Father Matthew Knowles Forced Pregnant Beyonce Knowles to Marry Baby's Daddy Jay-Z

April 10, 2008 02:04:07 GMT

Following earlier speculation that Beyonce Knowles is pregnant with Jay-Z's baby, it's been claimed that her father Matthew Knowles forced her to marry the hip hop mogul after learning her pregnancy.

Beyonce Knowles
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Word on the block is that Matthew Knowles forced his daughter Beyonce Knowles to marry longtime boyfriend Jay-Z after he learned that she's pregnant with his love child. The claim emerged soon as there was media speculation that Beyonce decided to marry Jay-Z after learning she's carrying his baby.

MediaTakeOut and New York Daily News were the two media outlets that first brought the speculation to public's awareness. Both media claimed Beyonce and Jay-Z finally tied the knot last Friday, April 4 because she is carrying their first child together. has its own version of story though, claimed in its Website "B's notoriously controlling father Matthew Knowles forced the couple to marry after hearing the pregnancy news." Still, there have yet words from both music stars and their people regarding the wedding report and pregnancy speculation.

In the meantime, more details have emerged on Beyonce and Jay-Z's supposed nuptials. It's been claimed that guests who were attending the event were treated with caviar and fried chicken. Wedding guests, including fellow singer Kelly Rowland, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin reportedly were searched going into the venue and had items including cell phones, cameras and guns confiscated.

What is it about the newlyweds that's so hot? A new report surfaced by the hour that Beyonce has been spotted flashing a large diamond ring on her left ring finger Tuesday night, April 8 at Jay-Z's concert with Mary J. Blige at Atlanta's Phillips Arena. Jay-Z himself, according to People, was not seen with any bling though.


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posted by SasSy GuAl #1 on Feb 22, 2011
ha ha ha ha ha
posted by voodoobudder on Dec 22, 2010
well she did gain a lot of weight for that movie Cadillac Records...which they made her look thin in the movies but when I saw her in concert she was about a size she could have had a baby quit easily. No one would have known & she can hide it as well as Sandra Bullock did...only showing the child when she & he wants to~ Just saying why gain a ton of weight for a movie that cuts it off while filming???
posted by nikky on Aug 06, 2010
you all are not better. be sure of the info b4 could be a rumour to spice up the net, lets strive to leave a better life and learn from others mistakes so we don't repeat them.
posted by Branden on Apr 22, 2010
At what point well the real father of Solange daughter see his child
posted by ThEtRuTh on Feb 18, 2010
Beyonce and her Father Mathew Knowles and even her Mother Tina are all humans just like we are. there lives are really no different than ours. They go trough trials and heartaches just like the rest of us. The only diff is that their business is in the streets with those nosy ppl out there waiting on BIG TIME Scoops and our is at home.
posted by things to do before on Feb 14, 2010
wow so mathew knowles is 56 years old.damn he didn't do alot of fun stuff in his life before turnin very old.why can't he do it have another child to make him feel young again.
posted by Get real!!! on Jan 02, 2010
It's a lie! Beyonce` was NEVER preggers!!! Get a LIFE!!!
posted by TED on Nov 02, 2009
posted by amazedbyknuckleheads on Oct 30, 2009
"" navy wife had it right. you guys need to get a life
posted by nila on Oct 27, 2009
these flipin rumors are so bludi shit first they go she was pregnant with a guy lyndells child and aborted it but they are all rumors n nw dis one. if beyonce was pregnant then where is her child then? i aint belivin any of these rumors coz i knw beyonce int like how people re describing her as a 'liar' coz i am her biggest fan even from da uk
posted by ilovemyhubby on Sep 02, 2009
posted by navywife1 on Aug 30, 2009
these people could give less of a damn bout yall die tomorrow and see if they show up or send u flowers like u do them or better yet get put out of your home and see if they pay your rent (but stupidly we pay theirs how smart) i could careless won't she show me some love and baby sit my 2 year old or comfort me when i'm sick wake up people do you think they would care if you were pregnant (ladies? fellas?) i don't hardly care i loved michael cause he was the realist u can get i'm sure he would have come to your aid but these young people don't care about no one but themselves go figure it's gonna be a secret till they decide to tell and you know why? like i closed this case before they don't care about us or our families but we all up trying to figure out her stuff if she cared about her so called fans it wouldn't be a hypothesis you all would know i just lost a baby on june 5th 2009 and i didn't see her nor hear her concern as i had a late misarriage at 20 weeks pregnant and had my baby boy die in his sleep at 7 weeks old (this march made 1 year rest in peace my sweet baby boys Jaden and Joshuah ) ask about us sometime beyonce and the rest of you so call caring about fan hypocrites so i'm not resting this case anymore enough said
posted by Barbara on Aug 04, 2009
I love them both and I hope it's true if thats what they want but I agree with the 2 ppl bellow me is's non of our business x
posted by mommalikka on Jul 01, 2009
this is a mess, leave people alone and let them live their lives. they will tell you want they want you to know.
posted by princess on May 05, 2009
yeah guys bug off nd live the couple alone whn they like let them ve their baby is no fucking business of bug offfffffffff.
posted by kail on Apr 27, 2009
yeahh i agree with all the other ppl up there. u ppl are really gayy and need a freakin LIFE!!!
posted by kaitlin....=]] on Apr 27, 2009
ur all SYUPIDDD!! a. u need a life. b. u need to grow the hell up! c. u need to bug someone else, because this stuff is really getting old. d. ill be glad when whoever is spreading this shit gets their asses BEAT!!!!
posted by T jay on Jan 08, 2009
Beyonce needs 2 b left alone. Rihanna is a big time FLIRT so go disturb her
posted by re-re on Oct 16, 2008
yall all dumd yall just jellis of beyonce
posted by re-re on Oct 16, 2008
yall all dumd yall just jellis of beyonce
posted by re- on Oct 16, 2008
yall all dumd yall just jellis of beyonce
posted by subrena18 on Aug 14, 2008
oh my gosh he did that is so mean for someone to do i like beyonce less now i like rihanna more than her because she is ah disgrace
posted by liana14 on Aug 14, 2008
is that whore rihanna say so so asshole when she done tek pll man
posted by STOP on Jun 24, 2008

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