Justin Timberlake Signed on to Produce MTV's 'The Phone'

May 10, 2008 02:15:29 GMT

Justin Timberlake has signed on to produce a new reality show for MTV called, "The Phone."

Justin Timberlake
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Despite his success in both movie and music industries, Justin Timberlake keeps adding yet another career venture into his resume. He, as it's been announced by MTV on Friday, May 9, has signed on to executive produce a new reality show for the youth-oriented cable television network, which is about to be called "The Phone".

The program reportedly will be based on a Dutch reality show format, beginning each episode with two hidden cell phones ringing at opposite ends of a major city. Contestants who answer the phones are given five seconds to decide if they want to play along for a cash prize, and then a guide on the other end of the line will give them a mission to complete before the time runs out.

The guide will keep communicating with the contestants via cell phone, as a helicopter in the sky tracks their every move, exploit and error - with each failed task chipping away at the cash prize. MTV said their version of the new show is "reminiscent of films like 'The Bourne Identity' and 'The Game.'"

Tony Disanto, MTV executive vice president of programming and series development, explained "Genre-busting and reinvention is at the core of what we do, and 'The Phone' does just that. Each week will be an action-packed mini-movie."

"The Phone" will be produced by reality specialist FremantleMedia North America and is scheduled to premiere this coming fall. No specific launch date has been disclosed thus far.


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posted by meloniza on Jun 08, 2009
good show. it has it all.
posted by lalala on Apr 29, 2009
this thing is fake,but they make it look real on that other episode the guy and girl doesnt die on the plane cuz y the fuck would they let ppl die on sum show
posted by john on Apr 28, 2009
gay gay stupid ass show
posted by Stargazer on Apr 28, 2009
I really will try to do more research to find out about trying to be contestants and figure out about the show. my website is stargazerschat and my username is Star, PM me!! I'll post later!
posted by Stargazer on Apr 28, 2009
I have done some research it seems the show is real. I have what you call a photographic memory, and saw something that kinda jogged a question. I guess the contestants are chosen and know nothing or very little about it. I don't know, there has to be a family member, or friend in the mix. Yah know setting up the contest, getting them in the right place at the right time. Getting the phones in the right places for them to find, and answer them. See how it would work to get the pieces, and everything set up so it worked as the episode showed? I can see the possibilities, it's a game show basically. I don't think it's dumb, I wanna give it a go!!
posted by Stargazer on Apr 28, 2009
I can tell you now that there would be no obstacle that I couldn't overcome for money!! It's the only thing that I would do ANYTHING for that included my fears. I hate heights and get dizzy, I HATE the thought of being drowned or enclosed but I know that if I was doing it for 50G's that I'd succeed. Plus I am one who focuses under pressure. I love the challenge. I wonder how we can try and get on the show?? That is if it is only in Washington cuz I am in Baltimore MD!! I gotta check up on this!
posted by bekaboo on Apr 26, 2009
this would be really cool, but its so fake.OMFG
posted by Mark Rodriguez on Apr 24, 2009
I could win the money easy
posted by Boris on Apr 22, 2009
This dumb ass, fake, phony stupid shit wasted an hour out my day! Won't get another. Like, WTF...
posted by on Apr 22, 2009
Da show looks ok but is it rly real call me so i can find out 717 318 2281
posted by aeroshade12 on Apr 22, 2009
I dont know what happens when the competers fail im me aeroshade12
posted by sign up on Apr 22, 2009
ooppss lol heres my number 541-787-5590
posted by sign up on Apr 22, 2009
i want to sign up for youre show its way awesome and i have a phone and so more than willing to let you call it!! holler

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