White Horse-Drawn Carriage Allegedly Prepared for Michael Jackson's Funeral

Michael Jackson

X17 Online has made public some photos showing the white carriage and horse which are believed to be used for Michael Jackson's funeral that is set to be held this week.

X17 Online has, on Monday afternoon, June 29, obtained some pictures of the white carriage and horse which are believed to be used for Michael Jackson's funeral. Still according to the site, the service might be taking place sometime this week. No details have been outed just yet by the late singer's family regarding the time and place for Michael's burial.

Earlier that day, Michael's father Joe Jackson told reporters at a press conference held outside the Jacksons compound in Encino, California, the family hasn't had idea just yet for memorial and funeral plans. Though so, the elder Jackson stressed that funeral will not be closed to the public, taking into account his late son would likely have wanted a similar type of service.

"We aren't ready for [releasing information on the funeral]. We don't have the time frame yet because we want to see when the private autopsy comes out," said Joe when referring to the pending results of second autopsy performed on Michael's body. Longtime family friend and adviser Rev. Al Sharpton added funeral won't be done spontaneously, explaining "[The Jacksons] gave the world a whole new glow and they must be careful to protect that glow."

On the same occasion, Joe also denied reports claiming Michael's body will be buried at his former Neverland Ranch.

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    Indian Wedding Horse
    Jul 13, 2009

    I supply white Horses and Carriages for Weddings and funerals and a white decorated wedding horse for Indian weddings. Show the man some respect guys

    Jul 04, 2009

    Definately! That is awesome funeral he is gonna have. I seen on nancy grace. He will be in a gold plated coffin over 25,000 in value and will be carried in a white beautiful carriage pulled by horses to his home in santa babra... He should be layed to rest there. But what ever... He is the King of Pop, Elvis is nothing compared to Michael Jackson... His music is just plain awesome. And doesn't get any better then him. in other words elvis was king of rock'n roll. Micheal was "king o pop" I think people discribed him and judged him by his cover to much. Thats the problem with this world. Theres no proof that he did anything with any children... Just like shelone was saying above- he started his career in Gary indiana at the age of 5! doesn't it makes since the poor mikey as a child had (no childhood) Michael jackson had millions and billions of money at one time. Until people framed him and took all his money. because people would believe it, by the way his appearnce is and that he had money. So people sued him & got what they wanted.And don't think elvis is better then Michael. The "only reason why Elvy got buried at his estate is because i his state you can do that.doesnt mean evlis is any better(get a grip) And california you "cant" as of yet. Hopefully things go through and michael can be buried in neverland.

    Jul 02, 2009

    i love Michael,that when i heard he was dead i start to cry and i fainted and even end up in hospital,i miss him so much i even attend one of his concert. i love him that i cant believe that he is gone for true.

    Jul 02, 2009

    i cant believe that he is gone

    Jul 01, 2009

    radaronline has a pic of it.

    Jul 01, 2009

    what a shame with all of your words.the taxes, the fettish or what there is nothing to do with you..the main thing is without micheal what is the meaning black or white? pass is passing away already but MJ is the the best among of artist's in the whole world. May Allah Bless him followed by our prayer too. no need to argue for something that u tottaly dont know. MJ is rich or Poor,fettish or what, who do you think you are wanted to judge him. WHO'S BAD?

    Jun 30, 2009

    For those of you that don't have anything positive to say about MJ, keep quiet. No one cares what you think about him or his family. You took the time to write here, so he must of touched you somehow. Grow up. Leave him and his family alone during this time.

    Jun 30, 2009

    Meanbrat, baby you can say whatever you need to say to satisfy your sweet little heart. The truth is the light- Michael Jackson is THE KING AND WILL ALWAYS BE!!!!!! Yes, I am an African American woman saying that I liked Elvis, and that Ihave always wanted to see Graceland. Meanbrat Elvis couldn't and can't compare to Michael Jackson. Elvis only had white people as fans, Michael had all nationalities as fans. He is and was soooo powerful that you are even on here writing a comment about him. It's okay, take this moment and remember the KING! You have an awful lot to say about a man that you don't even know. You probably sing, dance and own more cd's than I do. What skeleton do you have in your closet? And who are you to judge? You must remeber he is still someone's son, brother, father, uncle, boss, good friend, lover and etc. Go find yourself you are soo inconsiderate to him, family and friends. You try working from the age of 5-50! You idiot.

    MEANBRAT # 1
    Jun 30, 2009

    You right it is all over done, he was a petafile, and a lier,and now the tax payer's are gonna have to pay more for this frud ! lol the kids wheren't his,so much more will come out you watch.AND THERE WAS ONLY ONE KING - - THAT WAS ELVIS PRESLEY ! He tried making neverland ranch like grace land,and it never worked lol it was a petifile ranch ! lol for him to get his freak on ! thats why he was broke paying off parents for his fetish of little boy's. It's sick.I think he killed himself.But more will come out, people will see that his life was one big lie ! Hell he tried making himself white what does that tell you ! lol

    Billy Jean
    Jun 30, 2009

    What did you expect and Thriller Dance Drill? I think the White horse drawn carriage is appropriate and fitting for this man.

    Jun 30, 2009

    really?! i mean a white horse drawn carrige?I know its sad but they just overdid it.

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