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Tokio Hotel


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Rock band

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Magdeburg, Germany

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Single "Durch den Monsun" from album "Schrei" (2005)



was already a priceless commodity to their native country, German. 'Schrei' eventually gained platinum through worldwide sale and marked their first step toward international popularity. During summer that year, they continuously toured nationwide in promotion of the album, performing in shows that drew more than 75,000 people. While Bill's voice went through puberty change, they re-recorded some tracks in the original album to be made available in the 2006 re-release version called 'Schrei - So Laut du Kannst' (Scream - as Loud as You Can).

The sophomore album was prepared immediately and recorded throughout 2006 before finalized in February 2007 under the title 'Zimmer 483' (Room 483). The first single from the album 'Ubers Ende der Welt' (Ready, Set, Go!) quickly became the talk of the town and peaked at the top five positions of singles chart in several European countries like France, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. Once there was a need to spread their wing, the band released their first English album, 'Scream' in June 2007 to be distributed in Europe. Marketing plan in U.K. was also mapped with their first concert dating June 19 that year and a U.K. edition release of 'Scream' that includes new and unreleased tracks scheduled for a 2008 release. In 2007, they have also started the attempt to invade America by dropping 'Scream' as the first single and allowing their video for 'Ready, Set, Go!' to be played on International Music Feed. "It's always been a dream of ours to make it in the States," said Bill. "We grew up listening to American bands like Metallica, Green Day and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. We wanted to get a chance to do what they do."

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