'The Voice' Season 24 Premiere Recap: Reba McEntire Makes Debut in First Round of Blind Auditions

The new season features Queen of Country joining John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan as the coaches, making the competition get even fierce in the first round of Blind Auditions.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" kicked off season 24 on Monday, September 24. The new season featured Queen of Country Reba McEntire joining John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan as the coaches, making the competition get even fierce in the first round of Blind Auditions.

The first artist who hit the stage was female country vocalist and guitar player Jordan Rainer, who sang Reba's "Fancy". Reba was the first one to turn her chair for Jordan before the other three coaches followed suit. John called Jordan an "exceptional vocalist," while Gwen tried to convince her that she could help her grow in the competition. Jordan unsurprisingly joined Team Reba.

Later, Joslynn Rose performed "Arcade" that earned her chair-turns from everyone except John. Gwen thought Joslynn sang "so emotional," while Reba noted that having her as a coach would mean learning lessons. Joslynn decided to go to Team Gwen.

Deejay Young, who was one of the touring members of "Hamilton", impressed John, Gwen and Reba with his rendition of "This Woman's Work". John praised Deejay for his ability to "combine the masculine and the feminine in a song." Deejay was the first singer in Team John.

Up next was Sophia Hoffman, who opted to sing "Tell Me You Love Me". Her performance marked the first head-to-head of the night between Reba and Niall. Niall loved Sophia's "grit and maturity" in her voice, while Reba raved over the 18-year-old's "such strength and power" in her voice. Sophia eventually went to Team Niall.

Sam Dearie then took the stage to sing "Walkin' After Midnight", but unfortunately no one turned for him. Following it up was Jackson Snelling who hoped to impress the coaches with his performance of "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away". Gwen and Reba both turned their chairs for Jackson, who later joined Team Reba.

Alexa Wildish chose to sing "Songbird" for her auditions. Reba, John and Nial hit their buttons simultaneously before Gwen officially made it another four chair turn for the night. Niall pitched that he got goosebumps listening to her despite "a little pitch issues." Meanwhile, Reba "felt a really peaceful feeling." Alexa initially wanted to be on Team Reba, but she eventually picked Niall as her coach.

The next artist was Olivia Minogue, who won over John, Niall and Reba with her performance with "Lay Me Down". Niall said that Olivia's voice was "something special," and Olivia chose to be on Team Niall. Later, Jarred Billups hit the stage to sing "Let's Stay Together" but no one turned for him.

Kristen Brown was up next, singing her rendition of "Blown Away". Gwen and Reba turned their chairs for Kristen and Reba said that Kristen did the Carrie Underwood song justice. Everyone would think Kristen would go to Team Reba, but she surprisingly picked Gwen as her coach.

Rounding out the night was Mara Justine, who sang "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". It didn't take long for John, Gwen and Reba to hit their buttons with Niall jumping into the fray a bit later. Niall tried pulling out all the tricks to pull Mara over to his team, but John offered to sing his song "All of Me" with her. It was hard for Mara to make a decision, which will be revealed in the next episode.

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