'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 12 Finale Preview

May 07, 2009 08:39:49 GMT

'America's Next Top Model' is down to three and they have to work out CoverGirl commercial shoot before crawling on the runway.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 12 Finale Preview
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With Celia being the latest kicked-out contestant of "America's Next Top Model", three remain to steal the crown next week. Aminat, Allison and Teyona will face the CoverGirl challenge in the finale and only two will strut their moves in the show's "most provocative" runways.

On the Wednesday, May 6 episode, Celia was in the bottom two along with Aminat. The judges were complaining of Celia's old look which could be a problem when she has to do the cover for Seventeen magazine. So they admitted Aminat in, with the warning that she has got to work it in the photo shoots.

The finale for the 12th cycle will air on Wednesday, May 13. They have to complete their CoverGirl commercial before one is eliminated. Then, the two finalists shoot their Seventeen magazine cover, and show the judges their fiercest moves when they, literally, crawl down the final runway.


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posted by mariana on Jan 23, 2010
a allison é fantástica e se ñ acham é porque são medricas.
posted by catarina on Jan 15, 2010
Teyona Sucks Allison should have won Allison keep going you're the best Love you
posted by jessica on May 14, 2009
i want Allison to Win...she is so cute n pretty...
posted by shut-up already on May 13, 2009
for real shut-up already about allison she not all that cute it the make up and without it she looks scary
posted by i care on May 13, 2009
allison looks like a typical doll with big scary eyes and i'm glad teyona won
posted by larkspur on May 13, 2009
go allison!!!!
posted by raybeezy on May 13, 2009
Allison is hott by the way. She is an oddball. Even though she is crap at walking she can learn. She has the potential.
posted by raybeezy on May 13, 2009
wth linny the point of modeling is looks. when we go through magazines we can only see how they look not by how they are. bvut i really think teyona might win.
posted by dreamer on May 13, 2009
allison is creepy and she sucks at model walking.
posted by JAB on May 12, 2009
I dont really like the final three. I hope the other 2 win-i do not care who- but Aminat does the same pout all the time- unless she changes i do not think she she win.
posted by :) on May 12, 2009
i love allison..i hope she wins! go allison!
posted by Linny on May 10, 2009
Just kidding about the rotting thing! But its still superficial!
posted by Linny on May 10, 2009
This show is so superficial! Its so stupid, it just focuses on looks!!! Not intelligence, not personality! Its very stupid and I hope all the models rot!
posted by Mocha on May 10, 2009
I luv Aminat and I hope she wins! Whooo hoooo!!! :)
posted by Twizzler on May 10, 2009
I love Allison! She is amazing @ modeling and I hope she wins! Good Luck Allison!!!
posted by meee! on May 10, 2009
i love this!! and by the way you can watch oxygen on may 10th for the winner, its on at like 10 or 11
posted by liz on May 09, 2009
i hope allison wins she is the best!!!
posted by tee tee on May 08, 2009
i love Teyona i pray is the winner

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