinking about that!!! and by the way the closes was not the best to hold the pole... so think that they could think better of the performens of Miley because she'll be now very critiked by all the medias and everybody that dont like her... but its your opinion and i can not juge your so that my opinion sorry if my english is not very good xoxo
posted by IHATEMILEY on Aug 10, 2009
mann...Miley is the only girl I know who could turn a really good song in2 something sexually retarded. She's a freaking slut. It's people like who who definitely don't deserve to be famous.
posted by miley\'s a waste on Aug 10, 2009
ok first of all, it starts with Miley's retarded perforance w/ her ass bacially hanging out of her shorts and a stripper pole. and then, later on that night she wears a dress with the lowest v neck ever so it shows her entire chest. what the hell is wrong with her?
posted by Idon\'tlikemiley on Aug 10, 2009
Miley's just too full of herself. Yeah she's getting older but that doesn't mean you have to dress up like a slut. There's other mature ways to show that you're older and that you grow up. She's only 16, but she acts like she's a 21 year old stripper. There's no need for her to act like this. It's just stupid & it shows that she truly isn't mature.
posted by zanny on Aug 10, 2009
posted by MILEYHATER on Aug 10, 2009
MILEY'S A FUCKING SLUT! a pole, her bra showing, and her BOOBS showing all in one night. wow, she's reached a new low
posted by ruth on Aug 10, 2009
i think that miley is just a peach ´cause she said "i´m a chistian girl and thanks 2 God" yeah sure it´s just a stupid girl!!!
posted by ANne on Aug 10, 2009
posted by girl with the blonde on Aug 10, 2009
this is what they do in clubs hunnies
posted by larysa on Aug 10, 2009
kay, for all you people, miley only did this to show all of the world that she is through disney and shes grown. she didnt pole dance; the pole was there to support her and it mixed in with the song and with the message she was trying to portray. if you havent noticed that, then you have really got to listen to the lyrics and listen to the melody and then check if what i said was true. thanks
posted by Lita on Aug 10, 2009
muy buena la musica de miley cirus... que venga al festival de la cancion de viña del mar en chile... pliss... muchos la esperan...exelente la serie hanna montana.... me encanta...
posted by Lil\' Bubblez on Aug 10, 2009
she is not a slut if therent poles she would of fallen down she is my role model she is the best singer ive ever heard of in my list she is better than demi or selena and besides shes 16 she IGNORES U NASTY HATERZ JEALOUSY AINT GONNA TAKE U NOWHERE
posted by Big Mamma on Aug 10, 2009
Miley cyrus went from hero to zero,the pole dancing bad influence and she shouldnt be in disney. Miley YOUR FIRED!!
posted by Corry on Aug 10, 2009
she's a attention whore, there really was no need for her cruzing across the stage on that
posted by sfsd on Aug 10, 2009
she is not a slut and she wasnt pool dancing
posted by jeez on Aug 10, 2009
wow. she wants to be a good role model? huh. i wonder what she thinks a good future is for 'normal kids'. does she really think a stripper pole shows them a good hobby when they are like 8?
posted by eeeeeeeeee on Aug 10, 2009
omg she is not setting a good example to her fans she is 16 that is horrible
posted by ello!!!!! on Aug 10, 2009
come on now she has to have something 2 hold on 2 when she waz on that cart or else she wuld of fell but it is a lil 2 much 4 a 16 year old!!!!
posted by dee dee on Aug 10, 2009
plain old hoe
posted by Leah on Aug 10, 2009
SHE'S 16....That is sick.
posted by luvnickj on Aug 10, 2009
her performance wasn't that bad she was only on there for like a minute on she was mostly standing
posted by omg on Aug 10, 2009
holy shit she has a stripper pole!!! WTF IS WRONG WTIH DISNEY???
posted by cc on Aug 10, 2009
Miley is sorta a slut
posted by Zanny on Aug 10, 2009
Woo Miley is a pole dancer!!

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