Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston Enjoy Dinner Date All to Themselves

September 27, 2008 06:17:31 GMT

They keep adding fuel to the romance rumors, being spotted having a dinner date at Table 8 in Los Angeles on Thursday night, September 25 for themselves to enjoy.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Parents of Miley Cyrus were nowhere to be seen when the Disney starlet was seen enjoying a dinner date with her rumored boyfriend Justin Gaston Thursday, September 25. The pair were photographed at Table 8 in Los Angeles, enjoying a dinner all to themselves.

For the night date, Miley wore a black tank top and jeans and was seen totting around a Louis Vuitton hand bag. Justin, as usual, kept it simple, wearing a black v-neck t- shirt and dark jeans.

Miley and Justin's Thursday dinner date was the many times in a row that they were spotted together since she was photographed taking the underwear model to attend a Sunday service at a church in Pasadena, California back on September 14. There has yet official confirmation from them or their people on the status of their close relationship.

Miley, in the meantime, is waiting in anticipation for her upcoming 16th birthday celebration. She's been planning to host the so-called "Miley's Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration" at California's Disneyland on October 5 for friends and fans to attend. Tickets to the event were sold out almost immediately after announcement was made about the celebration in late August. Concerning the big celebration, which is sponsored by Disney, it has been confirmed that the park will be shutting down early on October 5 to accommodate Miley and the partygoers.


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posted by zoe on Feb 25, 2009
ya ehem is right you wouldnt care cause she would be just like you not everywhere on tv just normal.Im not saying that she isnt normal but she would just be like a stranger walking down the street so just give her a break.!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lmao on Oct 15, 2008
you guys are dumb saying shit about miley, you dont even know the real her, so obviously u shouldnt be mean about her and saying shit about her
posted by WTF on Oct 06, 2008
Ew. She had her birthday so yano she aint no faker stupid or wat man.ffs leave ppl alone, they are nt the medias business they lead privet lives to yano.
posted by kim on Sep 28, 2008
hey mean queen you have the right name. The public does NOT own someone because they are a star - get a life. And if this 20 year old were a Jonas brother, then you would believe they are keeping it pure - who is to say thie young church going man is not the same as the Jonas brothers profess to be - respectful & honorable toward any girl he would date. You seem jealous, and maybe you should be - Miley is beautiful, talented, rich, & has a gorgeous boyfriend.
posted by OOOHHH on Sep 27, 2008
so what if the girl wants to go out with a 20 year old? happens all the time man,shes probaly already sexually active and if it was any other non famous random 15 year old chick and a 20 year old guy,NO ONE would give them a second look..let her do what the fuck she likes! its her life.
posted by MeanQueen on Sep 27, 2008
Just because this happens all the time doesn't mean it's good or emotionally healthy. And you people are wrong about her life not being any of the public's business. ALL celebritys' lives are the public's business. Celebrities are the property of the masses. You get it? Celebrities DON'T have privacy, and they NEVER will. The public OWNS them. So just accept the fact that the public is going to treat them like the animals they are.
posted by ohwow on Sep 27, 2008
its her life & she can do whatever she pleases. its none of the public's business.
posted by ehem!! on Sep 27, 2008
yeaa exactly juz freakin' leave them alone!! y if miley's not popular and she dated a 20 yr old guy would yu care? NO exactly....

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