'Stubborn' Britney Spears Refuses to Get Surgery for Broken Foot After Chateau Marmont Incident
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The '...Baby One More Time' singer says her foot only got 'more painful' after she underwent surgeries before, so she opts to walk 'on a broken foot' though it feels 'numb' sometimes.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears isn't going to get surgery after injuring her foot during a recent incident at Chateau Marmont. Being "stubborn," the singer has revealed that she chose to let her "body heal itself" after she claimed to have broken her foot in the hotel outburst earlier this month.

In one of her recent Instagram posts, the pop icon gave an update on her injured foot. "Walking on a broken foot ... if i go fast it goes numb !!!" she wrote. Revealing that she underwent three surgeries before, she divulged, "I got surgery on my left leg three times ... twice for my knee and once for my foot. They always said it can heal on its own but theres a huge chance it can snap and break again !!!"

The 42-year-old went on explaining why she decided to forgo surgery this time. "Well I always did the surgeries and it was more painful afterwards so I'm being stubborn this time .. I'm gonna see if my body knows how to heal itself!!!" she penned.

Britney injured her foot following an alleged altercation with her boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz at the Chateau Marmont on May 1. Police responded to a report of disturbance at the scene and a visibly distressed Britney, draped in a blanket and clutching a pillow, was seen walking out of the hotel.

The next day, she claimed that she simply twisted her ankle and only needed "ice." A few days later, she revealed that she might have to get surgery while addressing media frenzy regarding her rumored meltdown.

"I honestly wish my life was as wild as it has been portrayed," she wrote last week. "Either way, some s**t actually has happened to my foot and I might have to get surgery ... fingers crossed, hopefully not but I feel that I was harassed and gaslit and tricked to go on the street when my car was supposed to be there !!! I was in my pajamas and yes, I had been crying because I hurt my foot !!!"

"No breakdown !!!" she continued insisting. "I'm a grown a** woman who is actually very naive in most situations !!! I am simply embarrassed they got me in my damn pajamas !!! I don't feel loved … I feel mistreated !!! With that said, I'm going to treat myself this week !!!"

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