Ooops, Beyonce Knowles Accidentally Exposed Her Breasts on Stage

August 22, 2007 07:08:47 GMT

Beyonce Knowles shocked fans at a performance last week when she accidentally bared her breasts on stage.

Beyonce Knowles
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Beyonce Knowles has become talk of the town since videos of her accidentally exposed her breasts during a concert last week made their way to the internet, making her the other Hollywood celeb that has wardrobe malfunction.

Beyonce was performing on stage at a launch party for her clothing line, "Dereon," in Toronto, Canada, when her shirt unexpectedly flew up as she was dancing, giving fans an eye full of her bare breasts.

Video of the mishaps is now making the rounds on the web. And you can take a look at the clip below. Well, maybe someone needs to tell Beyonce to wear her bra every time she's going to take the stage.


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posted by jayzsucks on Aug 13, 2009
nice tits.
posted by nicole24 on Sep 22, 2007
Danggggg!!!!! Be!!!!!!

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