'The Voice' Recap: John Legend and Dan + Shay Pick Their Top 3 Singers

Teams John and Dan + Shay perform in the first round of the Playoffs, where four contestants are eliminated at the end of the episode, with Maluma and Saweetie serving as guest mentors.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" returned with new performances from half of the Top 20, but only some of them stay on the show at the end of the episode. The new episode aired on Monday, April 22 with the first round of the Playoffs.

In the episode, teams John Legend and Dan + Shay performed, hoping to secure a spot in the live shows. The round features guest mentors, dubbed "playoff advisors," for each team, with Maluma serving as advisors for Team John and Saweetie for Team Dan + Shay.

Kicking off the performances that night was Nathan Chester of Team John, who chose to sing "Oh! Darling". Reba McEntire dubbed it the "best performance ever" in terms of quality, Chance The Rapper loved the "choreography" and "tone," while Dan + Shay dubbed it "flawless" as they thought Nathan made it his own. John raved over Nathan's "enthusiasm" and "great execution," making "an ecstatic statement" that he deserves to be in the live shows.

The first performance from Team Dan + Shay was from Karen Waldrup, who belted out "Heart Like a Truck". John highlighted Karen's "clarity" in her voice. Reba expressed her frustration that she was blocked from getting Karen during the Blind Auditions because she's "spectacular." Chance said she should advance because she "captivates the audience." Shay is proud of how much Karen has "progressed," while Dan noticed that she's "connected to the lyric" more than ever before.

Kamalei Kawa'a of Team John was up next, singing "No Woman, No Cry". John and Maluma helped "build the arrangement" that would help him connect to the audience better, which resulted in "great improvisational moments" that Chance loved. Dan praised his "very comforting" voice, Reba said he "conveys strength in your music and your singing," while John praised Kamalei for honoring Bob Marley "in a very beautiful way."

Anya True from Team Dan + Shay opted to sing "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" because it reminds her of growing up and what it will mean to her to step into adulthood. Chance was surprised by the song choice because he never saw her in that area, but John loved it because the song still has country tones. Reba said she enjoyed it despite not being able to understand all of the words, while Shay liked the sharpness of her voice.

Bryan Olesen sang "Africa" while playing an electric guitar, making his coach John feel like he's at his concert. Shay also gushed about Bryan performing like a superstar, while Reba deemed him "the perfect package." Chance added that he's "100% a rockstar" because he knows how to "control the crowd."

Olivia Rubini of Team Dan + Shay delivered an emotional rendition of "I'll Stand by You", but Chance wished there was "a little more dynamic" to her performance. John didn't think it was the best choice, but Dan liked that she has "so much originality."

Mafe opted to sing "Someone Like You", allowing her to show off her gorgeous tone and enviable range. Reba "absolutely loved it," but Shay thought that "all the liberties" she took on a popular song were "too much." John disagreed, saying her "melodic liberties" were "tasteful."

Tae Lewis followed it up with his version of "Runnin' Outta Moonlight". Reba noticed the audience was really engrossed in him, and Chance called it his "most soulful performance." Dan liked that he "showcased his range," while Shay dubbed it "fantastic."

Zoe Levert was the final artist for Team John, earning standing ovation from the coaches after delivering a performance of "Iris". Chance called it his "favorite performance" of the night. Dan said he could feel that she felt "every bit of this moment," and John pointed out that she announced herself as "ready for this moment."

Team Dan + Shay's artist Madison Curbelo ended the performances with "Landslide". She also received a standing ovation as her performance gave Reba the "chills." Chance admitted that he felt like crying, while John raved about Madison making it seem "so easy." Shay added that her voice sends lyrics "straight to the soul" and he nearly got "the chills."

After the coaches made their decisions, it was revealed that Dan + Shay chose to keep Madison Curbelo, Karen Waldrup and Tae Lewis. John decided to bring Nathan Chester, Zoe Levert and Bryan Olesen to the live shows. This meant Kamalei Kawa'a, Anya True, Olivia Rubini and Mafe were eliminated.

The five singers of Teams Reba and Chance will perform in the next episode, which will air on Monday, April 29 at 8 P.M. PT/ET on NBC.

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